Of many sinister notions on the Left’s agenda, none is so ominous as its war on boys and men. This is just one more front in the battle to neuter both males and females, blurring individuals, sexes, classes, races, nations into the formless stuff that makes up a totalitarian One World, the utopian vision of the perfectly controlled, mastered society.

The latest case is the now officially neutered Boys Scouts, to be known from here on as Scouts-BSA. Mike Rowe points out the crime of robbing boys of the challenge and adventure of shaping one’s own destiny, doing the “Dirty Jobs” that are integral to personal achievement in every field. Now it’s all about Safe Spaces. And guaranteed outcomes. And no winners…except, of course, for those ubiquitous Big Brothers & Sisters, the thoroughly evil PimpWimps of Progressivism, the moral midgets and control freaks living high like the decadent royalty they identify as,  fervently mapping out everyone else’s lives to their cold, ruthless specifications.

Saddest and truest, the greatest struggle facing boys and young men has become not merely overcoming their own doubts and self-imposed limitations but withstanding the very real societal onslaught on their masculinity, their individuality, their liberty.


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