To the surprise and relief of 60 million Americans, the election of Donald Trump reassured us that power can still be peacefully transferred in this country. Stodgy squares that we are, some of us still insist on following rules, laws, the Constitution, the slow and painful process of legal reform that can only be enacted by our representatives in Congress.

The unpleasant news is that many Americans refuse to honor the American political process, preferring instead to undermine it or at least enable those who are willing to do the dirty work of lawless subversion. Thus, we’re faced with the real war for the country’s soul and its future as a free republic currently being waged in anarchistic fashion on the college campuses. It’s like a replay of the Sixties except  different. The radical ruffians of yore got haircuts, put on suits, acquired Ivy League degrees, got themselves elected in order to “transform” the country “within the system.”

We’ve just suffered through the first phase of that.

At the same time, the unregenerate scruff of the Sixties like Weatherman Bill Ayers have taken a different tack, presciently subverting the educational system, mainlining Progressive propaganda into the young from kindergarten on in pursuit of a Marxist America and One World under the control of some self-appointed Elite. Ominously, Ayers & Co. have proven themselves successful when the college student bodies (and their administrators by default) align with domestic terrorists to drive away any speaker considered “unsafe,” politically incorrect, not thoroughly steeped in the victim ideology of ID politics, not Progressive.

Ann Coulter’s banishment from Berkeley is the latest example of Red Fascism’s campaign to cook up violent protests and disruptions: the routing of Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInness, Charles Murray, even uproar over a radical Leftwing professor about to be hired at Pomona College for the crime of being White. These mobs, part mush-headed students, a bigger part Soros-subsidized thugs, are the new Jacobins, today’s Gestapo-like terrorists shutting down all dissent. Violence on the campus and in the streets is back, and a civil war rages.

Fortunately, we live in a era of free-flowing instant communication, and photos like this tell the whole sordid story, hardly a new one.

“Anti-fascists” shutting down free speech. What’s the matter with this picture?

One look at this picture provides everything one needs to know about the Left and its history going back to Communism’s 20th century glory days  of hiding its totalitarian, DoubleSpeak goals in plain sight. Note the Conservative and note the “anti-fascist.” The old ploy: blatantly violent fascists calling themselves “anti-fascists.” This current strain of domestic terrorismRefuse Fascism,” is one of Bill Ayers’ latest projects. And then there’s good old reliable George Soros’ serial funding of this sort of insurrection. The same bad pennies always turning up.

Again, at the risk of restating the obvious,  may we ask: who are the fascists? Who’s driving whom off the campus? Who’s shutting down free speech and free association in Berkeley, at NYU, in Middlebury, Pomona, at every event where Black Lives Matter shows up, in 1001 highly uncivil conversations in coffee shops, around water coolers and in living rooms across the country after Hillary’s loss to Trump?

How cleverly confusing for blatant fascist tyranny and violent “protestors” to present themselves  as “anti-fascist!”  To add to their historical glamor and cachet, these fascists have also taken to call themselves The Resistance. You know: the authentically brave of WWII who resisted the Nazis.  Ah, so 60 million of us are Nazis! Trump is Hitler! Got it!

Confused? You’re supposed to be.

The “anti-fascism” gimmick goes back to the happy days of WWII (and doubtless even further) when our noble staunch ally Stalin was positioning himself as the “anti-fascist” against Hitler who was really his mirror image, only not a fraction as murderous. People should’ve laughed, but they didn’t despite the fact that Stalin’s (and fellow Communists’) genocidal accomplishments would dwarf Hitler’s by a factor of at least 5 or more. Adolf made no pretense of being anything but a killer. Uncle Joe and everything connected historically with the Left, on all points on its tyrannical spectrum, is about black=white, up=down, enslavement=liberation, murder=self-defense, fascist=anti-fascist. Some animals more=than others. War=peace. Love=hate.

Orwell would have been bereft of material without Stalin and his fellow Communists to observe and describe. Today, he’d just sadly shake his head at the willing acceptance of the Left’s NewSpeak.

That said, it is the Left’s misfortune that this is still America, and peaceful elections and changeovers in power actually do take place. The most basic rules, laws, Constitution mean nothing to them. But the more cunning and ambitious among them-like professional sneaks Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren-realize that, above all, this current wave of tyranny coming from their ranks looks bad for them and might result in more populist uprisings leading to more Trumps. And maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of the sort of fascism they champion to advance their own political ambitions.

Now look again at the DoubleSpeaking photo above. The “anti-fascists” are really the fascists. And they are to be resisted. We so-called “fascists” have never denied them their public say. Feel free to tell your lies but don’t deny us the right to call you on it.  All clear?

What to do, what to do?

Well, money talks. And there are laws to be enforced. Start making life a little difficult for the college brats and snowflakes operating as cannon fodder for the brown-shirted “Resistance” thugs and make them and their permissive parents pay out of their own pockets for the physical damage done and security expenses run up. At the same time, withdraw all federal and state funding where craven college administrators allow (and even sanction) this sort of crime.

Optimistically, one must assume that losing serious funding might make a school uphold those “American values” supposedly denied the very people who champion shutting up disagreeable ideas….ideas like really upholding American values. (One cringes at the smug “Hamilton” snots berating VP Pence for supposedly denying them their rights). Counter every member of the whining member Victim Voting bloc on the Left with the question, “Who’s denying whom their rights?” Bring the truth to light. Restate the obvious. Put the lies to flight.

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