What would remain of the Left without ID politics?

November 18, 2018


The American electorate hath spoken, and an unfortunately large segment of it has chosen again to give socialism one more chance.

So the parasite Left will continue to ride on like a blood-engorged tick desperately stuck to the back of its reviled MAGA host, sucking life from the industrious,creative and prosperous. To its own detriment, of course. Killing the Golden Goose & all that. After all, who really needs whom?

Parasite, Sowell

Flawed human nature being what it is, this suicidal farce will continue as long as deluded people are encouraged to join The Permanently Victimized (aka the Dem/Prog/ID Politics Left) …and choose never to become winners, individuals.

Kindly reminder: there would simply be no Left without ID politics. It’s taken the place of the original Marxist rich/poor dialectic. Poverty is potentially temporary, the sort of progress that makes the theory of permanent class warfare irrelevant. Being Black/Brown/Yellow/Colored/Gay/Trans/ is forever! Now you can get as fat & rich as your Capitalist “masters” all the while continuing to Hate The Man AND collect reparations (money & prostrate apologies)! Unto perpetuity! A pitiful  Victim For Life!

Beat that deal!

Bass-ackwards. Who really needs whom to survive?

The BIG Bass-ackwards LIE. Who really needs whom to survive?

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