UPDATE 10/5/17: Post-Vegas, same old, same old Never-Let-A-Crisis-Go-To-Waste drivel: Hillary & Co. still determined to do away with all those annoying Constitutional rights that stand in her way of controlling everyone and everything.

ORIGINAL POST 6/16/16: Only at that unlikely moment when various Libs huddling together on the Leftist Plantation might wake up and realize who their real friends are (and who their real enemies are) can any single one of them be taken seriously.

Hint#1: Guns, knives, hammers, cars, liquor, gasoline, matches, airplanes don’t kill people. Individuals handling the aforesaid badly, carelessly, with deliberate evil intent do that. Hint#2: White Christian Conservative NRA members didn’t slaughter people in Orlando, San Bernadino, Paris, Brussels, on all those ISIS videos, at the Twin Towers on 9/11….etc…….etc. If at all curious, check out a little Islamic history here.

It's the gun's fault.
It’s the gun’s fault.

Based on the premise that everything bad in this world sits squarely in the lap of Conservative Republican America, Progressive Libs take ZERO responsibility for the provably bad results of their delusional “good deeds.” Naturally, they persist in applauding themselves with a  straight face…like this:

Liberals, good, Conservative Bad!
Left GOOD, Right baaaaaaaad! A little history lesson for Larry The Proud Lib just below.

According to Larry, there’s never been such a thing as a good Republican Conservative. We beg to differ.

And then there was that nasty Republican Abe Lincoln.
And then there was that nasty Republican Abe Lincoln.

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