UPDATE 8/14/23: From the viewpoint of a former resident of Maui, the fires with all its loss of life and property destruction demonstrate there are serious consequences for the laid-back, do-it-manana, welfare state mentality, even in paradise.

UPDATE 7/17/23: Nothing new in our 50th State. Still #1 welfare haven, no industry, no reason to work. 

ORIGINAL POST 1/19/20: A recent first (and last) jaunt to Hawaii has revealed to these jaded eyes NOT the romantic, sensual paradise its name and reputation have always evoked, but rather a run-down welfare state. The more prosperous housing developments are cheap-looking, like decaying neighborhoods from the 1950s, yet priced at the high 6 figures, some tacky ranchers sporting their washing machines outside on the lawn. What were once thriving canning factories and sugar refineries stand abandoned like ghostly, rusted skeletons near vast stretches of empty fields. The biggest shock is that the iconic pineapple consumed by Hawaiians comes from…Costa Rica!

Surprise! Welcome to the Number 4 Deep Dem Blue state of the Union, just behind New York, California and Illinois. And, logically, number 1 in the amount one can get from welfare. Why work at minimum wage when one can collect twice as much from Uncle Sam?  And remind me again which Party is the Party of Welfare? Of deliberately impoverished Inner Cities? Hawaii has it all; that is, every degrading, suicidal element a consistently Democratic Party-run city or state can reliably boast.


For a political party that exists entirely to accrue political power, the most obvious locations for the cultivation of huge, dependent voting blocs are the major cities.  But little, lightly peopled (1.4 million) Hawaii? Why not? It produces nothing any longer (not even pineapple), is controlled by the characteristically greedy unions, hog-tied by senseless regulation,  is entirely dependent upon imports requiring exorbitantly high taxation.

Mass unemployment leavened by a blase ignorance of socialism’s guaranteed pitfalls  provides easy-pickings and a living model for the creation of One-Party government, the Dem Dream these days. Poor little Hawaii, a balmy land of warm, tropical breezes, befouled by disproportionate corruption. Homelessness is epidemic.  One can only commiserate with those rational Hawaiians despairing of its slide into Third World Progressivism.

It also has the necessary abundance of fools, convinced against all reality, that the Lib/Dem/Prog way is The Way. And its native sons and daughters representing them in DC accurately reflect that delusional demographic. Currently vying for title of most obnoxious scold in a crowded field of harridans, U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono seems the perfect nightmare to speak up for (Deep) Blue Hawaii.

And, saving the best for last, should we be surprised that that most prominent exponent of “You didn’t build that” and “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help” is a proud son of Hawaii, here flashing the Shaka hand sign, expressing in the Koolest of Kool fashions the state’s unofficial motto:  “Hang Loose” [translation: “We protect you, we own you.”]



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