Happy Terror Times

November 14, 2015

8 Halloween ghouls having a grand time in the City of Lights, now at home with 72 virginal lovelies who look & think like Helen Thomas.  But it’s “insensitive” costumes at Yale that get some of us upset. And our leading Democratic politicians still tell us “Climate Change” is The Thing we should be losing sleep over. For the dead and terrorized of Paris, somehow, flukey bad weather doesn’t matter so much at the moment.

We'll always have Paris. Beloved Leader, always right there on the job

We’ll always have Paris. If he bothers to ask, someone remind him this was from a while back.

For power-driven Marxist ideologues like Obama, the concurrent chaos of racial unrest, migrant invasion and organized terror are more handy,  deliberately created crises not to be wasted. For dull-witted pragmatists like Liberal college administrators and European pols (Merkel et al), it’s short-sighted pandering that will come back to haunt them. Paris is just the latest prodigal chicken flying in.

Putin, Merkel, Obama. What a world it is when the KBG guy comes out looking like the best bet.

Putin, Merkel, Obama. What a world it is when the KGB guy comes out looking like the sensible good one.

Whatever the motives, the end result is social meltdown. Let the migrant invasion of placid, pretty Sweden serve as one ominous example as they sensibly yank away the welcome mat.  Let Paris be another.

For the soft-hearted and soft-headed cheering on Permanent Racial Grievance and Wide Open Borders here & abroad, why let compassion be a vicarious experience? Advertise your home addresses as Safe Spaces and Domestic Sanctuaries, put out the welcome mat and wait for the happy results. Like Paris.

Yale Prez Salovey

Yale President Peter Salovey, ADULT GROVELER

4 Responses to Happy Terror Times

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