UPDATE 1/12/19: Big American Dream a decade down the line for radical Islam  in DC: “Hell, we could be saying Speaker of the House Ilhan, Speaker of the House Rashida, Governor Ilhan, President Fatima, Vice President Aziza. Inshallah! [Allah willing]”

And, unabashedly, an “Advertisement Paid For By Muslim American Society Of DC And Hillary For America.” Mercifully for the distinguished Democratic feminist candidate for POTUS in 2016, no similar support from any gun-toting, Bible-clinging “basket of Deplorables” who might’ve embarrassed her. child marriage

In case anyone believes “It Can’t Happen Here,” it is Happening Here.

And IT is the fanatical Islamic camel sticking its nose into the American tent, bit by bit invading American communities as it refuses to assimilate and determinedly takes over sections of whole towns and sections of cities (NO-GO zones) as it has done in Europe. All with the blessing of the Left, its loyal ally united in Trump Hate.

Celebrate Diversity! Welcome, Sharia! What’s not to like about those quaint customs like genital mutilation, honor killings, tossing gays off buildings, public stoning? Not to mention, those dazzling public celebrations of “open borders” and “multiculturalism” like 9/11 and murdered “infidels” all over the globe.

Anyone concerned about self-designated Muslim patrol cars (MCP) now spotted roaming Brooklyn neighborhoods minus any consultation with local American law enforcement? Whose laws are being enforced?

Brooklyn on the way to No-Go Land.
Brooklyn on the way to No-Go Land.

Worried about those two new (female) faces of Muslim hate just elected and sworn into Congressional Office? The takeover of the Trump-hating Feminists by the Jew-hating likes of Linda Sarsour? Can anyone say “ANTI-SEMITISM?” These people want to conquer and kill us and Israel. Is it more complicated than that, once one realizes that all their blather about “tolerance” and “diversity” are just easy lies in service to their vicious idea of “government?”

Sarsour, Tlaib and their Middle Eastern Final Solution.
Sarsour, Tlaib and their Middle Eastern FINAL SOLUTION.

The cruel irony is that the Left has dined  out on the fake stance of “Anti-Fascism” since Stalin formulated his Big Lie. Initially, he and Adolf were pals. But not for long. Between him and Hitler, he was to be positioned as The Good One. Naïve, foolish America would embrace Uncle Joe as an ally, and we’ve been paying the price ever since: a billion Eastern Europeans swallowed up, billions more  in China and elsewhere now flying the hammer & sickle. The singular goal remains the destruction of America and Israel, allowing One World domination. The culprits are currently the Left and Islam, like Stalin and Hitler, friends only up to the point where they begin fighting over the spoils.

So we have this latest Axis of Evil (Marxist/Islamic) united against Trump, against free enterprise, Constitutional government; and the rabble are buying it.  And the rabble are our prosperous friends, neighbors and relatives, those fellow Americans who, as always, mistake their friends (Trump, capitalism, free enterprise, American nationalism) for enemies, and their enemies (Obama/Hillary/Etc, socialism, Free Stuff For Everyone, Open Borders, “diversity”) for friends.

Fools all. Dumb and dumber. Parties to great evil. God protect us.

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