Amy Coney Barrett

UPDATE 9/19/20: Now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has shuffled off her mortal coil, the way is clear for another woman on the Supreme Court, without delay. This would be great news, progress, social justice, totally “constitutional” in some quarters if the woman/ethnic/gender dysphoric nominee is a Leftist. Joe Biden(in 2016) would agree! Not surprisingly, opposition to a CONSERVATIVE woman on the court like Barrett will be met with predictably the same vicious character assassination and even all-out mayhem in the streets we’ve now come to expect from the Dem Left. Fasten your seatbelts.


Hoax Folks

Like a stomach-churning carnival ride  you’d love to get off, politics leading up to (hopefully) Trump’s re-election has become a daily stomach churner for those of us who don’t like responding to lies. And lies. And more lies.

Perhaps the biggest lie of all is that the collective Woke mentality of the Left pretends it’s not making things up, that it can say and do anything, however destructive, in pursuit of “GETTING TRUMP!”

Where to begin? Anywhere in the Leftist canon will do. There’s promotional hoax of Joe Biden as a fit, competent candidate for POTUS. Destruction of the American and world economy based on the advice of “expert” bureaucrats at CDC and W.H.O. persists.

There’s the Orwellian gaslighting of anything most people in our culture would agree is good. This week, even Beethoven is deemed evil and presumably slated for erasure…or perhaps some revisionist re-education.  Relief is offered occasionally when an honest person comes around and admits error. But that is news only because it is so rare.

To respond rationally and maintain one’s equilibrium, one is compelled to seek out and know what’s true. It’s a rugged test of character and endurance, but at day’s end, what else matters but the truth?



Who/What killed George Floyd, and Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin, and….? Much more than the fetanyl overdose or bullets.  How about the cradle-to-grave fate of those caught, generation after generation, on the Black Inner City plantations overseen by the Democrat Mafia?

Mirror Offensive II

UPDATE 9/14/20: For “Truth,” ask Dan! Washed-up faux phony talking head Dan Rather tries floating more of his special brand of jetsam on the subject of the latest Trump hoax.  Stops short of calling Trump supporters Deplorables; just calls them dumb. In response, the magic mirror accurately reflects back an exposed fake. The  additional black eye of a heavy-duty payout for libel (such as that currently sought by a slandrede, furious Alan Dershowitz) might also give these shameless liars pause.


Jews, Brightest and Dumbest People On Earth

My fellow Jews: regarding your lockstep support for Democrats and irrational Trump Derangement: try thinking. Good reasons abound for supporting Trump. It’s time to come to your senses and be guided by rational self-interest, not programmed guilt.

Jewish guilt

BITA(Bitten In The Ass)

Woke Black mayors and police chiefs prone to accommodating domestic terrorists like their BLM pals inexplicably find themselves accused of White Supremacy by these “mostly peaceful protestors.” Proud display of weakness  does that to those Stuck On Stupid.

Stuck on stupid


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

UPDATE 9/20/20: She could’ve vacated for another female SJW during the Obama years, but in her wisdom, she was sure Hillary would win. Whoops. Now, playing on public sentiment, she imperiously orders from the grave through her relatives that she not be replaced until AFTER the election, presumably by a Biden nominee. With all respect due an accomplished individual, Ms. Ginsburg had her priorities mixed up, like most confirmed Leftists do. Right to the very end, a Leftist SJW first, an impartial jurist devoted to America and her Constitution last (with a lot of political activist mischief in between). R.I.P.



It has become increasingly obvious that this man has lost his mental faculties, useful only as a puppet for a planned Harris (read Obama III) administration.



UPDATE 9/20/20: They’re hardly hiding the fact that Joe is a helpless stand-in while Kamala will be one behind the curtain, doing the bidding of those really pulling the strings. Harris-Biden=Obama III perhaps? 

The Experts

UPDATE 9/20/20: When will it become common knowledge that the “experts” have lied to us all, the cure miles worse than the disease?

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 29:   U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci listens during a news conference at the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House February 29, 2020 in Washington, DC. Department of Health in Washington State has reported the first death in the U.S. related to the coronavirus.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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