UPDATE 9/12/21: Nice going, Commander-in-Chief and your stalwart United States military force! Another “extraordinary success!” Bragging about having avenged the murders of our 13 young soldiers, Rambo Joe’s gang who can’t shoot straight blew up an innocent Afghani worker and 9 family members in a drone strike.

In the Twilight Zone of Bidenistan, sweet revenge for the premeditated murder of 13 innocents calls for the murder of roughly the same number of innocents. 

Oops! Our Keystone Cops and their formidable Captain do America proud. No accident. Just incompetence underpinned by amorality.

UPDATE 9/3/21: Biden’s suicidal surrender to radical Islam in Afghanistan looks worse with each re-examination. Not to disturb Sleepy Joe’s reverie, but there are still Americans and Afghan allies left behind, corralled and ready for slaughter. The Taliban is now better armed than most of our NATO allies. And exiting Afghanistan in the first place, pretending “the war is over,” is pure delusion. For the suddenly-modernized Taliban army and  its kindred evil spirits in China/Russia/Iran/North Korea, the fun is just starting, and the unconscious Woke are scheduled for a rude, hellish awakening. Perhaps they’ll blame it on Global Warming as they fry in an exploded plane or feel their heads separating from their necks.

9/1/21: The UK’s suicidal accommodation for “diversity” and radical Islam is leading this flagship of Western Civilization down the road to the medieval savagery of Sharia. 

9/1/21: Is there anything about Biden’s claim of “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan that isn’t a total lie and fabrication of laughable spin? Is there a point beyond which even the most delusional  Trump-haters/Biden supporters can no longer go without shame?
O, to go back, rewrite history and see what would’ve happened next….sigh…

9/1/21: Now that radical Islam has been enabled beyond its wildest dreams of mass destruction by our own “leadership,” one might as well bone up on what we’re up against with its long history of mayhem and murder that accompanied the lovely artwork and architecture.

UPDATE 8/31/21: The rage and helplessness the average, sighted American feels at what has transpired in Afghanistan is insignificant next to the rage and grief of the mother of a needlessly dead soldier. To add insult to the worst injury imaginable, her fully justified fury against Dear Leader Biden on Instagram has led to “accidental” (uh huh) suspension of her social media account. We are running out of suitably pejorative adjectives to describe those in power in Washington and the MSM. “Heartless” and “criminal” will have to do for now.

UPDATE 8/29/21: For the upcoming 20th anniversary of September 11th, we can savor “an Afghanistan that is the hub — the center of gravity — for the modern Jihadi movement.”  Thank you, Joe Biden, and all that voted for him.

Let’s party like it’s September 10, 2001 all over again!

But half the country has forgotten.

UPDATE 8/28/21: For clueless latecomers still elated at “getting out after 20 years,” we now have the chaos and terror of thousands trying to leave Afghanistan and suddenly 13 dead American bodies after a year of NO  casualties. Where a single casualty in Afghanistan had become news, we are now back to daily statistics and scores of grieving American relatives. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Isla Jima. They’re laughing at us.

UPDATE 8/28/21: Leaving behind a full arsenal of military hardware that will last them for years, Biden has been deemed by the Taliban their Best Friend Forever…and by every rational person on earth a literally bloody curse to our combat forces. 

UPDATE 8/26/21: Looming Afghanistan bloodshed (including trapped Americans) and the worldwide epidemic of terror attacks about to explode brings home the West’s persistently suicidal ignorance of radical Islam. And let’s all Imagine a new re-Imagined Taliban with a seat at the UN. [Cue John Lennon.] Meanwhile, by way of warning to future would-be “conquerors” of this permanent war zone going back centuries:  this is not Japan or Germany. These are not “hearts and minds” that will ever be won. Unless you plan to settle for permanent containment, THINK TWICE. 

UPDATE 8/25/21: TALIBAN DECLARED WINNER OF THE WAR ON TERROR! thanks to the brilliant strategy of the most incapacitated, hapless, incompetent and thoroughly empty individual ever to occupy the White House with a special nod and a wink to his handlers and puppeteers. In the very credible opinion of William McGurn in the WSJ, this Afghanistan travesty was schemed out and timed to provide a glorious, victorious, end-of-war backdrop for a 9/11 twentieth anniversary speech coming right up. Instead, we have and will have the the horrific specter of thousands of dead Americans, European & Afghani allies trapped inside an entirely enslaved nation of Afghani Muslims. For the cake’s frosting, there is reborn international terror coming to a town, city or commercial aircraft near you.

With Trump, we were getting “tired of winning.” With Biden, we are becoming accustomed to losing on a larger scale than any time within memory.

A rhetorical question.

UPDATE 8/23/21: It’s simple enough to respond to anyone blind enough to hail Joe Biden’s wanton abandonment of Afghanistan as “heroic.” Just look at the dire consequences. But then, that would require rationality and a firm grasp on objective reality which is beyond most mental hostages of the Woke Left. That reality is that the Taliban still want to see us dead in as large numbers as possible which means, surprisingly to some, the radical Islamic war on us is ongoing. 

One small consequence to our allies like the UK and France, neither of whom were notified ahead of the abrupt pull-out, is the frantic efforts of both countries to evacuate their stranded citizens.

And what of tens of thousands of Americans and their Afghani allies? We are confident that Joe has a firm grip on IT. What IT is we leave to the imagination.

UPDATE 8/15/21: How great is this?! The Taliban have been invited by engraved invitation to take over Afghanistan again (bolstered by a strong ChiCom presence) with our abandoned military hardware thrown in as party favors. All those wasted young lives, all those billions of dollars. And where are the Woke human rights advocates acknowledging what mass atrocities await both women and gays at the restoration of Afghani sharia and the re-establishment of an international terrorist training ground? Most urgently, what is to happen to those thousands of Americans now trapped and doomed to extinction thanks to the abrupt withdrawal and pitiful inaction from military leadership? Why were they not fully evacuated before leaving? Is this to be a mass hostage scenario a la Iran, 1979?

It’s Groundhog Day, and it’s September 10, 2001 again. More evidence that America is definitely a hijacked airliner now operated by off-site auto-pilot, a lifeless dummy placed in the cockpit strictly for show. We hold our breath, waiting for impact…

American Ship of State, 2021.

UPDATE 7/2/21: Has making peace with Islam ever really been a rational idea since 9/11 (Obama’s reassurances notwithstanding)?


UPDATE 1/12/19: Big American Dream a decade down the line for radical Islam  in DC: “Hell, we could be saying Speaker of the House Ilhan, Speaker of the House Rashida, Governor Ilhan, President Fatima, Vice President Aziza. Inshallah! [Allah willing]”

And, unabashedly, an “Advertisement Paid For By Muslim American Society Of DC And Hillary For America.” Mercifully for the distinguished Democratic feminist candidate for POTUS in 2016, no similar support from any gun-toting, Bible-clinging “basket of Deplorables” who might’ve embarrassed her. child marriage

In case anyone believes “It Can’t Happen Here,” it is Happening Here.

And IT is the fanatical Islamic camel sticking its nose into the American tent, bit by bit invading American communities as it refuses to assimilate and determinedly takes over sections of whole towns and sections of cities (NO-GO zones) as it has done in Europe. All with the blessing of the Left, its loyal ally united in Trump Hate.

Celebrate Diversity! Welcome, Sharia! What’s not to like about those quaint customs like genital mutilation, honor killings, tossing gays off buildings, public stoning? Not to mention, those dazzling public celebrations of “open borders” and “multiculturalism” like 9/11 and murdered “infidels” all over the globe.

Anyone concerned about self-designated Muslim patrol cars (MCP) now spotted roaming Brooklyn neighborhoods minus any consultation with local American law enforcement? Whose laws are being enforced?

Brooklyn on the way to No-Go Land.
Brooklyn on the way to No-Go Land.

Worried about those two new (female) faces of Muslim hate just elected and sworn into Congressional Office? The takeover of the Trump-hating Feminists by the Jew-hating likes of Linda Sarsour? Can anyone say “ANTI-SEMITISM?” These people want to conquer and kill us and Israel. Is it more complicated than that, once one realizes that all their blather about “tolerance” and “diversity” are just easy lies in service to their vicious idea of “government?”

Sarsour, Tlaib and their Middle Eastern Final Solution.
Sarsour, Tlaib and their Middle Eastern FINAL SOLUTION.

The cruel irony is that the Left has dined  out on the fake stance of “Anti-Fascism” since Stalin formulated his Big Lie. Initially, he and Adolf were pals. But not for long. Between him and Hitler, he was to be positioned as The Good One. Naïve, foolish America would embrace Uncle Joe as an ally, and we’ve been paying the price ever since: a billion Eastern Europeans swallowed up, billions more  in China and elsewhere now flying the hammer & sickle. The singular goal remains the destruction of America and Israel, allowing One World domination. The culprits are currently the Left and Islam, like Stalin and Hitler, friends only up to the point where they begin fighting over the spoils.

So we have this latest Axis of Evil (Marxist/Islamic) united against Trump, against free enterprise, Constitutional government; and the rabble are buying it.  And the rabble are our prosperous friends, neighbors and relatives, those fellow Americans who, as always, mistake their friends (Trump, capitalism, free enterprise, American nationalism) for enemies, and their enemies (Obama/Hillary/Etc, socialism, Free Stuff For Everyone, Open Borders, “diversity”) for friends.

Fools all. Dumb and dumber. Parties to great evil. God protect us.

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