Scary enough for you? Yet there are none so blind as those who will not see. Denial on a cataclysmic scale.

UPDATE 3/12/24: Thanks to a Dem Party that happily hosts Islamic antisemites like Omar and Tlaib, America is quite likely headed the way of Europe. Even tiny, pristine Iceland is now coming up against the dire consequences of Islamic invasion, already making seriously disruptive inroads despite very small numbers. Given time, this is a plague that can only get worse if allowed to metastasize.

UPDATE 3/7/24: Dare we hope a majority of Americans see the kindergarten-level logic of not being dependent upon a foreign power that wants nothing more than to see us dead?


UPDATE 12/30/23: Iran: the savage terrorist regime and death cult to which the Democrats are paying billions for fossil fuel energy and palettes of cash in extortion bribes. Oooo, that was good, master! Do it again!

Undoubtedly just a coincidence. Undoubtedly.

12/21/23: Not to be boringly repetitive, but is American diplomacy making nice with the Iranian Mullahs really a good thing for America? Or Israel? Or civilized people anywhere who prefer not living as tormented, tortured medieval serfs?

UPDATE 12/11/23: One more consequence of Jimmy Carter’s treachery in undermining the Shah of Iran is the loss of a safe harbor for Jews in a major Middle Eastern country. Iranian restoration of the Shah’s son and his supporters would be cutting off the head of the viper that subsidizes much of the ceaseless war against Israel.

UPDATE 12/9/23: Apparently it remains news to Democrats that their chosen leaders continue to make it a matter of policy to finance terrorism against Jews and infidels in general via their billion dollar payouts to those nice Mullahs in Tehran. And don’t forget all the oil we are forced to buy from the Ayatollahs thanks to shutting down our own abundant energy sources.

UPDATE 12/6/23: It is not overdramatization to state that we are in the midst of a war, despite the fact that millions of us still remain safe and secure in our enviable Western lives. Hamas’ recent assault on Israel and the fearsome state of European cities exploding with the metastasizing presence of radical Islam should make that clear. Geert Wilders has been and remains one of those few far-sighted leaders determined to declare, fight and win this war.  

UPDATE 11/30/23: Evil seeks out evil, as demonstrated by the obvious bond between the genocidal Jihadists of Islam and the mass murdering ways of both Communism and Nazism. 

UPDATE 11/30/23: Sweden once again shamefully provides a warning of the terrible long-range consequences of European “multiculturalism.” 


UPDATE 11/11/23: 1400 civilians murdered outright in a few hours, babies beheaded or incinerated in ovens, their mothers raped, hundreds of hostages taken. And the oh-so-sensitive Washington Post is worried that this unkind cartoon suggests an insensitive depiction of  rampant “Islamophobia.”

UPDATE 11/9/23: Timeline for idiots: Carter, in a great flourish of his customary Church Lady sermonizing, actively undermined/betrayed the Shah of Iran and gave us the Ayatollah. Clinton made Arafat his most frequent honored guest at the White House. Obama made no secret of praising/funding/appeasing Iran and Islam in general in service to his unhidden hatred of Israel. One hesitates giving Biden any credit for any independent move, so we’ll just look at him as the passive puppet of Obama and his globalist ilk who suddenly pulled the plug on Afghanistan, giving new life to the Taliban. At the behest of his puppet masters, soggy old Joe has continued the billion dollar ransom pay-outs to Hamas’ Iranian sugar daddies and, at the moment, is doing his utmost to block Israel from retaliating in full against the butchers of 10/7, the Mullahs’ subsidized foot soldiers doing their dirty work.

Carter, Clinton, Obama, Biden. Hmm, whatever could the common denominator be here?

Contrary to all logic (if logic is the survival of civilized society), half the American electorate continues to vote Democrat. Any insight here with regard to why and how we’ve come to this tipping point?

UPDATE 11/8/23: It doesn’t take a particularly close look to see that Islamic tolerance for other religions within any of its domains simply doesn’t exist. Inherently and temperamentally, radical Islam is totalitarian.

UPDATE 11/1/23: When Islamists chant “Death To America!” and ceaselessly participate in the ongoing attempt to wipe Israel off the map, it is not “Islamaphobia” to take their threats seriously. Thanks to Carter, thanks to the Clintons, thanks to Obama, thanks to Biden, these legitimized purveyors of horrors roam the earth uncontained. One should also give full credit to those blind fools voting for those Democrats who have actively enabled the rise of Islam as an organized, yet amorphous force of evil making the Nazis and Japanese seem manageable by comparison.

UPDATE 10/19/23: The clearest explanation for the Middle East tinderbox ready to ignite WWIII can be found in the pages of the Koran. This fundamental document openly defines and describes Islam as a religion of terror, never more so than now. Thanks to our perverse infidel assistance, Iran is that terror’s most seasoned practitioner, the head of the snake. Perhaps we might begin to turn things around by ceasing to subsidize the mullahs’ bloody pursuit of universal subjugation.

UPDATE 10/10/23: The best one can hope after October 7 is a sleeping world awakened out of denial, now enraged and scared enough into action to isolate/eliminate Hamas and nihilistic Islamism once and for all. Starving radical Jihadists of money and legitimacy from useful idiot appeasers in the West is the vital first step in a very long, dangerous haul. 

UPDATE 8/30/23: We are living in an era when it’s hard to keep up with the multiple war zone fronts where America has been betrayed by forces within. Biden’s Afghanistan surrender and retreat has only served to embolden our enemies abroad. How much longer until they realize the American eagle is just a crippled, pitiful old bird, unwilling and unable to defend itself?

UPDATE 7/5/23: As reports of riots, violence, murder and routine mayhem in France proliferate, this former paragon of the civilized West is becoming the object lesson of what life looks like when Islamic immigration is allowed to become an invasion. The rest of Europe and presumably America is not far behind, learning this lesson too late.

UPDATE 6/19/23:  Asking a French-American acquaintance about Islamic no-go zones in Paris gets the sneering response, “Sounds like something you heard on Fox News.” YouTube itself has taken on this same defiant stance of denial with its videos, even highlighting threatened libel suits against Fox News by the Parisian government for “misinformation.” Reality says otherwise, and real Parisians are living in palpable fear as most of invaded Europe is. 

How many attacks, rapes and decapitations does it take to wake up Westerners?

UPDATE 5/20/23: Our reality of the world outside our immediate surroundings is basically what we are permitted to access through media. One vital topic that appears, disappears and needs to re-appear with frequency is the fight for freedom within Iran. Especially noteworthy is the dominant presence of women on the frontlines of this righteous revolution.  Can they get this one right and not end up worse than before?

UPDATE 4/23/23: The wisdom of knowing your enemy is lost on those Westerners denigrating Israel and apologizing for Islam.  

UPDATE 3/18/23: Lenin is kicking himself down in hell. The Mullahs don’t even have to pay for the hanging rope (in nuclear form).  Obama/BrandonWorld is giving it away for free!


UPDATE 3/5/23: Perhaps in deference and tribute to the fading Jimmy Carter, Biden’/Obama is completing Mr. Peanut’s lifelong peace mission of gifting The Bomb to the Ayatollahs.

That-a way to a nuclear Iran! 

UPDATE 2/9/23: Iran is showing off a sporty, sleek new ballistic missile with
“Death To Israel” written in Hebrew down the side. What about Islamic (Iranian or “Palestinian”) intentions do their clueless apologists in the Judeo-Christian world not understand?

UPDATE 2/2/23: They remain of little or no interest to BrandonWorld and its deaf, dumb and blind followers, but Iranians, specifically women at the moment, are fighting for their lives and liberty. To the everlasting shame of the state of New Jersey last week, it officially celebrated “World Hijab Day,” a grotesque gesture in light of Iranian women currently being murdered for defiantly refusing to wear the infernal masks of their perverted culture. What next for all Americans? “World Covid Mask Day?”

Stated in pure Orwellian NewSpeak, this outrage is “to encourage personal freedom, religious expression & cultural understanding for diversity.”

UPDATE 1/28/23: BrandonWorld’s refusal to publicly back or even make mention of the Iranian people’s uprising remains yet one more evil defining this administration and its Democratic Party predecessor, 2008-2016. And then there’s the little problem of the Mullahs’ newfound nuclear capability courtesy of American cash payments coming their way from both Obama and his demented Dem successor. If one didn’t know better, it almost seems like American Democrats are asking, begging, even bribing Iran to destroy us.

The date for these Iranian collaborators could just as accurately be 2023.

UPDATE 1/20/23: Watching the takeover of Western Europe by Islamic invasion, it’s not irrational hysteria to see ourselves poised scarily on a suicidal brink. Where the population exceeds 50/50 or even less between Westerners and Islamists, there is no turning back from Sharia eventually drowning us out.

UPDATE 1/1/23: No surprise that hopeful signs of regime change in Iran due to the national uprising has found NO support from our worse-than-useless administration. It too will be one more shameful episode of betrayal by what used to be the last great beacon of freedom and hope for the world.

To our everlasting shame.

UPDATE 1/1/23: Islam is now approaching majority status in the UK. Some view this creeping multiculturalism as healthy societal diversity. The reality of this century’s dismal experience with it and Churchill’s warning should give us pause:  “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Heed Churchill and believe this fanatic. 

UPDATE 12/18/22: The negative consequences of multiculturalism (Islamic in particular) in Europe (or anywhere in the West) are painfully apparent to everyone except the Rainbow Luvvies. Do those praising open borders live in Leicester (UK), Malmo (Sweden), Cologne (Germany), Molenbeek (Belgium), No-Go zones everywhere the Islamic population moves past 10%?

UPDATE 11/21/22: It’s really happening in Iran, perhaps the first revolution ever to be led and fought principally by women. Odd how little attention Western feminists give this historic fight for liberation and to enslaved Muslim women in general.

UPDATE 11/18/22: Lost among the generally bleak midterms news is the election of more radical Islamists to Congress to keep Omar and Tlaib’s Squad company. Osama Bin Laden Goes To Washington, Homey and populist as a suicide bomber.

The one of the left (in both senses) is a warning that assimilation is not an Islamic thing. 

UPDATE 11/8/22: France’s open door to illegal Islamics has dragged one of Western Civ’s crown jewels into the sewer. Islamic crime in France is out of control, the courts do virtually nothing in response. No-go zones are now ubiquitous, established features of Gay Paree/La Belle France, 2022. When that much poison is in the societal system, is there any antidote or return to sanity? The sensible realists are emigrating while the intellectual elite live in blissful, haughty denial. The pampered clueless deplore those “rightwing fascist xenophobes” like Italy and Hungary being less than cordial to those nice strangers enjoying their looooong visits from abroad.


UPDATE 11/2/22: One of many signs of BrandonWorld’s dangerous perversion is choosing to vilify a rapidly liberalizing Islamic nation (Saudi Arabia) while actively cheering on an increasingly savage one (Iran) (which also happens to hate us).

UPDATE 10/17/22: With no help from our present American government, the Iranian uprising continues with such determination that one is tempted to hope they will really overthrow the Mullah tyrants. What is truly revolutionary is the possibility of widespread eradication of Sharia and an emerging movement of moderate, civilized Mohammedanism.

UPDATE 10/13/22: American betrayal of the Iranian people goes back to Carter’s undermining the Shah and ushering in the Ayatollah. The Obama/Biden determination to give the Mullahs nukes and entirely ignore the human rights abuses and protests ongoing in Iran assures them of their place in hell. How odd those Average Joe “human rights” activists and SJWs will continue to support the Democrat Party because, well, Obama and Biden and Hillary are not Trump.


UPDATE 10/8/22: Truly brave people standing up to tyranny set the standard for virtue in this dangerous world. One such figure worth following and hearing is Masih Alinejad, the scourge of the Iranian Mullah mafia. She says the veil protests and ensuing violent crackdowns could be Iran’s Berlin Wall moment. God willing events play out that way (with no thanks to the treasonous American nuke deal with the Mullahs.)

UPDATE 10/6/22: Do those supporters of Biden’s Iranian Nuke deal really believe it’s wise giving terrorist fanatics (and their bosom buddy Putin) the run of the entire Middle East? Well, it must be safer than having Donald Trump in the White House. Right?


UPDATE 9/28/22: Not for the first time, Iranians are rising up against the Islamic tyranny dropped like an anvil upon them by Jimmy Carter’s betrayal of the westernizing Shah in 1979. The timing of this current uprising is not ideal with the latest indifferent Democratic administration poised to do precisely nothing on behalf of long-suffering Iranians.

On the other hand, Brandon & Co. are simply aching to give the Mullah oppressors and their Russian ally nuclear capability. A child would be perfectly capable of identifying this as suicidal treason.

We are long overdue siding with the Iranian people against these monsters, and they are are far past ready for rescue.

UPDATE 9/26/22: When a prominent outfit like the Muslim Brotherhood terms Western Civ “a cancer” overdue for elimination, it behooves us to take them seriously.


UPDATE 9/22/22: The suicidal Islamic invasion of Europe is highlighted daily in Sweden by bombings and skyrocketing crime. Mohammed’s camel is way inside the tent now, and Scandinavian Luvvies are getting a major reality check. Unsurprisingly, enough of the Swedish voting public are awake and more than ready for those reviled “right wingers” like Hungary’s Viktor Orban to restore rational controls to a society spinning wildly out of control.

What of America and Great Britain? The latter, already approaching crime wave anarchy, stands to fare badly with its newly installed Islamophilic Green King. New PM Liz Truss (about whom oddly little is known) provides some promise of sanity in high British places. And America? Given a honest election this time, we stand to recover mightily if Trump or De Santis are allowed to lead the charge back to common sense.

UPDATE 9/21/22: Iran has acquired 2.5 million acres of newly Communized, impoverished Venezuela, nominally to “grow crops” but most likely to train terrorists on a grand scale. Here in Judeo-Christian America, Islamic propaganda as widely broadcast by CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations) is making great strides in selling the great humanity and virtues of Sharia. What, me worry?


UPDATE 9/6/22: The Iran deal is not a mistake but a deliberate alliance with the devil against America and Israel. Why else would the corrupt American puppet regime ignore the warnings of other Arab nations in the region who know this is a greased path to war?

UPDATE 8/28/22: Why should  anyone be surprised by Europe’s decline as Christianity’s influence wanes and Islam rises? When the deaf, dumb and blind notice, it will be too late.

UPDATE 8/24/22: The Islamic takeover of Europe and well underway in places like Minnesota and Michigan is part of a larger collapse of Western Civ. Sweden, traditionally evoking in our imaginations fresh air, beautiful forests, gorgeous, apple-cheeked blonde people, has succumbed to this invasion and is now showing the predictably ugly signs of decline. 

UPDATE 8/24/22: The determination to eliminate the famous representative of some specific idea like Rushdie or Trump is a public warning of danger to everyone. Unfortunately, too many, the present Dem administration in particular, are willfully blind to this, virtually rolling out the red carpet to the devil. 

UPDATE 8/24/22: Does the following headline from an eminent political site give anyone in the Obamaic Brandon administration pause? Or are they actively collaborating with evil? Iran Prepares to Take Out Israel – Right after Iran Deal Is Signed :: Gatestone Institute

UPDATE 8/20/22: The heroic Ayaan Hirsi Ali remains one steadfast voice against silencing “Infidels” like herself and Salman Rushdie. 

UPDATE 8/13/22: For decades, he has been a man marked for execution by Islamic officialdom. It was only a matter of time until some younger psycho would follow up on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s original order. “A religion of peace,” as the sagacious George W. Bush and millions of like-minded fools in the West still graciously term it, even in the wake of 9/11 and now what appears to be the bloody finale to a lifelong bad dream.

UPDATE 8/1/22: The imminent takeover of European cities by Islam should have been a warning to America, but Woke is Woke wherever it exists to destroy civilized life as we know it. Minnesota, specifically Minneapolis, has become America’s moldiest petri dishes allowing this social virus to spread. Another classic Middle American setting now almost fully morphed into a No-Go zone is Dearborn, Michigan. 

UPDATE 7/7/22: Thanks to Trump’s diplomatic coup establishing the Abraham Accords countering Obama/Biden actively enabling Iran to nuke its neighbors and the rest of the world, Saudi Arabia has moved closer to Israel and to America. No small part of that involves major reform in the Saudi educational system, removing anti-Semitism and homosexual bigotry from textbooks. Meanwhile, Leftists still think cozying up to their own executioners in Tehran is a good idea.

UPDATE 7/1/22: The primitive roots of Islam that still dominate it in the modern world make it inconsequential to human progress at best and, as proven, one of the dominant evils of our times.


UPDATE 6/8/22: There’s way more than a camel’s nose in the tent up in that Islamic American city formerly known as Minneapolis. Like it or get your infidel throat cut.


Bankrolling terror is just fine with blindly loyal Dem voters. How else to explain the indifference to enabling Iranian nuclear capability with billions of dollars in service to our own suicide? And the presence of new hostages held by the Ayatollahs? Haven’t we been here with that one before? Worked wonders for the great peacemaker Carter in ’79-80. Nothing to worry about in 2022.

UPDATE 4/15/22: Killing Jews has become the raison d’etre for the average brain-washed “Palestinian,” thanks to promised rewards both earthly and heavenly proportional to the number of Semite infidels extinguished. It is of little comfort that this attitude finds apologists in disturbing number among Western Wokesters fully acquainted with words like “Hitler” and “holocaust.” 

UPDATE 3/23/22: We’re only a year into BrandonWorld, and bets are already being placed on what will be Joe’s worst disaster. Level heads are betting on his enabling Iran’s nuclear capabilities. 

UPDATE 3/16/22: Terribly encouraging that Islam is no longer the barbarian storming the gate. Thanks to the unanimously anti-American policies of BrandonWorld, they’re in and right at home, undisturbed, undeterred and plotting our demise.

UPDATE 2/13/22: Anti-Christian violence and persecution has reached all-time highs worldwide, mostly from Islam, In addition, Indian Christians are regular targets of Hindu extremists.

UPDATE 1/27/22: Like ugly mug Terrorist Supreme Arafat, the Taliban are just about to become legit. Weren’t these the people who did 9/11? Is there ANYTHING bad for America and humanity in general that BrandonWorld hasn’t actively enabled and endorsed?

Good as gold. Best Friends Forever! And you can take it to the bank!

UPDATE 1/22/22: Hardly news by now that European cities & towns with their no-go zones should be warning to us. All’s very open and considerate with these uninvited guests who won’t leave until the invasion becomes a political majority and enforces Sharia on its entire host society. 

UPDATE 12/28/21: Thanks to his dishonorable less-than-honorable discharge for criticizing the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller USMC is the poster boy for a dangerously compromised military. Scheller’s ongoing vocal presence is a gain for rational civilian life, a stupid loss for the corrupted Corps.

UPDATE 10/20/21: Some MSM reports have opined that the stabbing murder of a British MP at a routine town meeting is about Britain’s regrettable “loss of civility.” Apparently, it’s quite the mental leap to focus on the murderer being an Islamic fanatic. Who are we to question the “religion of peace” and the glories of multiculturalism?

UPDATE 10/18/21: The Godfather’s wisdom about keeping friends close & enemies closer should be applied to Islam; and books like “The Critical Qur’an[Koran]” should be required reading if one is to “get closer” to the greatest terrorist threat facing civilized society today worldwide. No, fools, “Climate Change” is not The Problem.

UPDATE 9/30/21: 2021 has become the new “peace in our time, 1938,” giving the green light to unchallenged Islamic jihad. Thanks to Biden’s catastrophic abandonment of Afghanistan, the gates of hell are now opened wide for international terrorism to plunder and murder at its whim.

UPDATE 9/12/21: Nice going, Commander-in-Chief and your stalwart United States military force! Another “extraordinary success!” Bragging about having avenged the murders of our 13 young soldiers, Rambo Joe’s gang who can’t shoot straight blew up an innocent Afghani worker and 9 family members in a drone strike.

In the Twilight Zone of Bidenistan, sweet revenge for the premeditated murder of 13 innocents calls for the murder of roughly the same number of innocents. 

Oops! Our Keystone Cops and their formidable Captain do America proud. No accident. Just incompetence underpinned by amorality.

UPDATE 9/3/21: Biden’s suicidal surrender to radical Islam in Afghanistan looks worse with each re-examination. Not to disturb Sleepy Joe’s reverie, but there are still Americans and Afghan allies left behind, corralled and ready for slaughter. The Taliban is now better armed than most of our NATO allies. And exiting Afghanistan in the first place, pretending “the war is over,” is pure delusion. For the suddenly-modernized Taliban army and  its kindred evil spirits in China/Russia/Iran/North Korea, the fun is just starting, and the unconscious Woke are scheduled for a rude, hellish awakening. Perhaps they’ll blame it on Global Warming as they fry in an exploded plane or feel their heads separating from their necks.

9/1/21: The UK’s suicidal accommodation for “diversity” and radical Islam is leading this flagship of Western Civilization down the road to the medieval savagery of Sharia. 

9/1/21: Is there anything about Biden’s claim of “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan that isn’t a total lie and fabrication of laughable spin? Is there a point beyond which even the most delusional  Trump-haters/Biden supporters can no longer go without shame?
O, to go back, rewrite history and see what would’ve happened next….sigh…

9/1/21: Now that radical Islam has been enabled beyond its wildest dreams of mass destruction by our own “leadership,” one might as well bone up on what we’re up against with its long history of mayhem and murder that accompanied the lovely artwork and architecture.

UPDATE 8/31/21: The rage and helplessness the average, sighted American feels at what has transpired in Afghanistan is insignificant next to the rage and grief of the mother of a needlessly dead soldier. To add insult to the worst injury imaginable, her fully justified fury against Dear Leader Biden on Instagram has led to “accidental” (uh huh) suspension of her social media account. We are running out of suitably pejorative adjectives to describe those in power in Washington and the MSM. “Heartless” and “criminal” will have to do for now.

UPDATE 8/29/21: For the upcoming 20th anniversary of September 11th, we can savor “an Afghanistan that is the hub — the center of gravity — for the modern Jihadi movement.”  Thank you, Joe Biden, and all that voted for him.

Let’s party like it’s September 10, 2001 all over again!

But half the country has forgotten.

UPDATE 8/28/21: For clueless latecomers still elated at “getting out after 20 years,” we now have the chaos and terror of thousands trying to leave Afghanistan and suddenly 13 dead American bodies after a year of NO  casualties. Where a single casualty in Afghanistan had become news, we are now back to daily statistics and scores of grieving American relatives. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Isla Jima. They’re laughing at us.

UPDATE 8/28/21: Leaving behind a full arsenal of military hardware that will last them for years, Biden has been deemed by the Taliban their Best Friend Forever…and by every rational person on earth a literally bloody curse to our combat forces. 

UPDATE 8/26/21: Looming Afghanistan bloodshed (including trapped Americans) and the worldwide epidemic of terror attacks about to explode brings home the West’s persistently suicidal ignorance of radical Islam. And let’s all Imagine a new re-Imagined Taliban with a seat at the UN. [Cue John Lennon.] Meanwhile, by way of warning to future would-be “conquerors” of this permanent war zone going back centuries:  this is not Japan or Germany. These are not “hearts and minds” that will ever be won. Unless you plan to settle for permanent containment, THINK TWICE. 

UPDATE 8/25/21: TALIBAN DECLARED WINNER OF THE WAR ON TERROR! thanks to the brilliant strategy of the most incapacitated, hapless, incompetent and thoroughly empty individual ever to occupy the White House with a special nod and a wink to his handlers and puppeteers. In the very credible opinion of William McGurn in the WSJ, this Afghanistan travesty was schemed out and timed to provide a glorious, victorious, end-of-war backdrop for a 9/11 twentieth anniversary speech coming right up. Instead, we have and will have the the horrific specter of thousands of dead Americans, European & Afghani allies trapped inside an entirely enslaved nation of Afghani Muslims. For the cake’s frosting, there is reborn international terror coming to a town, city or commercial aircraft near you.

With Trump, we were getting “tired of winning.” With Biden, we are becoming accustomed to losing on a larger scale than any time within memory.

A rhetorical question.

UPDATE 8/23/21: It’s simple enough to respond to anyone blind enough to hail Joe Biden’s wanton abandonment of Afghanistan as “heroic.” Just look at the dire consequences. But then, that would require rationality and a firm grasp on objective reality which is beyond most mental hostages of the Woke Left. That reality is that the Taliban still want to see us dead in as large numbers as possible which means, surprisingly to some, the radical Islamic war on us is ongoing. 

One small consequence to our allies like the UK and France, neither of whom were notified ahead of the abrupt pull-out, is the frantic efforts of both countries to evacuate their stranded citizens.

And what of tens of thousands of Americans and their Afghani allies? We are confident that Joe has a firm grip on IT. What IT is we leave to the imagination.

UPDATE 8/15/21: How great is this?! The Taliban have been invited by engraved invitation to take over Afghanistan again (bolstered by a strong ChiCom presence) with our abandoned military hardware thrown in as party favors. All those wasted young lives, all those billions of dollars. And where are the Woke human rights advocates acknowledging what mass atrocities await both women and gays at the restoration of Afghani sharia and the re-establishment of an international terrorist training ground? Most urgently, what is to happen to those thousands of Americans now trapped and doomed to extinction thanks to the abrupt withdrawal and pitiful inaction from military leadership? Why were they not fully evacuated before leaving? Is this to be a mass hostage scenario a la Iran, 1979?

It’s Groundhog Day, and it’s September 10, 2001 again. More evidence that America is definitely a hijacked airliner now operated by off-site auto-pilot, a lifeless dummy placed in the cockpit strictly for show. We hold our breath, waiting for impact…

American Ship of State, 2021.

UPDATE 7/2/21: Has making peace with Islam ever really been a rational idea since 9/11 (Obama’s reassurances notwithstanding)?


UPDATE 1/12/19: Big American Dream a decade down the line for radical Islam  in DC: “Hell, we could be saying Speaker of the House Ilhan, Speaker of the House Rashida, Governor Ilhan, President Fatima, Vice President Aziza. Inshallah! [Allah willing]”

And, unabashedly, an “Advertisement Paid For By Muslim American Society Of DC And Hillary For America.” Mercifully for the distinguished Democratic feminist candidate for POTUS in 2016, no similar support from any gun-toting, Bible-clinging “basket of Deplorables” who might’ve embarrassed her. child marriage

ORIGINAL POST 1/6/19: In case anyone believes “It Can’t Happen Here,” it is Happening Here.

And IT is the fanatical Islamic camel sticking its nose into the American tent, bit by bit invading American communities as it refuses to assimilate and determinedly takes over sections of whole towns and sections of cities (NO-GO zones) as it has done in Europe. All with the blessing of the Left, its loyal ally united in Trump Hate.

Celebrate Diversity! Welcome, Sharia! What’s not to like about those quaint customs like genital mutilation, honor killings, tossing gays off buildings, public stoning? Not to mention, those dazzling public celebrations of “open borders” and “multiculturalism” like 9/11 and murdered “infidels” all over the globe.

Anyone concerned about self-designated Muslim patrol cars (MCP) now spotted roaming Brooklyn neighborhoods minus any consultation with local American law enforcement? Whose laws are being enforced?

Brooklyn on the way to No-Go Land.
Brooklyn on the way to No-Go Land.

Worried about those two new (female) faces of Muslim hate just elected and sworn into Congressional Office? The takeover of the Trump-hating Feminists by the Jew-hating likes of Linda Sarsour? Can anyone say “ANTI-SEMITISM?” These people want to conquer and kill us and Israel. Is it more complicated than that, once one realizes that all their blather about “tolerance” and “diversity” are just easy lies in service to their vicious idea of “government?”

Sarsour, Tlaib and their Middle Eastern Final Solution.
Sarsour, Tlaib and their Middle Eastern FINAL SOLUTION.

The cruel irony is that the Left has dined  out on the fake stance of “Anti-Fascism” since Stalin formulated his Big Lie. Initially, he and Adolf were pals. But not for long. Between him and Hitler, he was to be positioned as The Good One. Naïve, foolish America would embrace Uncle Joe as an ally, and we’ve been paying the price ever since: a billion Eastern Europeans swallowed up, billions more  in China and elsewhere now flying the hammer & sickle. The singular goal remains the destruction of America and Israel, allowing One World domination. The culprits are currently the Left and Islam, like Stalin and Hitler, friends only up to the point where they begin fighting over the spoils.

So we have this latest Axis of Evil (Marxist/Islamic) united against Trump, against free enterprise, Constitutional government; and the rabble are buying it.  And the rabble are our prosperous friends, neighbors and relatives, those fellow Americans who, as always, mistake their friends (Trump, capitalism, free enterprise, American nationalism) for enemies, and their enemies (Obama/Hillary/Etc, socialism, Free Stuff For Everyone, Open Borders, “diversity”) for friends.

Fools all. Dumb and dumber. Parties to great evil. God protect us.

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