Venezuela cautionary tale

UPDATE 2/3/21: Another gentle reminder of how socialism can turn Latin America’s richest, most oil-rich country into a third world hellhole in a matter of a few years. Letting a totalitarian government shut down free markets and free association does that.


UPDATE 12/6/20: Apparently, starving Venezuela has even shown us the glorious way to stealing elections and consolidating absolute State power for The Good Of The People.

Venezuela Election fraud

UPDATE 10/15/20: They (Bernie, The Squad, The Rest Of The Dem Party Now As Far Left As They Are) all say they’re taking us to Stockholm or Copenhagen (capitalist economies with fat welfare perks and the astronomically high taxes on EVERYONE that those perks require). But really, they’re taking us to Caracas. A cautionary tale now much-more-than twice told.

UPDATE 10/1/20: Venezuela: how a rich, prosperous country managed to strike it poor. The genius of Marxist transformation in action. BITA (Bitten In The Ass), bigtime. All those good intentions, all those promises. Such a surprise this socialist/communist stuff always turns out so badly.


UPDATE 1/29/19: The (not-so) New Venezuela Diet, touted by leading Hollywood celebrities! Guaranteed weight loss! Negligible side effects except the usual misery, poverty and starvation!

GRAPHIC PROOF!!Surefire results! Before & After!!
GRAPHIC PROOF!! Surefire results! Before & After!!

UPDATE 4/20/18: US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin soberly discussed the humanitarian crisis that is Venezuela, thanks to that marvelous man Hugo Chavez idolized by the likes of Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover. There seems to be no cure for these millions of fools who keep telling us how wonderful and effective a Marxist-managed economy is. Once one of the wealthiest countries in South America, Venezuela under  Chavez’ worthy successor Maduro has become the latest Marxist graveyard.

When will they ever learn? Why not try it again and do it right this time?! Why not indeed? The answer is not blowing in the wind. It’s in the proven, objective reality that, putting it mildly,  the touted glories of socialism just never seem to pan out. 

Useful Idiot/Kindred Spirit. Take your pick.
Useful Idiot/Kindred Spirit/Serial Shakedown Artist.

Venezuelan allegory: as toilet paper goes, so goes healthcare or anything else that’s managed by a socialist bureaucracy.

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  1. An compelling parallel between Chavez and the vibrant, young, socialist Dems who are the new forefront of the party. Now that success in pauperizing the Black Community has been completed, if they can dispose of Trump and his policies to both revive that Community economically and stop the importation of government dependents, they can focus on the rest of us.

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