Sghh! Don't tell. Transformation. Rhymes with totalitarian.
“Shhh! It’s a secret. It’s not Then. Or Now. It’s the Future. The Kids. Transformation. Rhymes with Totalitarian.”

Stop him and the whole new Children’s Crusade before you find yourselves  banished to the cornfield.


UPDATE 9/21/23: It was only a matter of time before an “American Climate Corps” would be launched. We can already see the staged photos of cheerful fresh young faces sporting their green kerchiefs, the Gretas from all across the gender spectrum, united in the watermelon struggle against the oppressive, patriarchal destroyers of Mother Gaia.

The artwork has already been done! Just color in green for those red scarves. 

UPDATE 8/29/23: Instructing young people on the very real existence of evil would be mass exposure of those behind lethal Big Lies such as Climate Change and The Gender Spectrum. Small wonder such instruction and free expression of contrary views are condemned as “misinformation” and cause for dismissal of honest teachers and school administrators. Only parents, rising up as one by the millions against this plague, can save their own kids and the future of the country. 

UPDATE 7/6/23: Do those blind Americans still supporting the Biden Presidency have the slightest inkling of this administration’s active part in human trafficking, most specifically children? In the hollow personage of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party has made it clear that it has no moral boundaries when it comes to acquiring and holding on to power. Among the many crimes casually, repeatedly committed in the name of the present administration is the wanton exploitation of children made so much easier (and profitable) with a wide open border policy facilitating the ongoing, ensuing invasion. A new movie out this week on precisely this subject, “Sound of Freedom,” is reportedly setting box office records, viewable now in theatres.

UPDATE 6/30/23: There is no greater hope for the future than allowing the young to be educated in the basics, exposed to the greatness of Western Civ, then sent out fully armed to compete in this world.

This is what the future is up against. 

UPDATE 5/11/23: It’s now a whole, legitimized movement coming after the kids, and anyone objecting is to branded domestic terrorists, Nazis, censors, The Enemy.

UPDATE 4/26/23: Perhaps BrandonWorld’s greatest crime is  the epidemic of hopelessness and confusion afflicting young people. What chance is there for those told from birth that the planet is doomed and that there are 1001 genders?

First the bad news:

UPDATE 4/18/23: It’s “Wild In The Streets” in Chicago as The Children trash that toddlin’ town. The wise new mayor of a Windy City electorate that has lost its senses and elected him counsels, “It’s not constructive to demonize destructive youth.” 

Suicide is painless? 

UPDATE 4/22/23: The good news comes from all over America where parents are winning the war to see their children are not condemned to the anarchy of public schools.


UPDATE 4/13/23: Attributing special wisdom to the young is a sign of ignorance, stupidity and irresponsibility in those sentimentalists spouting such drivel. They are those who tremble at any aggression against the forces determined to turn the young and promising into mind-numbed robots.



UPDATE 4/7/23: What?! Big name colleges and universities like Stanford and Cornell are finally protecting free speech and practicing Tough Love on those delicate snowflake students demanding “safe places” and “trigger warnings” for anything the little darlings don’t like. These administrations have taken some stand against recruiting and rewarding snitches and informants trained to report criminally unWoke activity having to do with “pronouns, transgenderism, microaggressions and proscribed language.” Stasi stuff.

UPDATE 3/15/23: With the eager approval of school staff, Stanford law students channeled Mao’s Cultural Revolution and shouted down a conservative judge about to deliver a speech last week. The law school Dean’s apology to the professor brought out hundreds of students in black masks to surround the apologizing Dean in eerie, threatening silence. Among the judge’s various crimes are a)being Trump appointed and b)using incorrect pronouns addressing a student. These brain-washed Children of the Demmed are, presumably, the leaders of tomorrow. For the benefit of those honorable law firms doing the hiring down the line, the cancel culture zeal of these young American Nazis should be permanently required on their CVs. 

Those sickened by these masked brats may take satisfaction in the here and now since their names have been released for public consumption and well-earned contempt.

UPDATE 3/9/23: To remain sane, ol’ Joe & Jane America can only think abstractly about all the possible horrors awaiting us (like Russia/China domination); that somehow, in the nick of time, we’ll once again save ourselves with responsible, honorable leadership. At some point, our luck is going to run out, and God will just shake His head.

Can such a grim scenario be that far off when a younger generation as represented by the 20-something person in the video below has (unbelievably) never heard of either “Ol’ Man River” or Judy Garland? Happily, for him and perhaps for his future, this chance encounter has gifted him with a true awakening. Tragically, most his age are indifferent and unmoved, rudderless in their ignorance. The obvious, ominous message is that a great swath of the young have no experience of history and are, by design, empty vessels primed to be filled with the poison of their prospective slave masters. 


UPDATE 2/14/23: Any great surprise that 23 Baltimore schools surveyed produced precisely zero students meeting even minimal math proficiency? Chalk up one more achievement of DEI displacing competence and merit.

All 3 Rs are casualties. 

UPDATE 2/7/23: Millions of older, grayer Americans give daily thanks for what cultural autonomy we retain, separate as much as possible from what is today’s younger, markedly “different” generation. Who of the pampered but basically traditional Baby Boomers realized just how far down things could go? Many of Boomers’ Millennial children and grandchildren actually view their parents & grans as “a generation of sociopaths” who have betrayed THEM, a symptom of the kids’ belief that life’s bounty should be guaranteed rather than earned on an individual basis within a bustling free market of ideas, goods and services. Perhaps they’ll wake up to and embrace the tried-and-true founding principles that will Make America [and them] Great Again.

Countless millions of people have started with  this and only this to build successful lives.


UPDATE 2/4/23: There’s hope when there’s significant pushback against what we’re told is inevitable…like turning education of the young into Stalinist indoctrination on all fronts. There are millions of parents and activists who beg to differ.  

And even certain prominent political figures speaking on their behalf. 


UPDATE 1/12/23: With very few exceptions, colleges are a colossal waste of time and money. We will be liberating millions of promising, young lives by doing away with the false notion that college is the sole pathway to success. Be a plumber, be a carpenter, be an electrician, be an auto mechanic, do REAL things that people need every minute, every day of every year. If one’s professional goals do not lie in the aforementioned range of absolute daily necessities, be an entrepreneur and find your own market for what you have to offer.


UPDATE 1/6/23: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, elected Arkansas governor promising emphasis on education, is living up to her promise by modeling her state’s public school system on a newly recruited De Santis administrator’s reform plan.


UPDATE 12/27/22: Good news that school boards across the country, prompted by awake (un-Woke) parents, are officially, legally, in writing getting rid of the gender insanity from the schools. 

UPDATE 12/19/22: It’s common knowledge that Harvard along with most of our most prestigious universities have gone completely Woke. That is born out in full judging by its choice of a new President who checks all the ID Political boxes and has shown all the necessary attributes of a ruthless bureaucratic tyrant. 

Looks right. Sounds right. Wields a mean hammer and sickle.

UPDATE 12/8/22: Molding and indoctrinating the children of the future is the long-range strategy for a New World Order, Great Reset, etc. etc. ad Exit Mundi. That is the reason former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week declared Randi Weingarten, head of the rabidly Leftist AFT (American Federation of Teachers), “the most dangerous person” in the world. In accusing her of such supreme evil, Pompeo in his remarks consciously considered her fellow totalitarians Putin, Kim & Xi and gives her top spot among tyrants. His legitimate rationale for considering her the worst of the worst is her direct, powerful hand in turning young Americans en masse into the good Wokesters (communists) of the future. Minus an American population dedicated to our original principles underpinning freedom of the individual, the entire free world is lost.

Likewise, under the guise of promoting healthy children, pediatric medicine has been hijacked as one more means to control the young.  Thanks to drug and behavioral mandates, parental/family authority is to be considered obsolete while the all-knowing Collective has become your children’s mandated Big Mommy & Daddy. Covid with its Good Doctors and Concerned Experts was just the dry run.


UPDATE 11/20/22: If decent parents are to regain control of their children’s public school education, the militant Left’s stranglehold on teachers union must be broken.


UPDATE 11/16/22: Judging by the midterm stats, the youngest voters (18-29) are now most definitely The Children of the Demmed, mental captives to the lying promises of the Left.  This is in no small part due to successful ChiCom brainwashing as seductively presented to them on a daily basis by Tik-Tok. 


UPDATE 11/6/22: The full extent of the evil we face in our fanatical enemies WITHIN is easily measured by the ease with which they are committed to programming and indoctrinating the young, turning them against their parents and their country. These innocents comprise a lost generation of uneducated, anti-social, programmed time bombs set to go off in the future, many already detonating.

Children as political weapons: as evil as it gets.


UPDATE 10/13/22: Destruction of the bedrock American family has proven to be the most effective means of subverting our society by making the mass indoctrination of the rootless young so easy. Accentuating the positive, parents are refusing to surrender their families to those forces intent on controlling them. This explains the marked uptick in students withdrawn by parents from Woke public schools and booming enrollment in private or charter schools where they can control their children’s destinies.

UPDATE 10/3/22: Arizona’s adoption of universal access to school choice is the worst nightmare of the Big Ed Cosa Nostra. Teachers Unions have made it clear they and only they deserve every cent of those billion$ in federal funding, not independent charter schools. Nor should any teacher be allowed to breathe, let alone work outside their control. Uppity parents demanding authority over their children’s education will cost them money and must be discredited as traitors and terrorists.


UPDATE 9/25/22: If a recognizable and free America is to have a future, the deluge of propaganda turning children en masse into Woke State-owned drones must be forcibly and permanently dammed and dispersed.

UPDATE 9/15/22: Washed up in Leftist politics? Nowhere to go in the public realm to spread the cancer of Marxism en masse? Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League wants YOU.

At the ever-reliable, very vetted, totally balanced Babylon Bee, it’s reported that Kim Il Jong has been spotted among attentive young Ivy Leaguers diligently attending advanced classes in brainwashing.

UPDATE 9/14/22: Being a parent is particularly trying nowadays as full-scale Woke indoctrination is now the primary mission of mainstream public education. The good old Three R’s  and McGuffey Readers are nowhere to be seen, accessible only to those few fortunate young people schooled at home by responsible parents.

When actually looking for “3 R’s” on a search engine , what comes up in soft Green virtue-signaling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Sounds nice for the kiddies but pretty Green has turned a dark shade of Red.


UPDATE 9/9/22: Those swallowed up by debt to the useless university “idiot machine” have become one more ‘victimized” demographic ripe to be bribed by the Dems in exchange for their votes.

UPDATE 8/28/22: How many parents regret not taking the time to immunize their children against the socialist indoctrination in the schools and online that has now taken possession of their minds and souls? For those with young children not yet infected, take the reins. Our nation as a whole turning a blind eye to what is happening in general is destined for a very sharp attack of regret. 

UPDATE 8/28/22: The answer for the future is taking control of our children’s education and creating alternatives to what our parents could take for granted.

UPDATE 8/23/22: This video of newly recruited, very young jackboots for the IRS is the chilling realization of that civilian youth army promised us by Obama. (See ORIGINAL POST 3/18/18). If Trump’s Mar-A-Lago isn’t immune to noisy, violent invasion in the wee hours, why should anyone in America feel safe from their own government? Can we take another look at that Fourth Amendment about search and seizure?


UPDATE 8/17/22: The Children, terrorized and brainwashed by our Masters, are the essential grist for the totalitarian mills of the future. One Orwellian practice of note IN 2022 AMERICA is mass surveillance of young people’s bathroom habits. Yes, you read that right. As we have been warned in the fictional “1984” and those actual communist hell-holes thriving since 1917, there is nothing of the human mind, body or soul that is not to be the province of The State.

UPDATE 7/31/22: Allowing bad actors free access to children’s souls renders parents & family  irrelevant. One J6er is living the Stalinist nightmare of having his son-turned-DOJ-informer turn him in for simply showing up on January 6, not even entering the Capitol.

UPDATE 7/16/22: A new school like University of Austin offering a truly LIBERAL arts education to young people stands out in 2022 America like a beautiful garden in a South Side Chicago shooting gallery.

UPDATE 7/14/22: Hillsdale College’s Larry Arnn finds himself in hot water correctly describing American teachers in general these days as trained at the dumbest parts of the dumbest colleges in the country.” Naturally, the unions and other Progs object to such legitimate criticism since they believe participation trophies are all that matter, not excellence and positive results.

UPDATE 7/3/22: For those intent on enslaving or simply ruining the world for the long term, converting the young to the religion of Leftism tops their agenda. Too many parents have proven lax in being alert to this and preventing it in their children’s upbringing. Fortunately, Britain’s better leaders are at work countering the infiltration of “Wokery” into the educational mainstream. Likewise, Florida has partnered with Hillsdale College to provide real history for students.  No wonder similar moves toward protecting the young from hypersexualizing in De Santis country have met with such rage from the Left. This is the frontline battle for the future.

UPDATE 6/24/22: Particularly worrisome for those planning on being alive for most of the 21st century is the mass production of Social Justice Warriors now being rolled out on the Woke educational system’s assembly line. 

UPDATE 6/8/22: Beware the so-called “natural” remedies.  Alternative sleep remedy Melatonin poisoning in children has multiplied more than five fold over the last decade. 

UPDATE 5/25/22: We are reaping the whirlwind bigtime by having raised what are accurately described as   “excellent sheep.”  Disenchanted Yale prof and writer William Deresiewicz has focused his good, clear thinking on the destruction of true independence and individuality in the young, particularly those most highly & prestigiously “educated” ie indoctrinated. Not surprisingly, another of his books is entitled, “The Death Of The Artist.”  

UPDATE 5/25/22: The Left has always pulled out “The Children” card to disguise whatever poison they are feeding us and calling it the milk of human kindness. The ominous reality is that they are the worst abusers and exploiters of the young.  Even the distinctly un-paternal Bill Maher is dismayed at the whole gender bending disfigurement of the young and the use of them as guinea  pigs in the “vaccination” horror show. Perhaps the mindless Woke are waking up to these authentic crimes going unpunished.

5/24/22: The manufactured baby formula shortage is two-faced DoubleThink from the BigGov bureaucracy:  handwringing on full display in the same sweeping motion of confiscating essentials from the youngest of the young. 

5/21/22: Seems that abortion is the Dem solution to solving the baby formula shortage their policies have created. Too many mouths to feed? Kill any potential newcomers who might hog the “fair share” coming to those already inconveniently here.

UPDATE 5/20/22: The spawn of the Baby Boomers aka Millennials are so alienated from the most basic premises and gifts of the American experience that they are already proving to be the polar opposites of their grandparents aka the Greatest Generation. God save us from what we have we created.  Should we be surprised that the future is to be populated by miserable people exhorted by their elders to be terrified of that future?

UPDATE 5/18/22   The war on the young is escalating. Any reasoning person grounded in the most fundamental elements of living a full, satisfying life has to fear mightily for them.  

UPDATE 5/14/22: The Dems’ mantra about doing it “for the children” is about waging war on the young ‘uns. From the whole obsession with hypersexualizing childhood to the lockdown’s heartless robbery of their childhoods and key developmental years, the children are the Left’s expendable sacrificial lambs, good only as fully indoctrinated Dem voters later in life.

UPDATE 4/23/22: The jaw-dropping reality of Woke curricula being foisted on kids (even math story problems) was once material for Onion satire. Recall the hilarious absurdity of “It’s Not A Crack House; It’s A Crack Home?” In saner days, merely funny & outrageous; now it’s mainstream propaganda for the young.

UPDATE 4/22/22: There is no question that parents must and will prove to be the most effective, impassioned fighters for a genuinely American future for themselves, their children and the rest of us. Parents Defending Education appears to be one focused online presence for fathers & mothers to join forces against their radical school boards, teachers unions and what has become an American education establishment universally hostile to children.

UPDATE 4/20/22: Wokesters wouldn’t dream of missing an opportunity for indoctrinating kids, so a math lesson nowadays deals with drug deals and prostitutes rather than our own boring story problems of yore involving Dick & Jane, apples & oranges, dogs & cats. And they call parents “terrorists” for wanting a hand in what’s being peddled in the classroom…

UPDATE 4/17/22: Distinguished scribe (and former Lib) David Mamet speaks up about the blatant child abuse of the toxic sexual “openness” in grade school curricula, one of many fronts in the war on America.. A different front in the same war is located in Walt Disney’s once-magical Kingdom now gone  full-blast Woke. And one can add New Jersey to Orlando & Anaheim as battle sites. Actually, no place is immune now, but special attention can safely be focused on Blue states.

UPDATE 3/16/22: The new motto of the Woke medical establishment is now “First Do Harm.” or perhaps more accurately, first learn & use suitably Woke terminology. That done, pay lip service to your patient’s health but only in the context of their victimhood in White Supremacist society. All patients lose out here, but for some reason, New York is making no attempt to hide the special medical abuse it has in store for children with continued mask/vax mandates for tots.

UPDATE 3/12/22 Our Big Problem is not our current leadership but those great brain-washed masses of fools out there repeatedly voting for the “leaders” currently paving us a smooth path to hell. Nowadays, the younger and more impressionable they are, the more distant millions have drifted from anything resembling common sense, wisdom or truth.

UPDATE 2/10/22: The kids are the ones who stand to lose the most from all this mask/vaccine madness. Even Bill Maher agrees. Physically and emotionally, how can those things be anything but poison, especially for the young? Plain and simple, this has been child abuse all along although cowed, compliant parents wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they faced that.

Now that the masks are coming off the kids in New Jersey and Vegas (watch the video!), we can look forward to an updated picture of all those unmasked grade school faces and just a smudgy blue blur in the foreground. Ugly is as ugly does.

UPDATE 2/4/22: The Covid scam has been nothing more than a weapon against liberty, and the children have paid the highest price for the political ravings of the so-called adults “protecting” them with ugly, useless masks and an endless battery of shots even for the smallest infants.

UPDATE 1/31/22: There is already a whole film genre of The Children Wreaking Revenge on the adult world. This only sets the stage for a Covid Horror flick destined to make “Silence of the Lambs” look like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.

UPDATE 1/22/22: It’s pretty bad when a California preschool is closed on account of a two year old refusing to wear a mask. But these are not good times., especially for kids.

UPDATE 1/6/22: Taking a cue from RFK, Jr sounding the call to arms, scales are dropping even from the calloused eyes of the NY Times (and their Trump-hating confederates) admitting the real damage done to the young by the whole Covid/Vax/Mask outrage.

UPDATE 10/17/21: Now that responsible parents have been openly slandered (“domestic terrorists”) and threatened by the Biden Mafia, could it be that fighting for children across all Party lines is the great unifying factor to turn the tide engulfing us?

UPDATE 9/24/21: Parents taking their kids out of public schools and Woke environments are voting with their feet and being conscientious heads of families, not passively obedient servants of the State. 

And tomorrow is their children, now and generations ahead.

UPDATE 9/24/21: The most disturbing prospect for the future is the new generations of grown and yet-to-grow children now totally detached from real history, culture, names, places, personalities, events of past. In place of critical thinking and the ability to sort through varied content of substance, the New Young  are adrift in a haze of unsorted, random information and sensory experience. Into the resultant mental vacuum of disorder and chaos can and will be poured the useless vagaries of Woke/Leftist/Utopian “equality” that eclipses individuality, independent thought and the vital need (and privilege) of each soul to grapple productively with life’s challenges.

UPDATE 9/15/21: Perhaps the greatest long term damage done to Americans is that inflicted on the young. Locked down, vaccinated and masked at the whim of U.S. Government bureaucrats and politicians, they are learning subservience and obedience as normalized behavior toward an impersonal, punitive State that considers them little more than disposable serfs. Or maybe just mindlessly malleable voters of the future who will keep the Statists forever in power. Those complicit parents refusing to resist by schooling them at home are betraying their own children’s futures.

Obedience training for America’s children. The dog is almost certainly better off than those children falling into the clutches of today’s education establishment. 

UPDATE 8/8/21: Woke Swedish corporate advertising is now spitting out little Gretas by the truckload.

UPDATE 5/24/21: SuperWoke Portland is now in the process of creating its own hometown Hitler Youth in the form of  modernized teenage SJWs. The 3 R’s have been appended (if not totally displaced) in favor of CRT, Critical Race Theory. Oh goody. More (in the eloquent words of wild & wooly Australian newsman Alan Jones) “selfish, badly educated, virtue-signaling little turds.”
UPDATE 5/9/2`1: Bret Stephens, referencing Midge Decter and her “Liberal Parents, Radical Children,” describes the compounded infantilization and coddling of each generation that started as a slow slide in the 60s and has now become a raging avalanche of anti-social idiocy.

UPDATE 4/17/21: Brainwashing the very young through agitprop Identity Politics-setting one group against the other,  perpetual victims put upon by perpetual oppressors-is prerequisite for all aspiring dictatorships deliberately making hay out of social disorder and division. Anarchy is the goal.    In such an atmosphere thick with the poisonous fog of chaos and fear, power is amassed.

One conscientious father has withdrawn his daughter from a toney private school in Manhattan, decrying the use of Critical Race Theory beginning in kindergarten which characterizes all Whites as the natural oppressor of all Non-Whites. Throwing this blatant racism back into the faces of the so-called non-racists is not well-received by the administration and those parents in lockstep wit this radical chic new cult of Wokeness.

The notion of hypocrisy doesn’t enter the soft brains of these upper-crust Marxists since they are convinced that their phony outrage at “systemic racism” will somehow immunize them come the revolution when the tumbrils roll by and the guillotines start falling. Talk like the proletariat, live like the aristocracy! If there’s anything systemic, it’s systemic  guilt and ingratitude for the free, prosperous lives they have been handed…and are now psychotically throwing away as penance for their perceived sins.

Furthermore,  how dare one good parent leave the cult and expose them openly for the systemic hate THEY are advocating!  This  nightmarish mind-bending goes hand-in-hand with the trauma inflicted on millions of children by the Leftist teachers unions using Covid lockdown to forbid schools to open at all. These Leftists are staking claim to the lives of the young, if/when/what/how they are to be raised…and swearing vengeance on those parents with the wherewithal and vision to refuse cooperation in this kidnapping of their children.

UPDATE 3/7/21: Woke children, and no, this is not China or North Korea. A new generation of Teenage Torquemadas, coming right up, right here in the USA. Watch what you say, watch what you do. Watch what you think they might think you said or you think of what they think you might do. Be afraid, be very afraid.

bad seed

ORIGINAL POST 3/18/18: “Social media platforms are just that. They are a tool, and ISIS can use that tool, and neo-Nazis can use that tool. The large platforms — Google, the Facebook — uh, being the most obvious. They’re shaping our culture in powerful ways, and the most powerful way in which that culture is being shaped right now is the Balkanization of our public conversation. This was already happening with the advent of talk radio and cable. But essentially we now have entirely different realities that are being created with not just different opinions, but now different facts.

Obama’s recently leaked “secret” speech (aside from being a typically lie-encrusted orgy of self-glorification) reveals the true meaning of his “transformation:” one United Socialist States of America. Like his inept chosen successor, he “deplores” what he repeatedly calls the “Balkanization” of the media (ie, alternative Conservative media underpinning dissension, disagreement, opposition) regarding him and his ilk panting for a monolithic America controlled by himself and his philosophical cronies in high places like DC, the UN and the MSM. Obviously, Balkanization refers to the distinct and separate eastern European nations who didn’t cotton easily to Stalin’s plan to swallow them all whole. This is the language of totalitarian dictatorship countering annoying resistance.

Obama Youth Corps Army[1]

Most ominous is what lies ahead. His early call in 2008 for a “civilian national security force” seems to be coming to fruition in the form of the recently “spontaneous,” suddenly roused “children’s crusade” against the Second Amendment. If this and the  chilling cult of personality that has grown around him from the beginning isn’t a clue, nothing is. Last week, a two year old worshiping the female Obama goddess was big news. This week it’s organized bands of Stepford teens chanting in chorus against basic Constitutional rights. As the sinister Hitler Youth sing at the end of “Cabaret,” “the future belongs to me.” Hardly encouraging news despite Hillary’s ongoing self-immolation. The ongoing CULTivation of American youth by Obamatrons and their minions is the stuff of nightmarish horror movies. This one’s called The Children of the Demmed(sic).

Multiculturalism sounds nice, but...
Multiculturalism, “diversity” sound and look so nice, but…
...the goal is totalitarianism.
…the goal is really this.


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