Heard it all? No you haven’t. Move over Bruce/Caitlin. Who remembers Rachel Dolezal? This 46 year old husband and father not only wants to be female but a 6 year old member of the Gentler Sex. Doing his own thing and manifesting his Inner Child, he says he just doesn’t feel like being a grown-up right now. OK. Ask and ye shall receive…so long as our current culture insists on removing all boundaries of sanity, social behavior, gender, race…what else?

It’s all about destabilizing normalcy and creating confusion. Doubtful this one will go far since such bizarre madness is only championed by those who can exploit it in some way, and how many six year old girls with a beer gut and five o’clock shadow are really saleable propaganda for the MSM? Good luck shilling this one to millions who just don’t wanna buy. There are limits.

Does  "not want to be an adult right now." As clear a statement of the Left as we've heard.
Does “not want to be an adult right now.” As clear a statement of the Leftist platform as we’ve heard.


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to start life as a 6 year old girl.
Got a problem with that or are you just another “hater?””

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