Still a referendum on Obama's "transformation" or Trump's MAGA.
Still a referendum on Obama’s “transformation” vs. Trump’s MAGA.

America has A CHOICE:

GOOD IDEAS that actually benefit people, not theoretically but in actual practice.

Record high employment (and record low unemployment)! Strength as a deterrent to our enemies abroad! Making America Great Again, within and without! (Even the NY Times is forced to accept the success of the Trump economy.)

ROTTEN IDEAS that benefit no one except a few corrupt Marxist Mafiosi living high off the Dem Party protection racket.

The Glory of the Obama years-continued festering of millions of Inner City dependents (and dependable Dem votes); ongoing foreign invasion specifically staged to flood both the public dependency and Dem voting rolls; paying for those millions of bribed votes with high taxes on productive individuals and business, driving jobs abroad again; ballooning healthcare costs and restrictions;  tormenting our friends internationally, enabling our enemies.

Having realized that there exists real, effective opposition to the Obama brand of fascism, the AntiFa of Congress, Wall Street and Hollywood will stop at nothing to regain control. Hate has a home here, and it looks strikingly like our most famous politicians and their celebrity cronies from the Left.

Every good idea countered with…an argument for a different way? Something more beneficial? No. Racist. Sexist. Homophobic. Xenophobic. What WOULD the Dems do without all those Victims and their ever-thriving cast of phantom strawmen? Ask yourself (here we go again): ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE TWO YEARS AGO?  (The answer is YES.)

The battle lines are drawn, for the present and forever into the future: Marx/socialism/communism vs. the free market of ideas, goods and services, a Constitutional Republic.  If we can keep it.

Willful ignorance.
Willful ignorance.

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