Hillary jumps the gun. “Madam President!”…Not. Right up there with “Dewey defeats Truman!”

UPDATE 10/17/20: A fond, optimistic look back at the surefire prospect of a Hillary Presidency…that went somewhat awry.  The “gracious lady” wearing funereal mourning purple on November 9, 2016 has more than lived up to my cynical assessment [see Original Post ] of staging an endless Linda Blair impersonation…that goes on to this day…and will continue to her last pre-Purgatory day. Note the final words below: “Hillary: try telling the truth. It’ll never come back to haunt you.” 


UPDATE 8/29/20: Revisiting this foaming-at-the-mouth public nuisance. Still (almost) the most dislikeable female quantity on the political planet.  This time, American’s sorest loser advises Biden not to concede under any circumstances! Drag it into the courts! Remember that gracious lady (NOT) who wished Trump well the day after the last election?  Calling the men in the white coats.

sore loser

UPDATE 10/14/18: The most dislikeable woman on the planet lapses into pure evil, threatening violence and civil discord until she is restored to her rightful place on the throne. The absolute corruption of power and the loss of it does that to people.

UPDATE 9/23/18: Two years on, the most dislikeable woman on the planet just can’t stop being…dislikeable.

ORIGINAL POST 11/13/16: How does a congenital liar, career criminal, power junkie like Hillary Clinton almost become POTUS? Her carefully crafted concession speech is worth a close look, read and interpreted between the lines for the pious pile of pucky it is.  “What a lovely last act aria from a gracious lady,” one is practically forced to sigh. The words are red, white & blue, singing the praises of Mom, apple pie, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and “Scripture” no less. But as Mary McCarthy beautifully described that other congenitally lying leftwing lady (of letters) Lillian Hellman, every word including “and” and “the” is a lie. Knowing the mendacious Hils as we have been forced to do over the last 25 years, the subtext of her heartwarming address is “You effin’ geniuses blew this! You had your chance to have ME finish Barack’s ‘transformation!’ But don’t blame ME! You incompetent f—ks can take the rap for this fiasco!!”

The concession speech was a lesson by itself in total dissemblance. So gracious, so patriotic, so fair, so sporting, so American. We are weary to death of her, but one has much to learn about the psychology of the masses and how stupid they are when confronted with the conniving, cunning likes of her. An old story and doubtless not the last time it will be told.

Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you all very much. Thank you. Thank you. Very rowdy group. Thank you, my friends. Thank you. Thank you, thank you so very much for being here. I love you all, too. [Well, not really, you useful pack of fools. But I fully understand how you can love me.]

Last night, I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country.  [Right. Hand in hand with the guy who might make good on his promise to “Lock Her Up!] I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans. [Not really. His success would validate voting against me. And I’m saying “all Americans” to remind him what a  racist/homophobe/xenophobe he is, unlike I and my noble followers.] This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for and I’m sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country.  [Too bad the “Tax breaks for the wealthy” and “All for the women/children/little people” crap fell flat this time. Packing the Supreme Court with Leftwing fanatics and Open Borders didn’t quite make it either. Weird!]

But I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together, this vast, diverse [unlike that bunch of bigoted Deplorables who’ve ruined our lives] , creative, unruly, energized campaign. You represent the best of America [NOT like a certain “basket of Deplorables” I know] and being your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life [only one of the many! Who of you has a CV anywhere near as impressive as mine? Who deserves being Prez more than I? Tell me! Tell me!!]. I know how disappointed you feel, because I feel it, too. [Do you know how much I’ve wanted this?? Do you have any idea??!!!!!] And so do tens of millions of Americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this effort.

This is painful and it will be for a long time, but I want you to remember this. Our campaign was never about one person [except ME, the “her” of “I’m with HER.” Who else was this about, dummies?] or even one election [there are things bigger than all of us, like Progressive/Marxist platitudes that you Useful Idiots fall for every time no matter how transparently corrupt I am. I gotta laugh. Really.] . It was about the country we love and about building an America that’s hopeful, inclusive [except  for all those White Deplorables who voted for Trump] and big-hearted [generous with money confiscated from the productive and wealthy]. We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought [we were hoping that we’d tipped that balance and had a real, permanent majority living on Government checks], but I still believe in America and I always will. [Free as a bird, guilty as hell! What a country! Right on, Bill Ayers!] If you do, then we must accept this result [until I think of just how we can most effectively undermine the results] and then look to the future. [Next time, next time, always a next time…]

Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. Our constitutional democracy [I do love it when the laws don’t apply to me and my pay-to-play stuff] enshrines the peaceful transfer of power and we don’t just respect that, we cherish it. [But I’ll look the other way when you riot in the streets over ME losing]. It also enshrines other things. The rule of law [sounds good, doesn’t it, but for some of us it’s just a inconvenient, crashing bore], the principle that we are all equal in rights and dignity, freedom of worship and expression [unless you’re not a Dem Progressive type]. We respect and cherish these values, too, [not!!!] and we must defend them. [Like I just said, I’ll look the other way when you riot in the streets or do anything to trash the Deplorables. Anything.]

And let me add, our constitutional democracy demands our participation, not just every four years, but all the time. [Don’t even think about leaving the Dependent Dem plantation, kiddos! You are nothing without us. You didn’t built that! T’wasn’t nuthin’ you did!!] So let’s do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear. Making our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top, protecting our country and protecting our planet, and breaking down all the barriers that hold any American back from achieving their dreams.

We have spent a year and a half bringing together millions of people from every corner of our country to say with one voice [I mean One Party. Damn. I was hoping I could be the one to make us a permanent majority by flooding the joint with all those immigrants] that we believe that the American dream is big enough for everyone [who’s a leftwing Progressive], for people of all races and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for LGBT people and for people with disabilities. For everyone [except for anyone who voted against ME. You know. What did I call them? Oh yeah…Deplorables.]  So now, our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to build that better, stronger, fairer America we seek, and I know you will. I am so grateful to stand with all of you.

I want to thank Tim Kaine and Anne Holton for being our partners on this journey. [Thanks, Tim, for trying to outdo Joe Biden in that debate against Pence and looking like a total fool. Thanks for nothing, you worthless &^$#!!] It has been a joy getting to know them better and it gives me great hope and comfort to know that Tim will remain on the front lines of our democracy representing Virginia in the senate. [Don’t call me, I’ll call you.] To Barack and Michelle Obama, our country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude. [Don’t think I don’t remember 2008! Sorry I wasn’t likeable enough, you pair of grifting $^&#^&$^&!!!] We thank you for your graceful, determined leadership that has meant so much to so many Americans and people across the world. [For all the good it did ME!!!]

And to Bill and Chelsea, Marc, Charlotte, Aiden, our brothers and our entire family, my love for you means more than I can ever express. You crisscrossed this country on our behalf and lifted me up when I needed it most, even 4-month-old Aden [Sorry, I just can’t stop trying to soften my image by reminding you that I’m a grandma] who traveled with his mom. I will always be grateful to the creative, talented, dedicated men and women at our headquarters in Brooklyn [where I thought we’d have Loretta Lynch covering for us] and across our country.

You poured your hearts into this campaign. For some of you who are veterans, it was a campaign after you had done other campaigns. Some of you, it was your first campaign. I want each of you to know that you were the best campaign anybody could have ever expected or wanted. [But not good enough!!] And to the millions of volunteers, community leaders, activists and union organizers [where would I  be without you scuzzy old-time lock-step lemming Lefties?!] who knocked on doors, talked to neighbors, posted on Facebook, even in secret private Facebook sites.

I want everybody coming out from behind that and make sure your voices are heard going forward. To everyone who sent in contributions as small as $5 [We really didn’t need you smalltime losers with all those fat cats like Goldman-Sachs & George Soros filling the coffers, but if it made you feel a little bit above worthless, hey! A vote is a vote] and kept us going, thank you. Thank you from all of us. And to the young people in particular, I hope you will hear this. [Always good to have empty heads to fill. Gotta think of the future.] I have, as Tim said, spent my entire adult life fighting for what I believe in [ME, power, money and more power, more money for ME all the while making people like you pitiful jerks think I was some sort of Evita looking out for you descamisados]. I have had successes and I have had setbacks. [Hard to believe I know. I’m almost human, like you. Almost.] Sometimes really painful ones. [See? When pricked, I bleed  too. But it’s different for me. See, it actually matters when I bleed.] Many of you are at the beginning of your professional public and political careers.

You will have successes and setbacks, too. This loss hurts but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it. It is. It is worth it. And so we need — we need you to keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives, and to all the women and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me, I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. [You probably will never be as good a liar as I am, and I must tell you that does work well for some of us…up to a point. If nothing else, I’ve proven that a woman can be as corrupt and lie as easily as any man.]

Now — I — I know — I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, [gender matters far more than character. So my being POTUS would’ve been much, much more important than actually solving the real problems both men and women face in this world] but some day, someone will, and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. And to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. Finally — finally, I am so grateful for our country and for all it has given to me [I still feel cheated, big time! But I gotta thank Bill Ayers again.]

I count my blessings [and all that laundered money in the Foundation. Wheee!!] every single day that I am an American, and I still believe as deeply as I ever have that if we stand together and work together with respect for our differences, [as long as your opinions are the same as mine] strength in our convictions [as long as your convictions are the same as mine] and love for this nation [once again, hat tip to Bill Ayers], our best days are still ahead of us. [Well, your days. I was looking forward to being Queen of the World. Hanging out in Chappaqua, being Grandma and baking cookies isn’t my idea of a good time as you recall].

Because, you know, you know I believe that we are stronger together, and we will go forward [what I mean is that I have always intended to get richer and more influential so long as you gullible losers stay right where you are and/or just rot in the Progressive crumbs I’ve always thrown your way] together. And you should never, ever regret fighting for that. You know, scripture tells us, [did I remind you that I’m a nice Methodist girl from the American Midwest] let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap [check out what I used to make (as of yesterday anyhow) for a 20 minute speech to a bunch of one percenters like me!)] if we do not lose heart.

So, my friends, let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. [Thank God I don’t have to effect that stupid sharecropper bit I’ve pulled in those Black churches]. Let us not lose heart, for there are more seasons to come, and there is more work to do. I am incredibly honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Irving Berlin or Ronald Reagan couldn’t have said it better, except they actually said it with deep, sincere conviction and with deeds, not hollow words. Speaking of words, a final advisory one for you, Hillary: try telling the truth. It will never come back to haunt you.

Everything old is new again. Nothing new under the sun. Deja-vu all over again.
Everything old is new again. Nothing new under the sun. Deja-vu all over again. Ding Dong, the MSM is dead.


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Hillary’s Positively Absolutely Patriotic American concession speech disrobed:
Every word including “and” & “the” a lie.”

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