BLM matters!! But Black lives? Not so much.

UPDATE 9/8/18: The farce of football mediocrity Colin Kaepernick’s “principled heroism” on behalf of BLM police killers  now compounded by outrageous PR stunt by Nike.

Sacrifice to the tune of $30 million.
“Sacrifice” to the tune of $30++ million.

The widow of a slain police officer offers up a simple response to this Big Lie, explaining the real meaning of sacrifice. We are encouraged that this corporate monstrosity guilty of well-documented exploitation of cheap foreign slave labor has already lost billions as disgusted stockholders continue to dump their holdings. When it comes to calling out and exposing the shameless hypocrisy of the Left, a good approach is most definitely, “Just do it.”

Crony capitalism on steroids.
Crony capitalism on steroids.

UPDATE 10/10/17: Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys making an self-amused idiot of himself kneeling with his team (see photo below), reverses himself and decides that kneeling isn’t cool. Bad publicity and ensuing revenue loss talk. And to think this was all supposedly because Black lives matter (as vs. Black Lives Matter).

The recent spectacle of obscenely overpaid NFL players giving the finger to the National Anthem and Old Glory, alongside the pathetic Rant Tour of Bill Clinton’s wife, is proving to be one big magnificently exploding cigar for the arrogant Left, gone quite bats since November, 2016. The general public isn’t buying the assault on cherished American symbols, and money and public sympathy are walking. As a special bonus, we are being treated to an astonishing self-exposure of today’s Democratic Party that the most determined investigative journalist could only imagine.

Hillary we’ve always known about. We must resign ourselves to the sad fact that, now forever denied the keys to the kingdom, Lady Macbeth will be sleepwalking  through our lives at full banshee shriek for years to come.

But who knew the NFL was just another massive Big Gov multi-billion dollar boondoggle? All along, in our ignorance, we have perceived the NFL as a private confederation of old-style cigar-chomping, tough-talking capitalists cannily catering to multi-millions of ticket buying/cable-subscribing/merchandise-mad football fanatics. One could not avoid hearing about all those 8 & 9 figure salaries passed out like jelly beans to a lot of street toughs  hired for the job of bashing men on the field and notorious after hours for bashing women and going lawlessly astray. Hardly a week within memory has passed without hearing of some NFL player arrested or indicted. And those mammoth gazillion   dollar stadiums popping up in every major city? Gee, one naively has opined: they must be making quite the profit to afford that kind of overhead.

Except, the “owners” have not been daredevil capitalists gambling with their own money.  Rather, it’s been crony capitalism on the grandest of scales, another humongous Big Gov shakedown in the billions and billions; and where there’s that kind of money hemorrhaging out of city, state and federal treasuries, one may be sure it is the Alinsky/Mafia kind of of tax-money extortion that makes millionaires out of “selfless” community organizers. Such “organizing” is always for the benefit of The People, and the People are the Inner Cities, largely Black and deeply entrenched in Big Gov largesse, all engineered by the Barack Obamas, the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the race-baiting Black Mafia Dons of our world.

One need no longer wonder why Beyonce’s outrageous celebration of the psychopathic Black Panthers found its way to SuperBowl Halftime. Consistent with that is the NFL’s sordid history of punitive actions against those honoring dead police and 9/11 victims. Likewise, no longer should there be any mystery surrounding the mindless “protest” of one overpaid, washed-up player trying to impress his BLM activist girlfriend. This empty, provocative gesture was allowed to fester and break out in epidemic fashion without any opposition from team “owners” drawing the line. If there’s any doubt about said has-been’s sympathies, he has recently  donated $25,000 to an organization honoring a notorious cop-killer. As recently as last week, “owners” and their entire staffs were slavishly, publicly genuflecting and locking arms in sympathy with more of this BLM-inspired “protest.” The reaction has been millions of outraged, booing fans on site and in  living rooms screaming at their HD’s. Surely the loss of ticket-buyers  in attendance and millions watching on paid channels would be a dollars-and-cents deterrent to such craven cave-ins to radical political posturing!

He won’t be giggling to himself when the fans walk and the government funding ends.

Silly us! We thought it was all funded by the fans. Wrong!! The real owners, those calling the shots in the NFL, are activist government bureaucrats and the sly dog professional shakedown artists/middlemen keeping the tax money gravy train flowing unimpeded for years from the treasuries in the direction of those stadiums and into the pockets of the community organizers and team “owners.” The salary of NFL chief Roger Goodell alone is $44 million, largely paid for by taxpayers! And can someone explain how the NFL enjoys major tax breaks and, until 2015, had non-profit status, the same as a church or charity? Surreal.

This shameless scam has now been exposed with the full, unwitting cooperation of these greedy, utterly unprincipled NFL profiteers and political whores; and it’s well past time to defund them. Yes, you’re still free Americans, free to assemble, free to protest and posture, free to kneel, free to lock arms, free to pander, free to exercise your First Amendment rights…but do it now on your own dime and in your own time. Once the U.S. Treasury tap (and public sympathy) is shut off, place your bets now on how quickly the radical politicizing stops. [No sooner has this moving finger writ than suddenly, everybody’s standing again for the National Anthem. When there’s a threatened damper on uncontrolled graft, one becomes mindful of the bottom line and one’s customers: Americans who rather like America.]

Focusing on the underlying issue: it is overwhelming to contemplate the degree to which millions of Blacks have been hooked on a permanent  mainlining of “benefits” and “entitlements.” It is overwhelming to contemplate the degree to which millions of Blacks and their clueless White sympathizers are wed to the lie of “White Supremacy” being the cause for millions being trapped in this dependency, living in the squalor and hopelessness of Inner Cities riddled with crime. Note the frequency with which (uber WASP) Hillary evokes the  word “White” as a hopeful hook back into political relevance. She and all of her Democrat comrades are terrified to admit that the entire history of their American Democratic Party going back to pre-Emancipation has been one vile continuum of Black oppression and exploitation. So, for distraction, they tear down statues of old dead soldiers, conveniently forgetting to mention that those stone Confederate villains were Democrats. That could be overlooked and forgiven if anything had really changed since Emancipation regarding Blacks and their relationship to the Democratic Party.

From Frederick Douglas thru Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr., American Blacks were staunch Republicans, inspired by basic Republican principles of individual freedom fully protected by law, wisely suspicious of promised “privileges” and “entitlements” with the inevitable strings attached. In the 1960s, things appeared very hopeful for Blacks enjoying their full rights as American freemen.  Then, as historian Walter Williams, laments, “We were winning the war on poverty in this country until shortly after Lyndon Johnson declared war on it.”

The callous exploitation would continue in tandem with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which the calculating LBJ saw as yet another opportunity to “have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

There is some debate over the absolute verbatim accuracy of Johnson’s statement of crude political pragmatism, but his ingrown Southern racism and the political strategy behind it is historically verifiable from many sources and very much alive in the policies of today’s Democratic Party. With the full, eager cooperation of Black opportunists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and most prominently, Barack Obama, enslavement goes on as Johnson predicted  via cradle-to-grave government “benefits” in exchange for permanent votes. Black beneficiaries of Affirmative Action and successful entrepreneurs in sports, entertainment or business are expected to fall into lockstep support of these superficially compassionate, deeply destructive Democratic policies. Otherwise, they are branded traitors, Uncle Toms and subject to the full-bore, vicious politics of personal destruction. Note the sudden recanting today of yesterday’s hero Alejandro Villanueva, actually apologizing for “selfishly” standing alone among all his teammates to give the flag and anthem his full respect and not being a “team player.” One can only imagine the threats and pressure brought to bear on him.

It’s now entirely in the hand of Blacks themselves, now in great numbers vastly more economically/politically empowered and privy to honorable leadership. A Ben Carson, now head of HHS? Or a Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/Barack Obama? Charter schools for the young, education leading to self-determination for millions of Black individuals? Or a bunch of impressionable, easily bribed young football players snatched up from the ‘hood, doing the mob bidding of violent political anarchists?

The Black Mafia and their influential White cronies in government and big business have been calling the shots for years, not “white supremacists,” nowhere demonstrated more visibly than in this recent NFL display. Will a majority of  the Black citizenry make the right, brave choices in leadership, in the beneficial ways life should be lived? Everything hinges on their political and personal decisions. They’ve been making the wrong ones for 50 years.

Everything old is new again. As FDR said, introducing her to the King & Queen of England: “Your Majesties, Kate Smith. This is America.”

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