Children of the Demmed:
Obamajugend and the Confessions of a Secret Totalitarian

March 18, 2018


Sghh! Don't tell. Transformation. Rhymes with totalitarian.

“Shhh! It’s a secret. It’s not Then. Or Now. It’s the Future. The Kids. Transformation. Rhymes with Totalitarian.”

UPDATE 3/7/21: Woke children, and no, this is not China or North Korea. A new generation of Teenage Torquemadas, coming right up, right here in the USA. Watch what you say, watch what you do. Watch what you think they might think you said or you think of what they think you might do. Be afraid, be very afraid.

bad seed

ORIGINAL POST 3/18/18: “Social media platforms are just that. They are a tool, and ISIS can use that tool, and neo-Nazis can use that tool. The large platforms — Google, the Facebook — uh, being the most obvious. They’re shaping our culture in powerful ways, and the most powerful way in which that culture is being shaped right now is the Balkanization of our public conversation. This was already happening with the advent of talk radio and cable. But essentially we now have entirely different realities that are being created with not just different opinions, but now different facts.

Obama’s recently leaked “secret” speech (aside from being a typically lie-encrusted orgy of self-glorification) reveals the true meaning of his “transformation:” one United Socialist States of America. Like his inept chosen successor, he “deplores” what he repeatedly calls the “Balkanization” of the media (ie, alternative Conservative media underpinning dissension, disagreement, opposition) regarding him and his ilk panting for a monolithic America controlled by himself and his philosophical cronies in high places like DC, the UN and the MSM. Obviously, Balkanization refers to the distinct and separate eastern European nations who didn’t cotton easily to Stalin’s plan to swallow them all whole. This is the language of totalitarian dictatorship countering annoying resistance.

Obama Youth Corps Army[1]

Most ominous is what lies ahead. His early call in 2008 for a “civilian national security force” seems to be coming to fruition in the form of the recently “spontaneous,” suddenly roused “children’s crusade” against the Second Amendment. If this and the  chilling cult of personality that has grown around him from the beginning isn’t a clue, nothing is. Last week, a two year old worshiping the female Obama goddess was big news. This week it’s organized bands of Stepford teens chanting in chorus against basic Constitutional rights. As the sinister Hitler Youth sing at the end of “Cabaret,” “the future belongs to me.” Hardly encouraging news despite Hillary’s ongoing self-immolation. The ongoing CULTivation of American youth by Obamatrons and their minions is the stuff of nightmarish horror movies. This one’s called The Children of the Demmed(sic).

Multiculturalism sounds nice, but...

Multiculturalism, “diversity” sound and look so nice, but…

...the goal is totalitarianism.

…the goal is really this.


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Obamajugend and the Confessions of a Secret Totalitarian

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