UPDATE 6/19/21: Friday was a sobering occasion for millions of Dittoheads as Rush’s final broadcast was publicly aired. The full inspiring significance of his presence in our lives defies words from these quarters, so who better than El Rushbo The Great himself to say what he was all about: “If there is a virus that is contagious, it is the mainstream media as it’s currently constituted. That’s the virus. There is a poisoning of the American mind taking place. … EIB is an airborne phenomenon spread by casual contact, and it inoculates you; it cures you of this sickening disease.”

God bless and keep him and the country he loved and served with such heroism, humor and class.

UPDATE: 2/28/21: WATCH a Tribute to Rush, followed by Trump’s CPAC Speech.

UPDATE 2/27/21: With our most popular, most articulate spokesman gone, we must independently re-envision the future as Rush himself did. Like all of us, his steadfast conservatism underwent a sea change with the rise of an EFFECTIVE populist basher like Trump exposing the spineless treachery (and uselessness) of elitist Think Tank/Cruise Ship “conservatives.” Apparently low taxes, relaxed regulation, free markets; American exceptionalism, peace in military strength; diligent avoidance of failed  foreign entanglements; championing our friends, keeping our enemies at bay; unambiguous pro-capitalism (sticking a finger in the eye of phony globalist schemes like Climate Change) were not to the taste of the Old Guard “conservative” snobs. Elegantly wading through the old DC cesspool was the last thing they wanted to give up, and Trump’s war on their beloved Swamp had to go.  Unfortunately for them, half of America has had an unforgettable taste of what REALLY works, judging by the violent, equal/opposite reaction of those passionately devoted to what has never worked. MAGA Americans wisely have no illusions about “Unity” with any Trump-hating faction intent on destroying them;   and the weasels of the Republican Party Never Trump establishment are rightly fearful of losing their base to That Man and his legacy.

This week’s CPAC, conspicuously missing Haley and Pence (both conspicuously MIA in defense of Trump over January 6) and featuring the wonderful likes of Trump himself, Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis among others, is turning out to be a welcome shot in the arm for the MAGA forces. Throw in a planned virtual memorial service for Rush, and one is living an ongoing Trump rally. Adherence to the new vision of conservatism gifted us by the redoubtable Donald (and Rush) is our future.

Rush, Trump ii

UPDATE 2/17/21: We’ve lost this greatest of conservative voices right at a moment when we need him most, but in these most difficult of times, his life and living legacy will prove to be among our greatest weapons. He spoke for us, in our language, expressed our shared vision of a blessed American life, and his continued presence will see us through to a restoration of what he celebrated like no other great American patriot within memory. A “second generation Founding Father” as his stalwart sidekick Bo Snerdley has so movingly eulogized him.  God bless and keep him and the land he loved and fought for. As said below, almost precisely one year ago: over to you, Mr. & Mrs. America.

P.S. To the great distress of those kind, compassionate detractors on the Left celebrating his demise, it will come as a major disappointment that Rush intends to continue broadcasting from the afterlife. And it has been confirmed that God has extended His interest-free loan of Supreme Talent to the MahaRushi for all eternity


UPDATE 12/19/20: Rush continues to set an example of  unaffected dignity in the face of the ultimate adversity that any decent person would admire.  And still he carries on! A true American hero.

UPDATE 10/29/20: As the great El Rushbo battles advanced stage 4 lung cancer, we pray for his recovery right in tandem with an election victory for the Conservatism he has uplifted and championed more than any single individual in our lifetimes. God bless him and the USA he loves.

UPDATE 2/11/20: Thank the Lord Rush Limbaugh’s on!

ORIGINAL POST 2/9/20:  A great leader, like a great parent, doesn’t lead so much as instruct others how to take the reins for themselves. This is the essence of the Conservative worldview: independence, autonomy, responsibility, initiative; take pride in and defend what is yours, live and let live. 

By that token, Rush Limbaugh, El Rushbo, MahaRushi, America’s Anchorman with half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair, has for 3+ decades served as the inspiring, God-sent guiding heart and soul of Conservatism here across the fruited plain and worldwide. There’s little question that the sinister march of the Progressive Left toward One Party/One World domination would have made much greater headway, perhaps to the tipping point of irreversible tyranny, without Rush’s sunny, funny presence.

No less stalwart a Conservative icon and iron warrior than the late Andrew Breitbart described his own conversion from “Liberal” to “Conservative” thanks to his father-in-law Orson Bean (regrettably just passed) introducing him to Rush:

“I turned on KFI 640 AM to listen to evil personified from 9 a.m. to noon. Indeed, my goal was to derive pleasure from the degree of evil I found in Rush Limbaugh. I was looking forward to a jovial discussion with Orson to confirm how right I was. One hour turned into three. One listening session into a week’s worth. And next thing I knew, I was starting to doubt my preprogrammed self. I was still a Democrat. I was still a liberal. 

But after listening for months while putting thousands of miles on my car, I couldn’t believe that I once thought this man was a Nazi or anything close. While I couldn’t yet accept the premise that he was speaking my language, I marveled at how he could take a breaking news story and offer an entertaining and clear analysis that was like nothing I had ever seen on television, especially the Sunday morning shows, which had been my previous one-stop shop for my political opinions.”

Rush’s announcement of his advanced cancer diagnosis this week leaves many distraught at the void his absence would leave. Conversely, the kind and compassionate Progressive cabal is jubilant. The Left hates any opposition, especially the idea of fair play when it comes to disseminating proven good ideas, honest muscular debate, laying out the case for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that thoroughly undermines their unshakeable notion of centralized control, the social engineering of all aspects of human life.  Naturally, they reserve their special hatred for the best messengers exposing the true results and consequences of their nightmare Marxist dreams. Worst of all for the Left about Rush (and for that matter about Donald Trump), he’s funny, he skewers & ridicules them precisely where it should hurt, shining the light of truth on them for all the world to see.

As of the end of the Reagan years (1980-88), there had never been anything like him in the world of mass media. Like Bob Hope inventing Stand-Up, Rush pioneered Talk Radio. There have been many imitators on both the Left and Right, but no one has ever measured up to the Master. Serious education about America and human affairs at large, packaged and presented by a first-class entertainer. We shall not see his like again.

Over to you, Mr. & Mrs. America.


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