Hills in Wheelchair

UPDATE 10/9/21: Mrs. Bill Clinton, going fashionably by the single name of Hillary, has written a novel that might as well be called Hillary Is Here To Save The World You Suckers But You Were Just Too Damned Stupid To Let Me Do It!

She’s toyed with being a sanctified woman of the cloth; she’s toyed with being the most powerful politician on earth. Why not a fictional thriller from this talented teller of tall tales and aspiring Marine/Yankees fan who survived a hail of stray Croatian bullets after this kinda sorta Jewishish prodigy started off life being named after a famed mountaineer?

ORIGINAL POST 9/13/17: The jury has deliberated, the verdict is in: Hillary is Deplorable. As if half the country didn’t already know. In fact, she is all the Deplorableness she so Deplorably Deplores stuffed into one lumpy pant suit. There is a vast array of adjectives to suggest the droning monotone that was, is and always will be Mrs. Bill Clinton: cold, cruel, calculating, corrupt, ruthless, mendacious, narcissistic, charmless, clueless, obtuse, artificial, hypocritical, phony, grasping, greedy, unpalatable, unattractive, dull, dislikable…Deplorable.

Note the obviously rehearsed bit between The Loser and her MSM stooge about how classy she is to show up at the Inauguration…as if there has EVER been a time within memory when the defeated candidate didn’t show up. Most stomach-churning are her blaming “millions of White People…[upset about gains that were made by others]” and vomiting up “a cry from the White Nationalist gut” as her response to Trump’s most moving, memorable and hopeful line about “this American [Black Inner City] carnage stops right here and stops right now.” For Leftwing Mafia Dons and Donitas like this power addict, anyone addressing and remedying Inner City Black despair is “racist.” Permanent helplessness and dependency of the rabble are her life’s blood, the source of her political influence. The message is that Whites (and Blacks and Women and Gays and…) are Deplorable when voting against her. Everyone is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic Deplorable who dares  challenge Evita’s exalted place, Lady Bountiful’s absolute power. Reminder, Hillary: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

For a quarter century, we have been subjected to this thoroughly unpleasant woman’s presence in our lives only because of her marriage to a man with political talent. Hillary Rodham would today be an unknown campus flatliner with tenure or activist lawyer screeching the latest trite feminist cant had she not coasted onto Mr. Cool’s surfboard for their big ride. As one perceptive writer points out, the talentless, charmless Hillarys of this world, ravenous and motorized by insatiable ambition, can indeed become celebrated, rich and influential, yet fail upwardly in rather spectacular fashion. That’s what comes from being touted as the Smartest Woman In The World while actually not being terribly bright and woefully out of her depth. Cagey, cunning, conniving, drunk with self-aggrandizing delusion and a special gift for manipulative maneuvering and easy lying? Absolutely! But bright? Wise? Original? Productively intelligent? Of value? Nein, nicht, never.

Exhibit A: one green-faced serial liar in a pant suit, her broomstick splintered to bits, now melting faster than Dorothy’s nemesis.

Wicked Witch

Denied being Queen of the Universe, she has gifted us the final rope with which she has hanged herself in writing the [reaching for an adjective here…..Deplorable!!] tome “What Happened,” now already price-cut by half and headed for the recycle bins even before official release. That distinctive leaden thud informing every Hillary word reaching our assaulted ears since 1992 now approaches the bottom of the sound spectrum. Not a whimper, not a bang, a thud. Make that…thudddddd.

The trial is over. Any genuinely positive aspects regarding the person in question will be released to the public, along with the contents of 30,000 purged emails about yoga, weddings and funerals, at an unspecified, indeterminate date yet to be announced some time in the next millennium.

Glories of the past all about her, all about her, all about HER!
Glories of the past all about her, all about her, all about HER!


Still ready for her big close-up.







Before final sentencing, does the defendant have anything to say on her own behalf?