Unless we’re George S. Patton or The Great Santini, most of us would prefer not to be engaged in combat full-time, so we make certain concessions to neutralize those who have openly declared war on us. To be a Trump supporter living among the ever-enraged Barack & Hillary “resistance” spells potential battle and bloodshed 24/7/365. Some make the mistake of conceding in the most conciliatory, cliched manner:  “OK, so America isn’t perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got.” A saner way to phrase it is to put the concession and disgruntlement entirely on them: “You’re just disappointed that America isn’t perfect, so for you, it can never be good enough.”

America IS “perfect” precisely as much as this flawed, difficult world can be. The genius and priceless legacy of our American founders is encapsulated in the living concepts, the words:  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Who could ask for anything more? Those of us who truly love America and see in Her the Manifest Destiny of our founders must stop apologizing for the privilege and good luck granted us in being American.

Where people and circumstances let us down or we fail as individuals, we Americans are given the repeated opportunity to correct ourselves and our circumstances.

Often we fall short, we fail to some degree, we are disappointed, our hearts are broken; but in this life, is not the liberty to pursue happiness, however elusive, good enough? To think otherwise is to succumb to the delusional Leftist philosophy of guaranteed outcomes, a road and a choice taken in folly.

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