Serfin' USA!!

UPDATE 10/25/20: In light of the Dem Left’s dream of Serfdom as described by Hayek, it should come as no surprise that Covid Lockdown is their dream realized, the New Feudalism. For those of us cherishing the most basic human rights granted all Americans, the CoronaCrazed Mask-A-Rade perpetuated by Democrat mayors and governors is a surreal nightmare. Dare we hope for a radical reversal of this horrific “New Normal” if Trump gets his second term?

The New Feudalism of Vassal Bureaucrats a la Fauci.
The New Feudalism of D.C. Royal Lords, entrenched by the “Expert” Priesthood  a la Fauci.

ORIGINAL POST 2/17/19: F.A. Hayek called it The Road To Serfdom, millions of otherwise productive individuals chained to the Collective: all essentials controlled and rationed out by the State, World Government. Andy The Abortionist, Sandy The Green Red and Kamala The Kool’s Dem Party of Death, 2019. By any other name, just as sweet: Socialism! The Green New Deal! Reproductive Health! Progressivism! Free stuff!!

But it’s just old tried-and-true Marxist tyranny, societal disintegration in its nascent stages, and the jolly fools skipping down this blood-drenched Red Brick Road To Hell keep insisting it’ll be Our Blue Heaven. No Shining Cities on the Hill or the economic rejuvenation of our blighted urban centers for this crowd: just the continued Detroiting, Californicating (and now BigWormyAppling) of those reliable breeding grounds for impoverished, desperate votes. Who needs shit-hole countries when you can create your own Venezuelas right here at home?

Everybody’s gone Serfin’, Serfin’ USA!!!

The only rational response to this remains the Trump agenda: free markets, competition, jobs, controlled, legal immigration. Try it. You’ll like.

Hercules (2)

In contemporary parlance, DRAINING THE SWAMP.

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