Hillary’s loss was a total repudiation of 8 years of this. We wish our reluctantly departing Queen a happy exile.

According to our modest Michelle-Antoinette up-close-and-personal with the increasingly clueless Oprah, losing her and Barack is to lose all hope. No surprise that Hurtin’ Hillary and our departing Royal Couple Of Snot & Snark on their way out the door should show their full contempt for all those Deplorables who  (au contraire!) are as rightfully hopeful as they have been for decades!

Understandably, this Greediest (tied with Hillary) First Lady Of All Time will miss the perks of being Queen Of The World and has graciously left a nice steaming pile on the White House rug for her successors. When you’re still a classy Community Agitator who thrives on permanent misery and hopelessness, why lose all those millions of hopeless dependents with real results (like jobs, decent schools, national security) when you can keep them all on a permanent string with empty promises and stirred up rage?


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