Obama’s legacy: A national Community Organized in Victim Voting blocs.

April 20, 2017

Welcome to the Dem Party’s America of permanent victimhood and comforting “Safe Spaces.”

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This shot was snapped last week outside yet another noble Resistance “sanctuary,” a local coffee shop in a charmingly gentrified village in one of America’s richest counties which offers not only bagels and bananas but “safety.” Every race, religion, native nationality, sexual orientation, gender (how many this week?), ability(?) stands terrorized and threatened outside this door and is offered…”safety.” Question: “safety” from…what? It’s a rhetorical question one must ask about the parallel paranoia and distortion of reality among the smug, ultra-privileged cast of a hit Broadway show or the quivering snowflakes of today’s most elite college campuses.

The catch is that anyone falling into any of those put-upon Dem Party Voting Victim blocs listed is “safe” so long as he/she/it votes Dem. Welcome to Community Organized America, Obama’s most evident legacy that will be harder to turn back than ObamaCare ever will be. Such a comfort of “community,” it feels so good, this business of being a victim. Meanwhile, the genuinely victimized go unnoticed. In the face of real atrocities, one might actually have to do or risk something.

Just a random sampling from the news in the last 10 days: the escalating horrors of Islam on the march with slaughtered Christians abroad and mutilated little girls in Michigan? Is there a ripple of concern for anyone wishing to freely give a speech on a college campus being denied exercise or protection of that Constitutional right because they refuse to identify with the Voting Victim blocs on this list?  Veterans neglected & dying needlessly in Veterans Hospitals, the glories of efficient government-run healthcare on display. Hell, just walk through the Inner City only a quick drive down the river! Now that’s “unsafe!”

Perhaps the reason for such selective outrage is that free speech and basic rights are selective in ProgressoWorld. Even a Black Somalian transgendered lesbian quadriplegic Muslim (ok so far) who voted for Trump and a self-determined individual destiny (not ok) would be barred from this sanctuary or at the very least lambasted for that last unacceptable impropriety on their CV. Les Deplorables are the enemy, the ones from whose imaginary assaults this scared rabble is fleeing into coffee shops and campus “safe spaces.” Openness Progresso-style, like everything else the Left sells, has deadly fine print.

2 Responses to Obama’s legacy: A national Community Organized in Victim Voting blocs.

  1. Jim Laurie on April 23, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Good stuff, Fred. Ready for primetime. You gotta come out of the closet and share on facebook. Or maybe use a nom de plume. You need to share with a larger audience.

    • Fred on April 23, 2017 at 8:31 am

      Thanks, Jim, but FB and other social media I use only to promote FredGrams.com. Do feel free to refer to Dittoville or Michelle-Antoinette in your posts. I’m always pleased to hear from other Conservatives or Liberals who are genuinely interested in progress, not Progressivism.

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