Gaslighting of America

UPDATE 8/13/20: The forced isolation and masking of Americans en masse, separating people from their lifelong realities=gaslighting as The New Normal.



UPDATE 8/12/20: Kamala Walla Bing Bang aka #HeelsUpHarris: by whatever name, the best looking and possibly the most ruthless of the “qualified” Women Of Color Minus Content Of Character (or qualifications)”, so a natural choice as Sleepy Joe’s Veep.  Movin’ On Up Up Up to the top of the political pile without sleeping with anyone but her husband (recently)! Her history and past impressions (see full profile) as timely as ever. Peter Schweitzer’s “Profiles In Corruption” is a good place to begin sizing up this barracuda.

kamala camel cowgirl

Zeke Emanuel

Dr. Death, now Sleepy Joe’s chosen Expert on Covid,  prescribes American euthanasia in the form of another long, even more Draconian shutdown. As if any rational, freedom-loving person needs it, yet one more reason to vote Trump in November.

As of 2020, only 12 years to go, just in time for the end of AOC & Greta's planet.
As of 2020, only 12 years to go, just in time for the end of AOC & Greta’s fantasy planet.


UPDATE 8/15/20: The polling results are in, and on the basis of smarts and reliability, it’s Dr. Pepper by a mile.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Pepper


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