Stephen Willeford (right) who with the help of Johnnie Langendorff (left) chased down the Sutherland Springs killer.
One good man with a gun, another good man with a truck.

UPDATE 12/15/19: Joe Biden, circus clown POTUS aspirant, applying his own special logic and that of the political Party he calls home, has decreed it was wrong for this licensed gun owner to use his gun to save lives. Let the next brain-dead Dem voter next door explain.

ORIGINAL POST 11/11/17: Manhood, manliness, masculinity, maleness…trigger warnings to the tremulous Left (and its clueless enablers on the Right) intent on wreaking some perverse revenge on men: vengeful feminism; disarming the populace; blurring the gendersappeasing and applauding foreign enemies and subverting allies; choosing an Obama or a Clinton for American leadership over a Trump.

“What do you do when you have to be a man?” asks James Dean of his father in “Rebel Without A Cause.” Emasculated Dad, played by Jim Backus in an apron, has no answer because he isn’t a man. And useless as a father to a young boy who needs one.

How about starting with a guy like Stephen Willeford who, at the sound of trouble, grabs his gun on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning in small-town America, runs barefooted to the local church 250 feet down the road and with one shot saves dozens of lives and scares one worthless human excrescence onto his well-deserved path to hell.

Not a side note: Willeford is an avid gun collector, an NRA instructor and religious. One of Obama’s “bitter clingers.” Just the sort of guy scorned and villainized by the Baracks, Hillarys,  their constituents and other Trump-haters of world. Just a regular guy being brave, being heroic. An ordinary, good man. For the querulous, abandoned James Deans of the world, the answer to your question lies there.

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