Young Donald

Never Trumpers and Progs notwithstanding, their feet planted firmly in the air 8 miles high, Trump is proving to be “the perfect President for these times.” With Bill Clinton’s dour bride on the brink of slamming the last nail into America’s coffin, we were faced with what was truly a life-and-death decision. For those of us wishing to remain FREE individuals, not EQUAL faceless serfs on the Prog Plantation, Trump has proven to be, quite literally, a Godsend.

It’s a relief to contemplate what America would be without him, but it’s a joy beyond description to enumerate how his policies and actions have revived a real hope, a turning back and total change of direction for a country well down the Road To Serfdom thanks to the inroads made by the Obamas and the Clintons. Good news is now good news, not the despair of those thriving solely on manufactured crisis to consolidate power.

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