Obama Adminstration Is Following the ‘Detroit Pattern’

March 22, 2011


Reagan’s “Shining City on the Hill?” Or Obama’s Detroit? Reagan’s “Yes, We Can?” Or Obama’s “You didn’t build that“? The dynamic ingenuity and determination of free citizens? Or the leaden, deadening dictates of government bureaucracy? Two visions, two choices.

Read Thomas Sowell at Townhall.com.

More about Socialism’s Model City, Detroit.

Hiroshima vs. Detroit. Which is deadlier: an A-bomb or Socialism?

Opera houses, schools, palatial train stations now abandoned rubble. Detroit as ghost town.

8 Responses to Obama Adminstration Is Following the ‘Detroit Pattern’

  1. […] Detroit. The images sting the mind’s eye. And now the Golden State, declared dying if not actually dead. The causes? The usual thing: an electorate. who in defiance of De Tocqueville’s solemn warning have voted themselves too much of the Treasury. Oh, there’s Silicon Valley. There’s  Hollywood. There’s the Golden Gate. There’s lots of money there, and evidence thereof in flashy cities and suburban sprawl for the millions. But they’ve voted themselves into bottomless debt and permanent servitude to themselves. Who’s gonna pay…and how…and when? […]

  2. […] Socialists/Communists, capitalists will go on creating profitable businesses. Socialist/Communists without capitalism? Marx and his Very Bad Ideas wither […]

  3. Mass Incarceration | Dittoville on October 4, 2015 at 4:51 am

    […] One grows suspect of the latest agitated chatter on the Left regarding private vs. public prisons. Not surprisingly, the narrative is that the entrepreneurs running private prisons are the new villains of the moment, not the Progressive, soul-sapping policies that create Inner City crime and keep the prisons overflowing. One points in vain to the dramatic NYC crime decrease of the Giuliani years now being systematically undone by the socialist DiBlasio. Detroit or bust!! Or rather, Detroit AND Bust! […]

  4. […] and helpless. The results are invariably something a bit short of Paradise. Rather, it’s Hiroshima after the blast, tragically not a hyperbolic […]

  5. […] the Clintons, the unions have gotten SO rich while Black Inner Cities continue to fester and once-thriving factory communities in Middle America have become ghost town shanties. Maybe the Little People genuinely seeking better lives for […]

  6. […] Left’s idyllic Welfare Nation policies is The Inner City. Impossible to hide, take your pick: Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Minneapolis… every Democratically-run Big City […]

  7. […] the sterling results of guaranteed “security” via Government checks, visit any Inner City. This is the bargain struck with the Devil by millions callously convinced […]

  8. […] Detroit remains the shimmering showcase for what devastation Leftwing Democratic Party administrations can accomplish in just a few short years. Following this noble blueprint, other once glorious American cities such as San Francisco and De Blasio’s New York are close behind. The race is on to determine whether the proper term for such American sociological suicide should be “Detroiting” or “Californication.” The dilemma isn’t whether socialist policies are guaranteed poison-high taxes, lethal regulations and bureaucracies, powerful unions, exploding public dependency rolls -but which cancerous urban center dies first. […]

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