MLK, character not color

Character not color. Truly a noble dream, transcending race or anything else. Unfortunately, it’s a dream betrayed by the rapacious Racial Grievance Industry, headed up most prominently by the first Black POTUS and his fellow Marxist Mafiosi, not about to give up the money and power benefits of permanent race war. Now it’s only color (or gender or economic status or the latest ID victim slot) that matters. And getting even. And creating discord. And making demands.

And…everything except improving people’s lives. Just “resistance”…against the creation of thriving businesses that require employees (aka jobs), economic self-reliance, law enforcement, secure borders, safe neighborhoods, safe and independent charter schools providing real-life skills, building and living dreams one human, one family at a time.

Now we are cursed with the Obama Progressive’s idea of “progress.” And one senseless, unending cry of wolf. To wit: the cancellation of a college campus event because of a banana peel spotted in a tree, thrown there by a litterbug. Naturally, in good Stalinist style, the culprit has confessed to his crime and doubtless will suffer some appropriate, endless regimen of re-education.


If one is compelled to address any of this politically correct, disingenuous “resistance” nonsense, perhaps the most productive exchange involves only a few pretty basic question: what are your goals for the downtrodden people you claim to champion? And how do you propose reaching those goals? Do your goals involve MLK’s dream of people living out satisfying, free lives based on the content of their characters and not their color (or gender or economic status or….)? Or is it all about permanent disgruntlement?

All self-pity, all empty pieties, an obsession with destruction. MLK would be disgusted and horrified.

This one hasn’t been officially declared a crime, but in today’s surreal Onion world of PC, anything is possible. [UPDATE 9/17/17: Spoken too soon. Anything IS possible.]

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