With the full blessing of the rich and powerful (and guarded by expensive armed details).
With the full blessing of the rich and powerful (who happen to be guarded by expensive armed details).


This week we are treated to the latest “children’s crusade” with movie stars and the same usual “adult” hypocrites swooning over young, brainwashed students calling for-you guessed it-More Control! Safe Spaces! Never Again! Hiding behind bogus claims of being “non-partisan,” the whole thrust of the March For Our Lives is-you guessed it-repealing/revising/gutting the Second Amendment. And emasculating,  disarming real adults. This batch, now at the high school level, are headed happily for the fertile training grounds of today’s universities where young “activists” are proliferating like fruit flies, ready to swarm anyone or anything upsetting their safely cocooned PC brains.


It’s encouraging to know that there are youthful exceptions among these programmed, mindless Children of the Demmed, One can only admire them for withstanding increasingly organized hatred and physical assault from their ObamaJugend peers.

To disregard the studied cultivation of young Nihilists here and abroad is to deny a growing cancer that will erase free and ordered civilization as we know it in America and a few strongholds abroad such as Israel. Alarmist? The overwrought rant of the old and paranoid against the threatening new order of the refreshingly idealistic young? To paraphrase Henry Kissinger: just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get me.


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