She persists! The next step! ID Politics meets high comedy.
She persists! The next step! ID Politics meets high comedy.

As the Trump train continues steadily down the track and real economic/social progress is made, the obstacles posed by the desperate Left become clearer. The sinister strategy of Identity Politics, divide-and-conquer put forth on steroids by the Obama regime (blessedly derailed by Election, 2016), is showing its limitations.

Of late, we have been treated to attacks from the Left on men & masculinity (the whole Kavanaugh debacle); vicious slander of uncooperative Blacks (Kanye West): boundless contempt for and the attempted shaming of presumed gays not toeing the Party line (Lindsey Graham); and ANYONE not placidly chewing the bitter Prog cud on the Leftist plantation. Surprise, surprise. So much for the compassionate Left caring about Amerika’s “victims.”

Most satisfying has been Fake Indian Liz Warren’s failed “gotcha” DNA gambit, exposing the inherent Big Lie at the heart of Identity Politics, the mainstay of today’s Democratic Party. Her usual defenders like the NY Times have gone into full-blown CYA mode.  Take away the divisiveness of ID Politics, and, really: what have the Obamatons and the I’m-With-Her robots got? Left with millions of free-thinking INDIVIDUALS looking to government only to guard basic rights and stay out of their way, not own them, the answer is precisely…nothing.



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