ID Politics: What would remain of the Left without it?

UPDATE 1/6/22: Speaking the truth these days about the destruction wrought by BLM and its violent ilk will get you fired in Woke territory. In this case, an honest, objective statistician at Reuters news service has found himself terminated when criticizing the company narrative embracing the burning of cities and destruction of Black lives and businesses.


UPDATE 11/22/21: V.D. Hanson makes the fascinating (and chilling) observation that the New South has become the Old North and the New North is now looking like the Old South.  

…and depending upon who your governor is….

UPDATE 11/5/21: That the elections in Viriginia of Winsome Sears (Black, female) and Jason Miyares  (Hispanic) has drawn barely an atom of attention let alone celebration from the MSM only proves once again that ID politics is not about improving life for whatever victim group-of-the-week but solely about advancing Leftism.

Being ignored is the least of it when media Leftists desperately resort to calling Sears “a Black mouth” for “White Supremacist practices.”  Politically independent and expressing her own negative opinion of CRT has elicited similar sputtering contempt from another MSM stooge for Condi Rice.

We know the Left hates conservatives, but a special hatred is reserved for those “victims” who refuse to play victim.  The only good (FILL IN THE BLANK) is a Leftist (FILL IN THE BLANK). And the only solution for a (FILL IN THE BLANK) who refuses to be the (FILL IN THE BLANK) mouth for Leftist practices is a silenced or, better yet, dead (FILL IN THE BLANK).

UPDATE 10/27/21: An excellent man-on-the-street video from Florida isn’t just contemptuous hand-wringing about how stupid young people are but beautifully demonstrates how simple, calm logic can suddenly enlighten them. In this case, it’s about quotas and “diversity.” When confronted with who they want playing on their basketball team (or flying the plane), people suddenly realize merit/skill/competence trumps all ID Politics diversity. 

UPDATE 10/17/21: There is no conflict of interest or even hypocrisy in the world view of Leftists. However and whatever they do to impose their “just,” “equitable” point of view (and prerequisite force & controls on the unwilling) is acceptable. After all, they are “on the right side of history” which is always the Marxist/utopian vision of top-down Master Planning.

So, no surprise that Attorney General Garland, chief law enforcer and knee capper for the Biden Mafia, has targeted American parents resistant to CRT propaganda as “domestic terrorists.” After all, his son-in-law’s company, Panorama backed by Facebook’s Zuckerberg, has a multi-million dollar  contract with 23,000 public schools nationwide distributing CRT propaganda. How could concepts like “conflict of interest” or “hypocrisy” apply or deter him and his relatives when their causes of “racial justice” and “equity” are so nobly Woke...and there’s so much money to be made. Profits? Money? Anti-capitalism? Income equality? All in perfect harmony when  some animals are more equal than other animals. 

Follow the money, especially that of the anti-capitalist Marxist Woke.

UPDATE 10/9/21: Permanently incited civil war in a variety of forms and guises is the means; socialism is the goal. United we stand, divided we fall. And the Left no longer feels the need to hide its destructive intentions.

UPDATE 10/7/21: Can it be that once impeccable charity organization, the Salvation Army, has gone Woke and confessed publicly that there is “little doubt as to whether racism has impacted The Salvation Army in policy and practice?” Yes, it can be. Another sad instance of the Left’s reverse Midas touch as bluntly described by our real President.

UPDATE 10/1/21: Upcoming Columbus Day offers a fresh new stir of the racial pot, heavily seasoned with lies, distortions and convenient deletions that comprise the main ingredients of the now-standard Woke narrative. That meme is that Chris was just the first of a horrible, unbroken line of White sadists & murderers leading up to the present who exist only to  wage fulltime mayhem and destruction on the non-White American population.

UPDATE 9/16/21: Biden’s medical apartheid-pitting the vaccinated against the Deplorable UnVaccinated-is  just one more outpost of Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory, all designed to create permanent civil war, chaos justifying totalitarian crackdown.

UPDATE 9/10/21: Larry Elder is running for the California governorship and for his trouble had eggs thrown at him by a White creep in a gorilla mask.  This would be world headlines and grist for the media mill over weeks of outraged round tables and angry editorials deploring American racism IF….he were a Leftwing Democrat, BLM activist or the next serial criminal offender turned international celebrity/martyr involved in a hyper-publicized altercation with law enforcement. As once again evidenced, the Left’s Identity Politics has nothing to do with righting wrongs against genuine victims and everything to do with advancing the Leftist agenda.

UPDATE 8/30/21: Larry Elder, a prominent Black conservative, has a chance to unseat Gavin Newsom in the California Governor’s race. So, naturally the usual suspects are pulling out every slime and slander (and voting fraud) they normally use on White conservatives, portraying Elder as an Uncle Tom racist White supremacist tool,  yada yada yada. All they’re accomplishing is giving lie to their persistent claim that Identity Politics is about helping Blacks or Gays or Women or The Poor or whatever Victim-Of-The-Moment. The Left never helps the victimized group it claims to champion but only exploits it to advance Leftism.

UPDATE 8/11/21: The permanent civil war of ID Politics, the Left’s reliable road to the absolute control it seeks, now includes the manufactured strife implemented between the Vaxed & Unvaxed.

UPDATE 7/17/21: Class is now passe as a talking point of Marxist subversion and division. After all, some of the loudest spokesoids for revolution are billionaires. So, let’s make the rich/poor thing irrelevant while white/black, LGQBTWTF/straight is now a matter of existential urgency.

Save history, save our roots, Get rid of CRT. Taking poison or forcing others to take it is not covered under any rational definition of free speech.

UPDATE 7/7/21: Ground Zero of the ID Politics virus and Obama’s injecting of it full blast into the American bloodstream can be sited at the moment the so-called post-racial POTUS said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Here was the first in a string of young, mostly male Black criminals magically morphed into martyrs readymade for Leftist agitprop. In the ensuing dozen years, we have a new race war raging as a consequence of that deliberately subversive narrative.

UPDATE 7/6/21: It’s a good omen when someone on the Woke side gets fed up with the insanity about the evil of All Things White.. Time will tell if more Left-leaning libertarians like Bill Maher really recognize the direct connection between the lunatics running the cultural asylum and the political one. Perhaps they are one and the same.

UPDATE 7/2/21: A simple and clear description of the Leftist/Democrat Master Plan history: divide the races and sexes just as Marx suggested dividing people by class. Then establish Whiteness and Maleness as existential crimes! Let’s hear it for the Party that has united and healed us all!

UPDATE 6/4/21: “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.” No, that’s not just Abraham Lincoln at 1863 Gettysburg. It’s every concerned American today, contemplating the consequences of the prevailing Identity Politics put in place and now carried out to keep us permanently at one another’s throats.

We are living out The Hunger Games” and Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, the dystopian nightmare of centralized control by the totalitarian few over the many kept in place by making all family and social life a chaotic cauldron of fear and suspicion. Dickens provides the bookend to Lincoln’s timely quote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

UPDATE 5/9/21: The newly empowered “Systemic Racism” of CRT, BLM and fellow travelers continues to get under the skin (presumably White) of anyone sufficiently self-hating to play obsequious slave to their cruel overseer. Obama was the Trojan Horse who snuck in under the guise of being “the first post-racial President” only to deliberately foster a universal world view of victims and oppressors, everyone included and complicit.
Anyone now remotely critical of this view that America is essentially a hateful country is targeted as one of Hillary’s celebrated Basket of Deplorables. A parent speaks out to jeers & catcalls of “Racist!” when removing his daughter from the high-fashion brainwashing she was undergoing at her $50K+ Manhattan private school. A prominent Black conservative such as Senator Tim Scott not playing along with the Woke narrative is branded an “Uncle Tom.” A fair, fully legitimate trial for Derek Chauvin has proven impossible when the jurors and the entire city of Minneapolis find themselves with a literal gun to their heads if a guilty verdict is not reached. The Chance Gardener impersonator from Delaware cheers on this extortion from his delusional basement lair. A white policeman saves the life of one Black teenager clearly caught on camera by shooting another Black teen  about to plunge a long knife into her intended target. The usual sociopaths portray this as wanton police violence on a peace-loving Black child. A similar incident of a Black on Black teenager murder doesn’t merit a moment’s notice.

UPDATE 3/28/21: Obama’s Legacy of Permanent Civil War (aka ID Politics) coupled with dissociative thinking updates. Woke Ivy League outpost formerly known as Columbia University now has separate, segregated graduation ceremonies for various blocs of The Victimized. Soon to assume prominence on the cultural scene: gender-fluid Mermaid Lives Matter. And as a San Francisco high school scraps merit-based admission in favor of an open lottery, excitement grows among eager short White near-sighted nerds as rumor has it that the NBA may consider a similar hiring policy. Or not, if ticket sales lag.

ORIGINAL POST 11/18/18: The American electorate hath spoken, and an unfortunately large segment of it has chosen again to give socialism one more chance.

So the parasite Left will continue to ride on like a blood-engorged tick desperately stuck to the back of its reviled MAGA host, sucking life from the industrious,creative and prosperous. To its own detriment, of course. Killing the Golden Goose & all that. After all, who really needs whom?

Parasite, Sowell

Flawed human nature being what it is, this suicidal farce will continue as long as deluded people are encouraged to join The Permanently Victimized (aka the Dem/Prog/ID Politics Left) …and choose never to become winners, individuals.

Kindly reminder: there would simply be no Left without ID politics. It’s taken the place of the original Marxist rich/poor dialectic. Poverty is potentially temporary, the sort of progress that makes the theory of permanent class warfare irrelevant. Being Black/Brown/Yellow/Colored/Gay/Trans/ is forever! Now you can get as fat & rich as your Capitalist “masters” all the while continuing to Hate The Man AND collect reparations (money & prostrate apologies)! Unto perpetuity! A pitiful  Victim For Life!

Beat that deal!

Bass-ackwards. Who really needs whom to survive?
The BIG Bass-ackwards LIE. Who really needs whom to survive?

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