Just some high-spirited kids letting off steam, wearing matching gear that happened to be hanging up in their bedroom closets at Mom’s house in Queens.

UPDATE 4/20/17: Ann Coulter denied free speech at Berkeley on the basis of safety (aren’t these campuses supposed to be “safe spaces” for snowflakes?). The fearless Coulter promises to show up anyhow…and miraculously they find a way to squeeze her in. Perhaps, Milo and Charles Murray can be the next in a series called The New Free Speech Movement, 2017, more than a half century after the original one.

Holding forth grandly from her cotton-candy world of too much money and meaningless honors, Meryl “Overrated” Streep accepts yet another meaningless honor and bravely equates a critical Tweet aimed at her Radical Chic blatherings with the violence of Hitlerian “Brownshirts.

Even the NY Times finds itself rolling its eyes at another spoiled celebrity likening herself to a Holocaust victim: “It was not immediately clear to whom Ms. Streep was referring in using the loaded term ‘brownshirts,’ which was originally applied to a paramilitary group that assisted the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.”

Meanwhile, black-masked “anti-fascist” terrorists, funded by SMERSH’s George Soros, wield clubs,  bust jaws, shut down free speech at UC-Berkeley and NYU and generally do the dirty work Liberals like Meryl would rather someone else do. Ain’t that always the way.

Message: today’s Liberal notion of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism coming soon to any neighborhood where a Trump supporter might be guilty of breathing.