UPDATE 9/29/23: A final obit on chic race hustler’s Kendi’s rise and fall. Good riddance…until the next high-priced offer for self-abnegation and racial absolution is presented to stupid, guilt-ridden White Libs.

UPDATE 9/24/23: We’re told, very convincingly, by Robert Menendez that making a fuss over his pockets full of influence-peddling cash, is all about his being Hispanic. Racism!! Uh huh, ok, Bob. Sure.

UPDATE 9/22/23: One more big bucks race hustle operation is quietly going broke, and wised-up rats once devoted to the cause are fleeing the sinking ship. This one is that Kendi character’s DEI/”anti-racist” scam. 

Where, O where did all those millions and millions and millions go, and is one Black person (other than the high-living hustlers) better off?

8/27/23: Obama’s vision of “Transformation” has always been permanent division, permanent civil war. The Soros approach to such societal suicide has been underwriting the installation of racist, crime-friendly DA’s guiding their respective cities into lawless chaos while blaming it on White Supremacy. Oakland CA is just one more successful Obama foray into subversion. 

Oakland crime-spotting map. Blame it on Whitey.

UPDATE 8/3/23: Obama’s signature legacy of permanent Civil War, setting one against the other, continues to metastasize, thanks to official “hate lists” compiled by REAL hatemongers like the Southern Poverty Law Center. However, there is some comfort in seeing the DEI industry failing as companies run headlong into a stone wall of angry consumers reminding them that Going Woke can mean Going Broke. 

UPDATE 7/12/23: The first Black female Supreme Court Justice who’s also not a biologist once again exposed herself as an intellectual midget and dishonest DEI propagandist spouting an absurd, entirely made-up statistic claiming higher survival rate (double!!) of sick Black babies treated by Black doctors rather than White ones. In other words, skin color determines competence and, undoubtedly in her Woke brain, basic human compassion. Sounds vaguely racist.

UPDATE 7/8/23: No doubt it comes as a surprise to big-hearted advocates of Affirmative Action that the majority of people of all races would prefer being given a job or position based on their qualifications and competence, not their race or sex. The Obamas and their similarly over-privileged bigtime cronies on the Left secretly know they have gotten where they are thanks to their skin color or sexual orientation, not the contents of their characters. Quite the opposite of MLK’s noble dream, a level playing field is really the last thing mediocrities like them want.

UPDATE 6/30/23: The great “post-racial” POTUS remains actively devoted to permanent civil war, most currently calling for Black “reparations” lest we forget we’re forever a racist nation. Does being half-white cut Barack’s “fair share” in half? Any comment from him about  shelling out equal amounts to the descendants of Irish convicts sold off and arriving in America as slaves in the 17th century? Or, being a conscientious citizen of the world, some serious dough to relatives of those 6 million exterminated Jews in Europe?

UPDATE 6/23/23: Squad member and all-round hater of all things American Rashida Tlaid exemplifies a different sort of intersectionality being an Islamic fanatic, a Marxist and now an enthused advocate of eco-terrorism wrapped up in one ugly carcass. 

UPDATE 6/17/23: After trillions in aid and welfare and sundry social programs since LBJ’s Great Society launch in the 60s, one can logically counter that reparations have been paid, and it’s time those seeking more should go and get a job. Admittedly, it would be a blow to those grifters living high and higher and higher yet off of Race Grievance, Inc. Curious there’s no similar set-up for permanent compensation in Germany for the descendants of 6 million exterminated Jews.

UPDATE 5/5/23: Academic honesty is becoming a rare commodity on increasingly Woke college campuses. An admirable example worth repeating involves a brave Wellesley professor twenty years back upending a Wokester revisionist attempt to claim (very White Macedonian) Cleopatra as a Black African. “Cultural appropriation” is a good thing when it fits the Left’s mission to rewrite history, but don’t YOU dare think about wearing a dashiki.

UPDATE 4/6/23: Victor Davis Hansen goes to the heart of our current socio-political predicament pointing out the permanent civil war that began with the Trojan Horse “post-racial” Presidency of Obama. They [the Progressive Left] are turning America toward a Balkanized war-of-all-against-all.” 

The Obama legacy: the ongoing 21st century American Civil War.

When we’re threatened with a scheduled “Day of “Vengeance” in response to an imaginary “Trans genocide,” things have moved beyond mere words. 

UPDATE 4/2/23: Cultural “inappropriation” that will never happen.

UPDATE 3/22/23: DEI has invaded the entire society via the corporate and academic worlds like the viral poison it was meant to be…and with all the good results poison is intended to have.

UPDATE 3/20/23: Sad to say, a hefty percentage of Americans have no idea what Obama proposed and what has transpired since his Presidency. It probably would not matter since the essential Leftist mindset is only comfortable with centralized control, not individual liberty.

UPDATE 3/19/23: He’s just one of many DEI tokens, celebrated and rewarded not for talent, industry or any achievement worth noting. Ignoring all laws of healthy, self-preserving nature as Leftism by definition does, this loser has been elevated far, far above his bottomless level of incompetence. Behold! The face of useless Woke. 


UPDATE 3/18/23: A pix vs. 1000 words. All one needs to know of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and Affirmative Action.

UPDATE 3/5/23: We all feel secure knowing how expertly Buttigieg has it covered on the ground while the latest DIE/DEI nominee for FAA administrator would have the happy skies looking like one big, slick Blue Angels display. Definitely time to go national with this brilliant approach.  [Sarcasm OFF.] A sane future depends entirely on abandoning Affirmative Action and DEI and re-defining excellence upward. 

I majored in CRT, gender studies and crocheting. You? 

UPDATE 2/24/23: If there’s even a grain of truth to Buttigieg’s Woke boiler-plate assertion about too many White construction workers, it’s that Democrat-controlled unions tend to exclude minorities. As union power is checked, minority upward mobility increases. One more lie about Leftist concern for the “common man.”

UPDATE 2/24/23: These hyper-Woke days if you tick the right boxes, you can insult anyone, even another “victim group” and get away with it. You can even be one of the dumbest people ever to read from a teleprompter on a major media outlet and keep your job! Ask Don Lemon. Even though he has a problem with anyone female, it was Nikki Haley, a Republican woman, he most shamelessly insulted, so who cares?

He’s “grown” and fully rehabilitated. 


UPDATE 2/17/23: One day Obama’s primary legacy/curse of ID politics will be seriously studied and verified to be one of those moments like the French Revolution when the world went mad. Thanks to compulsory hiring for color/gender/victim status rather than merit and competence taking over all levels of business life, routine daily life for consumers has become dangerous. In the name of “diversity, history is  being erased worldwide; racial discrimination against Whites has become an acceptable norm. Dare we hope for a majority of the population recoiling from  and rejecting this ominous “transformation?”

UPDATE 2/6/23: To the horror of MLK and other true champions of a color-blind society, Tyre Nichols’ family can thank the virtue signalers of Affirmative Action and DEI for his senseless death: hiring criminal, unqualified scumbags for the police department based on the color of their skin, not on the content of their characters. So-called “diversity” is proving to be the curse of competence, and the results are lethal to individual victims like Tyre Nichols and to civilized society at large.

UPDATE 2/23/23: Mere tolerance is not enough when it comes to ideologies such as Environmentalism, Equity and Gender. We are required to fully embrace and bow before these new false idols of worship, the golden calves of Woke. 

UPDATE 1/15/23: That the MLK memorial statue in DC  is as off-putting as the newly unveiled Boston atrocity (and another unpopular one in Buffalo) suggests a desire to remake Martin Luther King, Jr. in some perverse, distorted way pleasing only to the new racists of CRT/BLM/DEI/Identity Politics. Think of how far the Left has deliberately strayed from his basic, great message of a color-blind society; and these dehumanized, avant-garde depictions of King make sense. Is the source of funding for these expensive, highly publicized projects, by some slim chance, always from Leftist foundations and Big Gov agencies riddled with socialists? These eyesores are as soulless and cold as the figurehead idol worship of Stalin’s U.S.S.R. and Mao’s China, and the message sent is a far cry from King’s admirable, universal one. To quote a disgusted cousin of Coretta Scott King, our Progressive moral superiors are “building expensive, new statues…and tearing down others for no good reason…”  These new “artworks” happen also to be ugly and insulting.

WASHINGTON, DC (not even the work of an American but farmed out to a ChiCom sculptor.



UPDATE 1/1/23: A dumb, emboldened female bully of our Woke times deservedly gets back as good as she gives from her male target, and one thinks of every individual and nation refusing to be the victim of the new bigots/bullies created by the scourge of Woke/DEI/Identity Politics.

UPDATE 12/29/22: Sorry if I’m not Woke enough to get what KBJ, the Supreme Court’s newly installed Wokester, is getting at when making some incomprehensible point about “It’s A Wonderful Life” in reference to a legal case involving a website designer refusing to do a gay wedding site. The only point understood is that everything The Woke utter or demand must be accepted as holy gospel lest you be labeled Hitler/Nazi/White Supremacist/Colonialist/Bad/Worse/Worst.

UPDATE 12/29/22: Thanks to Obama’s primary focus on turning us all into victims & oppressors, a new Black Supremacy has now gained legitimacy and is growing like an aggressive, metastasized cancer. So much for the so-called “Post-Racial Presidency.”


UPDATE 11/23/22: This Jones woman with her 1619 Project scam has hit upon her own hot hate commodity, making piles of very capitalist dollars, garnering awards and massive attention. There’s money and sinister power to be accrued from Obama’s Permanent Civil War legacy.

There’s gold in them thar teeth and the poisonous scam that paid for them.


UPDATE 11/18/22: Hats off to the millions of brave folk determined to retain a strong grip on their own common sense and decency. The video below is the testimony of a self-professed social liberal pursuing her psychological counseling degree at Antioch and finding herself in a fight for her career and soul.


UPDATE 11/11/22: Mark Twain’s little observation below more than adequately describes ID Politics (aka Permanent Civil War) and its purposes. Title of Top Shaker goes to Obama with many close runners-up.


UPDATE 10/23/22: The whiff of fakery surrounding the celebrated Oscar night debut of Sacheen Littlefeather from the start in 1972 was not an olfactory hallucination. Now, following her death, her two biological sisters, sick of seeing her “venerated as a saint,” have burst the bubble and revealed the whole Indian act as part of a life that she “lived…and died in a fantasy.”  In addition to concocting the Indian story, Marie Louise Cruz also invented abusive, mentally ill, alcoholic parents (Hispanic father, White mother) who were neither abusive, mentally ill or alcoholic which prompted her siblings to come forward and clear the record. Wearing a whole henhouse of rotten eggs on its Woke face, the Motion Picture Academy recently staged a groveling, virtue-signaling evening of “apology” honoring this Great Pretender.

Like many an empty soul these days, Cruz-Littlefeather created an ethnic/victim identity for herself, not unlike White girl gone Black Rachel Dolezal, to give her colorless life some color (in both senses). Sad to say for pitiful Cruz and Dolezal, this is small time stuff compared to the unabashed opportunism and ruthless ambition of an Elizabeth Warren who has parlayed an identical lie into political power and ill-gotten wealth, neither of which has been rescinded as of this date despite full fraud exposure. Who says life is fair and just?

A White/Mexican girl playing make believe; a sad song-and-dance act, looking for her big show biz break.


UPDATE 10/4/22: No informed person will deny that American Indians have had a tough time, in no small part due to their own corrupt leadership in the tried and true style of an Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson getting rich off American urban Blacks or Yasser Arafat and friends salting away billions in Switzerland via their long-running “Palestinian” scam.

However, times being what they are, the antennae of rational skeptics everywhere sprang up a few weeks back with all the renewed fuss over that famous Oscar incident a half century back of Marlon Brando sending a stereotypically costumed Indian (albeit White on her mother’s side) up to refuse his award and make a statement of safe, socially distanced political correctness on the great actor’s behalf. As Candide knew, this is the best of all possible worlds, and things only improve with time. So now 50 years later we get a whole wampum bag of forked tongued BS from Miss Sacheen LittleFeather, now suddenly morphed into an “almost” martyr at the hands of no one less than John Wayne, supposedly about to assault her on stage only to be held back by 6 security men. Or so the story has gone. This is in fact an urban legend hatched by a blustering Oscar show producer who proceeded to embellish on the “marvelous story” for years afterwards until it assumed some sort of sketchy reality.

Now in 2022, Princess Sacheen has received an official apology from the newly Woke Motion Picture Academy for her fantasized narrow escape from a pummeling by the Duke. Having momentarily regained her second and final 15 minutes of fame, this very distant cousin of Elizabeth Warren, in timely fashion only weeks later, passed on to permanent canonization in the annals of Woke.

In the process, another revered American personality has been slimed for the sake of a totally made-up tale about-what else?!-White Male Supremacy and systemic American bigotry. Even Left-leaning Snopes has to agree her suddenly revised and updated story smells like a mountain of hot, steaming buffalo chips.


UPDATE 9/21/22: Divide and confuse with regard to people’s “color” is a mainstay of the diabolical Obama legacy.


UPDATE 9/17/22: If permanent civil war leading to total societal breakdown is the goal of our enemies within, they are well on their way to achieving it. The very reason CRT, BLM and their ilk exist is to establish an American self-identity as a rotten, racist hellhole despite the fact America has never been freer of racism than the present. A recent accusation of racism, using the N-word by crowds at a BYU volleyball game, has proven to be a total fabrication. But don’t expect the general public to know that any more than they will accept that George Floyd died of a drug overdose. The damage is done, one  step closer toward fulfilling Obama’s legacy of permanent division in the American fabric.


UPDATE 9/3/22: Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the American Psychological Association (APA) has declared that we have been living in a “pandemic of racism” thanks to the “disease of capitalism.” And if that’s not enough Woke social engineering passing as “science,” you should know that these  “health inequities compound the risks to people of color because of climate change.” Thanks to the already highly questionable orthodoxy of these mental health avatars, we are compelled to conclude that America is one rotten place to live.

UPDATE 8/29/22: We are being divided and conquered. The answer is NOT accommodating the ideology poisoning the other side against us. Quite the contrary. If and when reality dawns on them, they will need us to lay out the truth.

UPDATE 8/27/22: A celebrated biblical quote (Matthew 12:25) from Abraham Lincoln during the the Civil War predicted a strategy of permanent division, a second American Civil War as implemented by Obama and ID Politics. The battlefronts vary, but the goal is always the “transformation” (ie destruction) of America as Lincoln foretold:

UPDATE 8/2/22: If Blacks or anyone of any race, color or creed in this world wants to be treated like everyone else, they will have to admit they can be called out for being total screw-ups just as fairly as being praised for excellence. Lloyd Austin appears to be our Secretary of Defense due entirely to the fact he is, firstly, Black and, conveniently, a mediocre Organization Man in the right place at the right time. And, to the point, an eminently untalented one.

Patton, Eisenhower and MacArthur are cringing in their graves.

Armed in plastic, cloth and employing a fist bump, the head of the American military fearlessly confronts some germs.

UPDATE 7/21/22: They’re getting them younger and  younger. Watch this shocking video of diapered, foul-mouthed Black toddlers screeching and physically attacking (Black) Minneapolis police officers like surreal, midget versions of violent Inner City teens.

UPDATE 6/16/22: Brainwashing confused, tormented people into believing they’re in the wrong bodies is reaching epidemic levels and is just one more deliberate attack on mental stability in the general population, most specifically among the young. This is just an outpost of Identity Politics, further dividing/alienating people not just from others but from their own most essential nature. 

UPDATE 6/12/22: Identity Politics was given life and legs by the so-called “post-racial President,” and Biden has been installed to see that it grows into the permanent civil war it was intended to be.

UPDATE 6/2/22: Lowering standards, bending rules go hand in hand with Identity Politics, and, as practiced with medical standards is bound to result in bad doctors. And medical disasters. One highly respected college Dean finds himself under fire for suggesting that racial minority medical residents performing at a sub-standard level may be….sub-standard residents. And lousy doctors.

5/18/22: The Great Uniter, purportedly on hand in upstate NY to comfort and heal after the Buffalo shooting, has only succeeded in surpassing his own nasty essence fueled by senility. What else to expect from the propped-up figurehead of a fully corrupted Party? Other than advancing an agenda of permanent racial strife and all out civil war, what use do Blacks (or any of the many phony “victim” groups) have for the Dems?

4/25/22: The Walt Disney Company has wandered into a danger zone of brainwashed perplexity, amazed and horrified that their embrace of gender Wokedom has blown up in their face. Such cluelessness is proving to be the characteristic shared universally by those self-styled elites in entertainment and politics dedicated to destroying the way of life that has created their own wealth and power.

UPDATE 4/22/22: To the delight of decent folk, Disney is feeling the consequences of caving to The Woke.

UPDATE 4/17/22: Mayday! Mayday! Black man caught by hyper-alert, sharp-eyed Wokesters posing as a…gasp!… Black man!!

UPDATE 4/16/22: Had the Brooklyn terrorist been White, we’d hear no end to the America-hating rant about White Supremacy and racism. But he’s Black, a profound disappointment to at least one race-baiting pundit. We’ll be lucky if he’s simply locked away for good as one more loon. We certainly won’t hear about his insanity being helped along by the Woke (and false) narrative of a “fundamentally racist” America.

UPDATE 4/1/22: If approved as a Supreme, SJW Ketanji may prove to be the worst of the rotating Weird Sisters act.

3/31/22: Will on Chris, Black on Black: The Slap heard ’round the ‘hood. What a admirable example for young Inner City Black men prone to assault & kill each other in vast numbers that continue to go studiously ignored by BLM and their fellow occupants of the worldwide Woke asylum. Leave it to the Babylon Bee to provide a solution to this dilemma.

UPDATE 3/28/22: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s ridiculous non-answers to all questions posed are both simple evasion and pandering to the Woke Left manipulators infesting our cultural narrative. Can’t risk offending all those 964 other possible genders with a straightforward answer about “What is a woman?” And certainly can’t pinpoint a real judicial point of view which is one of social engineering judging by her history. Meanwhile, she’s being sold as a pioneer and a genius when she’s just a cookie-cutter black lawyer marinated in Ivy League PC and served cold for immediate consumption.

UPDATE 3/26/22: O the absuridity of it all. The Saga of Ketanji or What They Don’t Teach Affirmative Action Recipients At Harvard. The NY TImes morning editorial tells us the Ketanji Brown Jackson’s interrogators in the Senate are giving us an unfair portrait of her while completely ignoring any mention of her abysmal ignorance of American legal history (Dred Scott) and, more to the point, her inability (or unwillingness) to engage another lawyer (Ted Cruz) in debate about a hypothetical legal issue. You don’t suppose she might ever have to do that as a Supreme Court Justice, would she? Most disturbing is revelation of her place on the board of a private DC school that teaches CRT. This woman is the standard mediocrity mass-produced by newly Woke elite schools of the past few decades, and her pro-American statement now comes off as conniving subterfuge for a bitter, radical outlook.

This is just one more instance of the Affirmative Action curse coming back to embarrass and bite unqualified people like KBJ, fast-tracked to the level of their own incompetence. Does this symbolic showpiece ever face the reality that she is not valued for anything more than being Black and female (and Leftist), her real talents and competence (or lack of) irrelevant?

3/25/22: IDP (Identity Politics) is definitely the place for KBJ (Ketanji Brown Jackson) since she is the focus of national attention entirely due to her racial background and her sex. But don’t ask her to tell you why she’s considered a woman and not a man. She says she’s not a biologist and isn’t qualified to answer such a head scratcher. Tellingly, she didn’t say, “I’m not a psychologist.” We are in Ketanji’s debt for unwittingly admitting what her kindred Wokettes in the Gender Dysphoric wing of Wokedom deny: it IS all about biology, aka science aka reality aka the objective truth, NOT what you or I think it might or should be.

It’s bad enough she doesn’t know the difference between boys and girls (which she does), but when you’re auditioning for the Supreme Court, it’s not a bad idea to be acquainted with at least the basics of American legal history (the Dred Scott decision), particularly as it relates directly to civil rights.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Unfortunately, the latest Supreme Court nominee’s grilling falls under the category of Identity Politics, having absolutely NOTHING to do with putting the best, most qualified people into high governmental positions. Of singular interest to those running this circus is that she’s female and Black. To her credit, she does admit her own life achievements are a testament to American opportunity. Does this REALLY square with her overall view of things as expressed through her judicial rulings? It is probably too much to hope that she rises or falls based on a record of judicial impartiality, not radical politics.

UPDATE 3/16/22: There is a real war on The Science, and it is a cult-like cancer that goes by the name of Identity Politics. As evidenced by recently revised, guilt-ridden mission statements, innumerable strains of the Woke virus (CRT, Gender Equality, etc) have entered the bloodstream of our major medical and scientific bodies, turning science and the pursuit of truth into tools of a political agenda.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Biden, beholden to the antiracist racists, has nominated a Black female as promised for the Supreme Court, eliminating all those women and men who just don’t check the right boxes and intersect properly. How flattering for the nominee to be picked because she is the right color and sex for the moment, not necessarily great at her job? How great for the country and the stature of the Supreme Court? Black, female, dumb, mean, incompetent? You’re 99% there, baby.

UPDATE 2/18/22: A totally qualified albeit personally unpleasant scientist with a successful record of running an important government agency has been tossed out the window because some women got their feelings hurt. Inevitably, he will be replaced by someone whose major qualifications will be not professional experience & expertise but skin color and/or sexual proclivities. And, of the utmost importance, a generally Woke outlook on things. Not exactly the keys to any successful operation.

UPDATE 2/13/22: As “anti-fascists” have proven to be the worst fascists over a century, so the new “anti-racists” are pushing race war and segregation. They are quite simply the worst sorts of racists.

UPDATE 2/10/22: In response to one more heavily funded scholarship in the name of George Floyd, Minnesota college alums restate the obvious about who that pathetic, drug-soused loser was and take their philanthropy elsewhere. One small but welcome step away from the “Race Crazy” Left’s takeover of our national outlook on liberty, equality, responsibility, being fundamentally American, being a decent citizen.

UPDATE 2/4/22: Attractive and rational Dem up-and-comer Tulsi Gabbard has choice words for Brandon on the disastrous use of ID Politics pandering in place of merit, citing Kackling Kalamity as Exhibit A.

UPDATE 2/4/22: Poor Whoops has really flunked Rudimentary Racism I. Nazis? Jews? Race driven? Uh, yeah. That’s what you get from people who are so race-obsessed and driven uncontrollably to wild virtue-signaling over ID politics at every opportunity. The final word on WhoopiGate. Turns out she’s just dumb, not evil. 

UPDATE 2/1/22: The View’s Whoopi Goldberg has just turned herself inside out, exposing her own self-serving brand of racism now so common among Black Leftists and their sympathizers. According to her recent display of wise compassion, the only real racism is that inflicted on multi-millionaire, ultra-privileged Blacks like herself due some reparations. Meanwhile, regarding that little dust-up between Jews and Nazis about 80 years ago: “The Holocaust isn’t about race. No. It’s not about race….This is White people doing it to White people. So, this is y’all go fight amongst yourselves.”

In other words, the only REAL racism of concern is against Blacks, and antisemitism just doesn’t compare. Aside from threats of losing her career (which isn’t going to happen as it did to others like Roseann), someone might bring the former Caryn Johnson (a Karen by any other name is just as obnoxious) up on charges of cultural appropriation, stealing that very Jewish last name. 

Black & female candidate for the Supreme Court in British jurist drag. 

UPDATE 1/31/22: Wanted: race hustlers interested in raking in huge amounts of money for no reason other than to spend it on fancy houses and lavish vacations for themselves. Special perks include being praised as Social Justice Warriors without benefiting a soul except themselves. A good business to be in, but the IRS is not fully on board. 

UPDATE 1/28/22: Sorry, Mr. Breyer, you’re out. We need to get a Woke Black female in there, and you’re just too…um…White and male. 

UPDATE 1/6/22: Speaking the truth these days about the destruction wrought by BLM and its violent ilk will get you fired in Woke territory. In this case, an honest, objective statistician at Reuters news service has found himself terminated when criticizing the company narrative embracing the burning of cities and destruction of Black lives and businesses.


UPDATE 11/22/21: V.D. Hanson makes the fascinating (and chilling) observation that the New South has become the Old North and the New North is now looking like the Old South.  

…and depending upon who your governor is….

UPDATE 11/5/21: That the elections in Viriginia of Winsome Sears (Black, female) and Jason Miyares  (Hispanic) has drawn barely an atom of attention let alone celebration from the MSM only proves once again that ID politics is not about improving life for whatever victim group-of-the-week but solely about advancing Leftism.

Being ignored is the least of it when media Leftists desperately resort to calling Sears “a Black mouth” for “White Supremacist practices.”  Politically independent and expressing her own negative opinion of CRT has elicited similar sputtering contempt from another MSM stooge for Condi Rice.

We know the Left hates conservatives, but a special hatred is reserved for those “victims” who refuse to play victim.  The only good (FILL IN THE BLANK) is a Leftist (FILL IN THE BLANK). And the only solution for a (FILL IN THE BLANK) who refuses to be the (FILL IN THE BLANK) mouth for Leftist practices is a silenced or, better yet, dead (FILL IN THE BLANK).

UPDATE 10/27/21: An excellent man-on-the-street video from Florida isn’t just contemptuous hand-wringing about how stupid young people are but beautifully demonstrates how simple, calm logic can suddenly enlighten them. In this case, it’s about quotas and “diversity.” When confronted with who they want playing on their basketball team (or flying the plane), people suddenly realize merit/skill/competence trumps all ID Politics diversity. 

UPDATE 10/17/21: There is no conflict of interest or even hypocrisy in the world view of Leftists. However and whatever they do to impose their “just,” “equitable” point of view (and prerequisite force & controls on the unwilling) is acceptable. After all, they are “on the right side of history” which is always the Marxist/utopian vision of top-down Master Planning.

So, no surprise that Attorney General Garland, chief law enforcer and knee capper for the Biden Mafia, has targeted American parents resistant to CRT propaganda as “domestic terrorists.” After all, his son-in-law’s company, Panorama backed by Facebook’s Zuckerberg, has a multi-million dollar  contract with 23,000 public schools nationwide distributing CRT propaganda. How could concepts like “conflict of interest” or “hypocrisy” apply or deter him and his relatives when their causes of “racial justice” and “equity” are so nobly Woke...and there’s so much money to be made. Profits? Money? Anti-capitalism? Income equality? All in perfect harmony when  some animals are more equal than other animals. 

Follow the money, especially that of the anti-capitalist Marxist Woke.

UPDATE 10/9/21: Permanently incited civil war in a variety of forms and guises is the means; socialism is the goal. United we stand, divided we fall. And the Left no longer feels the need to hide its destructive intentions.

UPDATE 10/7/21: Can it be that once impeccable charity organization, the Salvation Army, has gone Woke and confessed publicly that there is “little doubt as to whether racism has impacted The Salvation Army in policy and practice?” Yes, it can be. Another sad instance of the Left’s reverse Midas touch as bluntly described by our real President.

UPDATE 10/1/21: Upcoming Columbus Day offers a fresh new stir of the racial pot, heavily seasoned with lies, distortions and convenient deletions that comprise the main ingredients of the now-standard Woke narrative. That meme is that Chris was just the first of a horrible, unbroken line of White sadists & murderers leading up to the present who exist only to  wage fulltime mayhem and destruction on the non-White American population.

UPDATE 9/16/21: Biden’s medical apartheid-pitting the vaccinated against the Deplorable UnVaccinated-is  just one more outpost of Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory, all designed to create permanent civil war, chaos justifying totalitarian crackdown.

UPDATE 9/10/21: Larry Elder is running for the California governorship and for his trouble had eggs thrown at him by a White creep in a gorilla mask.  This would be world headlines and grist for the media mill over weeks of outraged round tables and angry editorials deploring American racism IF….he were a Leftwing Democrat, BLM activist or the next serial criminal offender turned international celebrity/martyr involved in a hyper-publicized altercation with law enforcement. As once again evidenced, the Left’s Identity Politics has nothing to do with righting wrongs against genuine victims and everything to do with advancing the Leftist agenda.

UPDATE 8/30/21: Larry Elder, a prominent Black conservative, has a chance to unseat Gavin Newsom in the California Governor’s race. So, naturally the usual suspects are pulling out every slime and slander (and voting fraud) they normally use on White conservatives, portraying Elder as an Uncle Tom racist White supremacist tool,  yada yada yada. All they’re accomplishing is giving lie to their persistent claim that Identity Politics is about helping Blacks or Gays or Women or The Poor or whatever Victim-Of-The-Moment. The Left never helps the victimized group it claims to champion but only exploits it to advance Leftism.

UPDATE 8/11/21: The permanent civil war of ID Politics, the Left’s reliable road to the absolute control it seeks, now includes the manufactured strife implemented between the Vaxed & Unvaxed.

UPDATE 7/17/21: Class is now passe as a talking point of Marxist subversion and division. After all, some of the loudest spokesoids for revolution are billionaires. So, let’s make the rich/poor thing irrelevant while white/black, LGQBTWTF/straight is now a matter of existential urgency.

Save history, save our roots, Get rid of CRT. Taking poison or forcing others to take it is not covered under any rational definition of free speech.

UPDATE 7/7/21: Ground Zero of the ID Politics virus and Obama’s injecting of it full blast into the American bloodstream can be sited at the moment the so-called post-racial POTUS said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Here was the first in a string of young, mostly male Black criminals magically morphed into martyrs readymade for Leftist agitprop. In the ensuing dozen years, we have a new race war raging as a consequence of that deliberately subversive narrative.

UPDATE 7/6/21: It’s a good omen when someone on the Woke side gets fed up with the insanity about the evil of All Things White.. Time will tell if more Left-leaning libertarians like Bill Maher really recognize the direct connection between the lunatics running the cultural asylum and the political one. Perhaps they are one and the same.

UPDATE 7/2/21: A simple and clear description of the Leftist/Democrat Master Plan history: divide the races and sexes just as Marx suggested dividing people by class. Then establish Whiteness and Maleness as existential crimes! Let’s hear it for the Party that has united and healed us all!

UPDATE 6/4/21: “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.” No, that’s not just Abraham Lincoln at 1863 Gettysburg. It’s every concerned American today, contemplating the consequences of the prevailing Identity Politics put in place and now carried out to keep us permanently at one another’s throats.

We are living out The Hunger Games” and Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, the dystopian nightmare of centralized control by the totalitarian few over the many kept in place by making all family and social life a chaotic cauldron of fear and suspicion. Dickens provides the bookend to Lincoln’s timely quote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

UPDATE 5/9/21: The newly empowered “Systemic Racism” of CRT, BLM and fellow travelers continues to get under the skin (presumably White) of anyone sufficiently self-hating to play obsequious slave to their cruel overseer. Obama was the Trojan Horse who snuck in under the guise of being “the first post-racial President” only to deliberately foster a universal world view of victims and oppressors, everyone included and complicit.
Anyone now remotely critical of this view that America is essentially a hateful country is targeted as one of Hillary’s celebrated Basket of Deplorables. A parent speaks out to jeers & catcalls of “Racist!” when removing his daughter from the high-fashion brainwashing she was undergoing at her $50K+ Manhattan private school. A prominent Black conservative such as Senator Tim Scott not playing along with the Woke narrative is branded an “Uncle Tom.” A fair, fully legitimate trial for Derek Chauvin has proven impossible when the jurors and the entire city of Minneapolis find themselves with a literal gun to their heads if a guilty verdict is not reached. The Chance Gardener impersonator from Delaware cheers on this extortion from his delusional basement lair. A white policeman saves the life of one Black teenager clearly caught on camera by shooting another Black teen  about to plunge a long knife into her intended target. The usual sociopaths portray this as wanton police violence on a peace-loving Black child. A similar incident of a Black on Black teenager murder doesn’t merit a moment’s notice.

UPDATE 3/28/21: Obama’s Legacy of Permanent Civil War (aka ID Politics) coupled with dissociative thinking updates. Woke Ivy League outpost formerly known as Columbia University now has separate, segregated graduation ceremonies for various blocs of The Victimized. Soon to assume prominence on the cultural scene: gender-fluid Mermaid Lives Matter. And as a San Francisco high school scraps merit-based admission in favor of an open lottery, excitement grows among eager short White near-sighted nerds as rumor has it that the NBA may consider a similar hiring policy. Or not, if ticket sales lag.

ORIGINAL POST 11/18/18: The American electorate hath spoken, and an unfortunately large segment of it has chosen again to give socialism one more chance.

So the parasite Left will continue to ride on like a blood-engorged tick desperately stuck to the back of its reviled MAGA host, sucking life from the industrious,creative and prosperous. To its own detriment, of course. Killing the Golden Goose & all that. After all, who really needs whom?

Parasite, Sowell

Flawed human nature being what it is, this suicidal farce will continue as long as deluded people are encouraged to join The Permanently Victimized (aka the Dem/Prog/ID Politics Left) …and choose never to become winners, individuals.

Kindly reminder: there would simply be no Left without ID politics. It’s taken the place of the original Marxist rich/poor dialectic. Poverty is potentially temporary, the sort of progress that makes the theory of permanent class warfare irrelevant. Being Black/Brown/Yellow/Colored/Gay/Trans/ is forever! Now you can get as fat & rich as your Capitalist “masters” all the while continuing to Hate The Man AND collect reparations (money & prostrate apologies)! Unto perpetuity! A pitiful  Victim For Life!

Beat that deal!

Bass-ackwards. Who really needs whom to survive?
The BIG Bass-ackwards LIE. Who really needs whom to survive?

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