UPDATE 7/28/20: The signs are that Mike Adams (read his collected articles at Townhall) finally was overcome by inner demons and took his own life with a gun. Clearly, this is no longer just American open free debate but a fight for our lives.

UPDATE 7/24/20: There are no limits of evil to which the Left won’t go to ruin anyone challenging their march toward totalitarian control. Mike Adams’ academic career was suddenly cut short last week after a snarky tweet directed at the Covid Control Freaks in public office that, like virtually anything they choose, revealed “racial overtones” deserving the professional death of “cancellation.”

And now he’s suddenly… dead. Really dead. Suicide perhaps precipitated by piled-on doxxing threats of embarrassing revelations from his personal life? Or just a heart that gave out under the stress. Why not? He was already a target for murder of one sort or other for having a prominently un-PC career and mindset. It’s said that a substantial majority of Americans are afraid to reveal their political stances for fear of serious reprisals that ruin careers and lives. The only bright note of hope here is that the Silenced Majority will roar in rage in November despite every attempt underway to disrupt the electoral process itself.

ORIGINAL POST 11/7/15: There is heroism in everyday life, mostly unreported, rarely sensational enough to sell papers or attract advertisement revenue. One shining heroic example is a professor named Mike Adams at a small NC college greeting his student with the news that he is not offering “safe spaces” where they may remain unoffended by the Politically Incorrect. Thankfully, there are other rare adults in charge on campus.

Professor Mike Adams
Professor Mike Adams

Welcome to the real world, kids! And may the challenges of truth and honest debate enlighten you and light your way into your own individual future, not the cosseted cage planned for you by Community Organizers and Marxists of other stripes.

9 Replies to “The Unintimidated: College Professor Mike Adams refuses to be indoctrinated or indoctrinate his students
into the mindless conformity of the Left.”

  1. Hooray for Mike Adams. Not only brilliant and very funny, but the rare educator who has kept his sanity and remained conservative and pro American.

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