We all know our friends & relatives on the Left abhor violence and hatred…except when it’s directed at those of a more Conservative bent…whom they despise with a passion. Screaming “I want to kill him!” among other Aquarian Age mantras, kids at a Portland festival/Love-In to “stop hate” take a good wallop at a Donald pinata. Hitler Youth rallies were never so much fun.

Peace & Love, the Liberal way: selectively.
Peace & Love, the Liberal way: selectively.
An American admirer of ISIS snuff videos.
An affable Love Festival participant pays cinematic homage to ISIS snuff videos.

2 Replies to “Children encouraged to bash Trump pinata in order to “stop hate.””

  1. How is this any different than the Palestinian parents strapping fake suicide-vests on their children for a family photo? This should be investigated as a hate crime and stirring up violence against Trump. Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen!

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