UPDATE 1o/24/20: If the latest figures of 46% Black support for Trump are true (or even half true), this is ecstatically good news, not simply for Trump supporters but especially for Blacks. Are those millions condemned to the Dem plantation with its calculated generational poverty, permanent victimhood and hopeless despair taking a turn to real hope and change?

blacks for trump

UPDATE 10/13/20: It’s catching. A good, brave soul named Joe Collins is challenging Maxine Waters and the wildly hypocritical, long term permanent-poverty scam being pulled on urban Blacks by their so-called “leaders.” Is the worm turning? Is real Blexit in real numbers a reality? Votes will tell, one election at a time.

UPDATE 10/1/20:  Black community activist pastor  Marc Little takes apart Jimmy Kimmel and his Trump contempt.


UPDATE 9/24/20: Blacks are waking up in numbers scary to their Dem handlers still taking them for granted. The dependent, enslaved Inner City voting blocs (and the resultant generational poverty) are shaking off the chains that bind them.

ORIGINAL POST 7/26/20: If there is a moment in time when America veered sharply off its most basic course of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL its citizens, it’s 1964 and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. A dealmaker’s dealmaker, LBJ sold his economic boondoggle for Black “equality” to segregationist Democrats in the South with the now infamous promise that “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”  Anyone doubting the veracity of LBJ’s real attitude toward Blacks need only to sit in on his private conversations.


Neat trick, stealing Blacks, through mass bribery, away from the Republican Party Of Lincoln that had originally emancipated them and to which they had been loyal for the ensuing century. It’s deliberately overlooked that Martin Luther King was a Republican…until, like millions of naive Blacks following him, he fell for LBJ’s purely altruistic guarantee of the Good Life from the other side of the political aisle.


Great, swift strides were made in those early Civil Rights years: Jim Crow ended, a thriving Black middle class arose, and to any American alive at that time, there was a palpable shift nationwide away from inbred suspicion and enmity between Black & White. The future looked bright for anyone willing to take control of their own destiny and carve out a prosperous, dignified life for oneself.

However, there has remained a huge investment by some in central positions of power to perpetuate a new sort of enslaved plantation created as permanent Dem voting blocs in the large urban centers. Combined with Affirmative Action and ceaseless patronizing of Blacks by Progressive Whites in schools from kindergarten thru university, the self-conscious tension has never been allowed to dispel, regardless of how high a Black person might rise. Constantly pulling the scab off a naturally healing wound continues to be helped along by those ambitious, unscrupulous Blacks in show business, sports and politics-Oprah, Kaepernick, Obama, the entire Congressional Black Caucus. They are today’s equivalent of antebellum overseers, invested with the power to see that the slaves don’t get too “uppity.” Without the immensely profitable and power-wielding Race Grievance Industry populated by both mercenary Blacks and Whites alike, today’s Democrat Party would cease to be.

Which brings us to the present. There is indeed a “systemic” plot against American Blacks, and it comes from the Left. Countering this can only be accomplished by Blacks themselves, principled and brave enough to withstand the fallout from their resistance. It might very well get you killed, and your business destroyed as evidenced every day now as BLM domestic terrorism is given free rein to lay our cities to waste. All with the cooperation of the Democrat Party that has run its Mafia-like operation in every major urban center for the last 50 years. Not coincidentally, since the same moment LBJ hatched the scam that would have “niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Therein lies THE QUESTION: have Blacks themselves finally recognized what has been done to them and reject what the Democrat Party promises to perpetuate? Hopeful signs say that they will, along with the rest of decent, sane America, speak in a most unprecedented way on their own behalf in November.

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