“The Road To Serfdom”-
F.A. Hayek

December 14, 2010

Road to Serfdom, The

The inevitable nightmare of a “planned society.” One of the truly monumental books, a Must Read for anyone interested in the genesis of socialist tyranny.

A definitive edition of “The Road To Serfdom” reviewed at Mises.org.

Read about “The Road To Serfdom” at Heritage.org.¬†Also Glenn Beck video discussing Hayek’s 1944 classic.

The 1945 Look Magazine cartoon summary of Hayek’s main points at Mises.org and a YouTube presentation of the same cartoons with effectively unsettling Wagnerian soundtrack.

2 Responses to “The Road To Serfdom”-
F.A. Hayek

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  2. […] Hayek called it The Road To Serfdom, millions of otherwise productive individuals chained to the Collective: all essentials controlled […]

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