Remember when Melania wore what appeared to be an outfit splotched in Texas crude to comfort Gulf oil spill victims?

Oh, wait… Oil spill chic

Remember when Melania dressed like she was on her way to a snazzy cocktail party for a White House ceremony honoring a dead soldier?

Oh, wait… Festive wear for medal of honor

Remember when Melania always tokkin’ lak she wuz sum plenny pissed ‘n woked getto momma frm de ‘hood’ and showed up at a food bank in $540 sneakers? And hauled around a $1000 tote bag at her kid’s PTA meeting? And spent millions of taxpayers’  money on luxury travel and 5 star hotels‘N stuff like dat?

Oh, wait… michelle-obama-ugly-8[1]

Remember when Melania showed up at Arlington to honor 9/11 dead on its tenth anniversary wearing go-to-the-store duds and clutching her cellphone in her hand like she had some more important things to tend to than “doin’ all this for a damn bunch of dead people?” (And Donald didn’t even bother wearing a tie?!)

Oh, wait…

Casual graveyard wear
9/11/11, Arlington Cemetery.

Remember all those times when Melania looked positively ridiculous and inappropriately at odds with the occasion at hand, yet was hailed repeatedly as “a fashion icon” and for her “timeless appeal?”

Oh, wait…

This one the same night, 9/11/11, at a concert commemorating...something...I forget what.
This one the same night, 9/11/11, at a concert commemorating…something…I forget what.

So, this is criticized as “bad taste”…. heels_[1] …by this? hurricane[1] Got it. Now go remind yourself with a visit to Michelle’s Closet what we’re [NOT] missing now that Melania is First Lady.

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