The vocabulary of comic strip airheads: “Reimagining The Police” has turned into a horror movie. Time to return to Planet Earth.

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UPDATE 4/17/21: The flip side of words having meaning is the gutting of words: making the  politically incorrect use of words a punishable offense. In this Orwellian Twilight Zone of America 2021 in which we currently dwell, free speech in on indefinite suspension. Any word, concept, idea, drawing, thought deemed un-PC is instant easy cause for crackdown. You may get fired, canceled, shunned, ignored, roughed-up, maybe killed. Whatever, we’re now all potential criminals and prime suspects on permanent Kafkaesque trial.

More and more, we have to be notified that we are not reading The Onion. Are you sensitive about using the right pronouns to address strangers? If not, call your lawyer and bail bondsman. Did you know fonts that “communicate Asianness” are racist triggers? Read all about it.  According to environmentally correct former South Bend mayor and now the perfectly intersectioned and totally unqualified Cabinet member, racism is “physically built into” our highway system. Read how.

Shopping at Target, you may have been lucky enough to stumble upon a book of “Devotional” writings that read, “Dear God, Please help me to hate White people. Or at least to want to hate them”?  If not, read this.

One must approach such absurdity with some humor, but there’s nothing funny about the One Party totalitarianism that such mind/thought/speech control as this is designed to establish.

UPDATE 10/15/20: Astonishingly, overnight(!) after a single sentence uttered in response by Supreme Court nominee ACB, the Merriam-Webster dictionary alters its definition of “sexual preference” as politically incorrect in favor of the acceptably Woke “sexual orientation.” Get it? In WokeWorld, people are not responsible for their choices, actions or “preferences;” they are hapless victims of their genes or environment….or what is deemed politically correct by the prevailing Orwellian Master Planners of the moment.

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ORIGINAL POST 5/13/18: Perhaps the most difficult task of staying afloat in our increasingly contentious, politicized environment is maintaining clarity. Dividing and confusing us is the Left’s most powerful tactic, the means to their evil ends of controlling us. Without the bedrock of agreed-upon definitions and the meaning of words themselves, we are lost. The only alternative to physical combat and bloodshed is debate, ideas. Without words and the ideas they specifically evoke, there is no debate. Thus, we are left with both the bad news…and the good news: he who controls words and their meanings controls the culture. First and last, know and repeatedly acknowledge your enemy.

 Orwell, in describing newspeak, doublethink, memory holes and other nightmares of semantic terrorism,   described the sinister corruption of language as perhaps the most powerful way to destroy individuality, crush souls, bring the masses to heel and establish a permanent, totalitarian society. In the worlds of “1984” and “Animal Farm” freedom is really slavery, peace is war and good is actually bad, whatever those crafting the narrative deem them to be for that moment. In such a world, there is no objective reality, no facts, no agreed-upon truth, no concrete reality, no reliable touchstones (to be altered at one’s convenience), particularly if one is in the political business of corralling souls into a docile herd. In short, there is no God in this world of fluid reality, no ultimate power higher than man to which one can turn. No higher, that is, than the State.

One case in point: Oleg Atbashian, Russian émigré, former KGB propagandist, talented creator of the People’s Cube, now a grateful American citizen finds himself, his words, his satirical art censored in the Land of the Free. No one better understands the corrupt tactics of the kindly, politically correct Powers That Be. He thought all that was behind him when he fled Soviet Russia. Welcome to Progressive America!

From the Dark Side, take your pick. We are beset with the scourge of newly minted Social Justice Warriors (SJW) who have appointed themselves as the politically correct police over  Oleg and the rest of us Deplorables. They are the pure-of-heart enforcers of “justice,” “racial/economic equality,” “saving the planet” or whatever regressive control measures that “Progressives” call “progress” these days. (Don’t forget that the definition of said terms or anything else can be changed at will tomorrow.)

And who better personifies that noble Progressive crusade than this week’s newly inaugurated Michelle-Antoinette , former NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman? Here was the most powerful law enforcement officer in New York, the manically engaged Grand Inquisitor lording it over anyone  who didn’t vote for Hillary, a vanguard member of the “Resistance,” the self-righteous friend of every downtrodden Victim Identity group, particularly women and Blacks. And now it turns out that privately he likes “role-playing” the White master beating up his very own Black slave girl. Double whammy, so to speak.

Where would an Eric Schneiderman be without the handy lies of re-defined words and their corrupted meanings? Where would any of his ilk be: pontificating Hollywood celebs, useless big mouths from DC, sinister monopolists in Social Media, the shameless whores of today’s  “unbiased journalism?”

If the Left in its many powerful places is intent on changing and re-crafting the meaning of words, we must counter as daily defenders of what we know and have known as their long-agreed upon definitions. The war rages on. Are we up to the fight today and tomorrow and the next day? Words can and do break one’s bones. They are also our salvation.

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