MSM/Fourth Estate=Bad Joke:
“…Not since Florence Foster Jenkins…”

February 2, 2019


“Not since Florence Foster Jenkins have Americans been treated to such an excruciating example of self-delusion.”

The writer is referring to today’s Fourth Estate, that discredited press pack passing themselves off as “balanced,” “fair,” “objective,” “nonpartisan” “journalists,” “reporters,” “columnists,” “pundits” who are transparently little more than a swarm of propaganda drones for the Democratic Party. It has taken a blunt basher like Trump to bring them fully out into the open and drive them to almost laughable extremes…and richly deserved obsolescence. Since they must avoid facts at all costs, they are now only at home making things up as they go, hoping to go viral in one daily Web wildfire after another. Behold Fake News.

So, one is compelled to explore the Internet for independent sources of real information & commentary at least vaguely resonating with reason, balance, facts, substantive content, objective reporting…in short, a responsible, vigorous journalism informing a free market of ideas. So much for the “experts.” Believe what you see and hear with your own eyes and ears, consciously filtering as you go. Then draw your own conclusions because, really, that silly lady up there can’t sing worth beans, and the emperor has no clothes.MSM_CNN_Clown_Commentators[1]


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