UPDATE 10/14/15: Parading their true colors at the first debate, the Dems have voluntarily outed themselves officially as Socialists. The hope is that they can slowly, gradually, relentlessly make it respectable, even desirable. The great comfort is that socialism can’t survive without capitalism and competitive free markets. Even reliably Lefty Bill Maher knows this and tells marinated Marxist Bernie as much. Happily, capitalism and free markets thrive quite nicely without socialism. We’re the hosts. They’re the parasites. They would miss us. We will not miss them.

How far down do Democrats want to go? Apparently quite far, so far as to throw away forever the pretense that they aren’t All Socialists  Now. After Barack’s investiture, we were informed that we were now members of a club none of us  had voluntarily joined:

...or so we're told by the MSM.
…whether you like it or not.

Remember the post-election “Sorta God” Rapture by Newsweek’s Managing Editor Evan Thomas when expressing Glory To His Newborn King? Sorta Don Corleone is more like it.

To paraphrase Chesterton, absent an impartial God guiding the universe, people will replace Him with Anything. Even transparent power junkies (and unconfessed socialists) like Barack or Hillary,  the most boring woman in American politics, probably the most dishonest in our political history. What does this transparently Freon-veined creature’s electability say about the American people who are, after all, our country? Reflecting the deterioration of our political process, not one but two socialists are vying for the Democratic nomination. If we’re lucky, the self-admitted one will capture the bleeding hearts of today’s Far Left Faithful from Bill Clinton’s calculating wife (which is a perfect summation of her accomplishments) and hand the election to whomever the Republicans choose.

Reminder: socialism is a system of a very small, fatted Elite monitoring every breath in the lives of the masses. Be careful what you wish for.

Here is your granted wish:

Transforming a nation requires a nation's consent.
Transforming a nation requires a nation’s consent.

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  1. Never in my lifetime of 86 years did I think I would see my beloved country in the state is in today. If we don’t –and soon–get back to the God-given principles on which we were founded, we are doomed.

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