UPDATE 2/9/24: Mark Steyn has been commanded by the courts to pay Hockey Stick Hoaxer Michael Mann a million dollars. One of the great absurdities of our time has been given legal legitimacy by an ignorant/clearly biased jury possessing no grasp of the concept of free speech.

Alas, the hockey stick hoax has not been killed just yet. 


UPDATE 2/3/24: The Mark Steyn/Michael Mann libel suit regarding the phony hockey stick theory of 20th century “climate change” is not just about fraudulent science used in service to political opportunists and financial profiteers but, of equal importance, a question of free speech.

UPDATE 1/26/24: Among the more prominent absurdities pushed as legitimate nowadays, “climate crisis” Armageddon reigns supreme for the pure Henny Penny nonsense it espouses. The lies underpinning this gigantic hoax are numerous and obvious, making it perhaps the greatest hoax with traction in this never-ending swamp of fraud.


UPDATE 1/28/24: Climate Crisis: a proposed bottomless money pit for a problem that isn’t a problem. What’s not to like?

UPDATE 12/28/23: The great Greenie romance with the EV should now be termed “love on the rocks” as the dangerous, ridiculously expensive, useless pieces of Green propaganda are piling up like so much unwanted junk in car lots across the fruited plain.

Green monster, environmental tyranny in full practice.


UPDATE 12/20/23: No news to those not hypnotized by the Green Climate cult, but there’s a lot of money and power to be gained from pushing the ridiculous Green agenda, preventing fossil fuel energy development.  Among the profiteers are Woke private law firms heavily subsidized by heavily funded Dem Party shadow nonprofits to sue Big Oil.


UPDATE 12/15/23: If fear is the main ingredient necessary to control the masses, no manufactured terror offers would-be totalitarian tyrants more power than “existential climate emergency.” Marxists and Nazis have had to gin up hate and resentment by villainizing the rich or some other group of people while the Green tyrants play on the guilty consciences of the masses [Green Guilt] themselves to subjugate them.

UPDATE 12/8/23: Can it get more laughably hypocritical than this latest UN “climate summit?” Those people obviously more equal than the rest of us, insisting we stop flying/driving/eating meat, have flown in on their private jets to feast on gourmet BBQ burgers.

UPDATE 12/6/23: For the benefit of all our Henny Penny friends, we repeat: the world is not ending tomorrow or, most likely, any time within the next million or so years.

UPDATE 12/1/23: Our flagging faith in We The People is renewed by Americans not buying the Green New Deal, the expensive, battery-operated EVs and wasted subsidies the Left is pushing. We like our gas-powered cars and lawn mowers, especially since they’re relatively cheap to operate and, contrary to WokeWorld fiction, quite harmless to life on Planet Earth. In light of Islamic terrorism, the Ukrainian debacle, the Chinese dragon and pressing domestic problems, Biden’s Fat Fib about “Climate Change” being the greatest “existential threat to human existence as we know it,” rings even more annoyingly false than ever.

UPDATE 11/14/23: The ever-rational response to Climate hysterics should continue to be “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” and yet one more recounting of all the Doomsday predictions that have come to nothing after 50 years of this Henny Penny nonsense.

UPDATE 11/9/23: Car manufacturers with their annoying bottom lines and profit motives are realizing EVs are nowhere near ready for prime time. And Americans are less than eager to wait around for hours/days watching their dead cars charge.

To the dismay of those force-feeding us the foul-tasting Green miracle tonic, people are sticking with their gas-powered internal combustion engines that work. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke….

UPDATE 11/1/23: Declaring that the Climate Emergency insanity is on life support seems a bit premature but cheering. Let us hope this most insidious Big Lie designed to enslave us actually does die a complete and total death in our lifetimes.

UPDATE 10/26/23: Regarding “Global Warming”: Never mind; it isn’t happening. No arctic polar bears just off a melting ice floe expected to be bothering you on your way to work any time soon. Feel free to read more details on this greatest of Leftwing hoaxes. 

UPDATE 10/25/23: Dare we hope the slump in the EV market is a good sign the general public is sensibly steering clear of something worse than worthless being forced upon them? 

UPDATE 10/7/23: There’s no sacrifice too great when our planet’s literal survival is at stake. Ever Woke & socially conscious Starbucks leads the way…or so totally reliable sources inform us. 

UPDATE 9/26/23: While hard reasons for not embracing an EV future multiply, hardened Leftists are faced with yet another failure of their Utopian, zero-carbon fantasy. But not for them to give up the dream. Happily, for the average person faced with the expense and general non-workability of the whole idea, our internally combusted way of life looks very good, even supremely virtuous considering the incredible benefits granted 6 billion people all over the real world, not Greta’s fictional Green planet.

UPDATE 9/22/23: Uh oh, real scientists by the thousands are weighing in on the Climate Emergency hoax. Panicked screams and tearing out of hair for the Green Faithful.

UPDATE 9/10/23: A day to look forward to for all sane people is the day real science aka reality rules the day and the “climate emergency” hoax is euthanized. That done, there will be a special but quick memorial service and burial for those parties like the WEF using this Big Lie to rationalize total control of the world.

UPDATE 9/8/23: We’re in trouble when the masses have come to believe all these wildfires are the revenge of Mother Nature on filthy, fossil-fuel burning modern civilization. Once locked into such absurdity, it’s the rare individual who can admit that there’s little to it other than psychotic political operatives deliberately setting fires. 

UPDATE 8/30/23: Breaking news: the wildfires in Greece (and almost certainly everywhere else) have indeed been man-made: not “anthropogenic global warming” but good old-fashioned arson and  badly managed infrastructure. In the case of Maui, it is carelessly maintained phone wires and great neglected stretches of dry grass making the whole setting a tinderbox waiting to explode. And so it did. Such are the costs of socialized bureaucracies like deep blue Hawaii that demand little or no accountability for getting any job done.

UPDATE 8/24/23: The fundamental premise of the Greenies is that humans are a blight on the earth deserving of punishment for the sin of taking up space and utilizing the resources of the planet. Humanity is to be conquered and controlled, not the pitiless forces of nature. Naturally, those special humans enforcing this will be the privileged few spared the inconveniences of starving and succumbing to the elements.

UPDATE 8/23/23: Proterra is this year’s Solyndra: a scam paid for by taxpayers, touted as The Next Big Thing by Joe & Kamala, pushed by the likes of heavy investors Al Gore, George Soros and Jennifer Granholm, all of whom dumped their shares at hefty profits before…you guessed it…Proterra went bust.


UPDATE 8/11/23: Those dying to blame natural disasters like the Maui fires on “Global Warming” are once again ignoring the necessity for preventive maintenance of Hawaii’s abandoned sugar cane fields now overrun by dry grass. The same goes for those not-so-mysterious wildfires in America and elsewhere, made almost inevitable by the refusal of environmentalists to allow maintenance of forest floors overgrown with flammable debris.

UPDATE 8/9/23: Al Gore blazed the Crony Capitalist trail to immense riches for politicians setting government policies giving total market advantage to companies in which they have personally invested. Their get-rich strategy has been simply to enforce the banning of fossil fuels from the marketplace while pushing “renewable” energy sources.

In the case of uniquely twisted Energy Secretary Granholm, all pretense of shame and conflict of interest has been dropped. She personally invested in some EV concern called Proterra and pushed it vocally from her position as Energy Secretary, citing it as the wave of the future. She then sold out her shares in Proterra at a considerable profit before it went bankrupt.

Augmenting the increasingly foul smell emanating from Granholm and the whole Green New Deal flim-flam, she has consulted with her ChiCom counterpart before deliberately draining our oil reserves. According to her in some previous statement regarding the “Climate Crisis” and the most heedlessly polluted nation on the planet, “we can all learn from China.”

It has been asked elsewhere on these pages, what is it about Michiganders that they have chosen in recent years two of the most corrupt and outright wicked witches on earth (Granholm and Whitmer) to be their governor?

Kamala Kackling is contagious in BrandonWorld.


UPDATE 8/3/23: All claims of virtue notwithstanding, the Green movement is an exercise in mass psychosis. Countless millions of seemingly normal people are willing to destroy themselves to “save the planet,” and the sinister architects of the plot are cackling.

O how lovely. Particularly vomit-worthy to see the rich and famous like John Kerry and Leonardo Di Caprio shilling on behalf of this monumental, criminal deception. 

UPDATE 7/27/23: A ominously frequent sign of the times is a distinguished Nobel laureate scientist finding himself canceled speaking out about the Big Lie(s) of Climate Change. 

UPDATE 7/20/23: Those virtue signalers willing and able to spend a fortune on an EV might spend at least a couple seconds of clear thought on where that “clean, Zero-Carbon” electricity comes from: fossil fuels, coal, Lithium strip mines. Not so pristine or pretty…and what happens when the thing quits in a traffic jam or out in the middle of nowhere? No simple, easily portable, cheap can of gas will save you.

UPDATE 7/18/23: The Left’s inherent love of tyrannical power is expressed in its Malthusian mania for population control. Kamala’s little slip last week about getting rid of people to allow “The Children” to breathe is just saying out loud what many Dems would deny about themselves and their Party: its never-ending pursuit of a totalitarian regime of their own rigid design.

UPDATE 7/5/23: Just a reminder: this rush to EV’s is only beneficial for rich investors like Al Gore, their cronies high up in government and the Chinese who control the markets for making the infernal things.

UPDATE 7/2/23: When rational self-interest takes precedence over fashionable political stances, things tend to work out well. For instance, the average, everyday, brainless opponents of fossil fuels not wanting to give up their good, functioning cars and home heating/cooling systems for New Age alternatives that will bankrupt them.

UPDATE 7/2/23: The global warming lunatics are bumping the madness up a notch with a plan to block sunlight worldwide in order to save our endangered planet. Unsurprisingly, this and the equally unappealing plan to take away our gas-fueled cars has the support and interest of the distasteful dementia patient posing as President of the United States.

Better to focus on Gorebal Warming. 

UPDATE 6/30/23: Are Americans, New Yorkers specifically, so marinated in the “Climate Change” Kool-Aid that they’re willing to give up pizza to save the planet? This way to Wonderland, please.

Who’d have dreamed? 

UPDATE 6/22/23: Not wishing to live by candlelight, it should come as no surprise that Europeans are having to rethink “renewable energy sources” and going back to fossil fuels. A somewhat deeper look would reveal to them and all those worldwide falling for the Green Lie that fossil fuels are not a lesser evil but the path to renewed prosperity and an environmentally cleaner planet. 

UPDATE 6/15/23: The most celebrated of eco-terrorists, the Unabomber, has departed the planet he loved so much that he was willing to exterminate innocent human life to save it. Unfortunately, his political descendants are no longer a few lone fanatics but active members of a widespread, murderous cult.  

UPDATE 6/11/23: No surprise that the Canadian wildfires are not merely disasters for Canadians in the region (and coughing, choking people enjoying the smoke all the way down to the Carolinas). It’s “Climate Change” of course! Pay up/give it up/do without/die! Or is it legit science pointing to the absence of sound forestry & conservation principles dictated by “Climate Change” hysteria? OR, perhaps most likely, the sinister plague of eco-terrorism, “Climate Warriors” deliberately setting fires to save the earth? Note that all hellish roads lead back to “Climate Change,” that evilest, most insidious of means to totalitarian ends.

UPDATE 6/9/23: The Armageddon looming isn’t meteorological but political. Bad or fickle weather has become a mendacious means to a very evil end. The scary, dark deadline that hovers just over the horizon is not the extinction of biological life but of human liberty and all individual pursuit of happiness.

UPDATE 6/7/23: Voting for policies that create serious energy shortages has its consequences as the Germans are learning. The major industries with a bottom line are voting with their feet and leaving. Perhaps the average voters swallowing the “Climate Change Emergency!!!” lie and Green New Deals are finally learning they too have a bottom line…like eating, being warm in winter, cool in summer. Just sayin’.

As successful in Germany as here. 


UPDATE 6/1/23: An original founder of GreenPeace and a  real scientist, Dr. Patrick Moore puts to flight the hysteria, myths and outright lies of “Climate Change” and a “zero carbon future,” talking truth and common sense.


UPDATE 5/27/23: The stomach-churning damage done to both land and  air in the mining and creation of lithium batteries is a subject carefully avoided by the fanatics pushing “clean” electric vehicles. Perhaps none of it has ever been about saving the environment but all about a handful of opportunists destroying a thriving fossil fueled society and cashing in on reckless EV technology designed to take its place.

UPDATE 518/23: We will have nothing and be happy. That includes paper AND plastic. 

UPDATE 5/11/23: Don’t those going along enthusiastically with calls to “save the planet” by cutting our most basic modern comforts (like auto travel, home heating/air-conditioning) realize that the politicos and celebs leading the way to our societal suicide have NO intention of giving any of these things up for themselves?

UPDATE 4/22/23: Join the celebration of Mother Earth’s bounty and blessings by turning on all the lights and taking a car or a plane to wherever you feel like going. Even if it’s just to the local, well-stocked grocery, you’ll be expressing a distinctly American sort of gratitude. Hard to go greener than that.

UPDATE 4/19/23: Does it matter to those affluent pushers of “clean energy” that the poor can’t afford what they’re pushing or that a battery-powered world is anything but “clean?”

UPDATE 4/14/23: One more Big Lie is the fable of “clean energy” being friendly to wildlife and the environment. Going back to the Obama regime and extending into the present, the Fed has been granting wind power companies basically a license to kill birds and sea life as an added bonus to the huge subsidies coming out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

Perhaps pictures like this dead whale factually framed by “Green Energy’s” propaganda might drag a few of the Henny Pennys into the real world.

4/13/23: In response to the Climate hysterics, there is always the long, long, long list of predicted climate disaster deadlines that…well…just didn’t happen and never will. 

UPDATE 4/5/23: “Global Warming”…I mean “Climate Change” is still about as believable as men having babies and choosing one’s own gender. Like everything else they’re pushing, the Left has no intention of solving any legitimate problems related to climate or the environment. Only the acquisition of power matters.

UPDATE 3/28/23: The wildly overpriced EVs that chug along quietly at a breakneck 46 mph and self-destruct at the first speed bump are very possibly going the way of the dodo and the Yugo, those overpraised motorized tin cans of yore. Sorry. Elon. Refocus your fab free market entrepreneurial talents on some other, more worthwhile cash cow.


UPDATE 3/18/23: For those unwilling to buy into Climate Change absurdity, there is some rhetorical ammo contained in “Climate Change: What They Rarely Teach in College.” One overriding point to be made that ties in ominously with the great pretender/career criminal-on-the-take occupying the Oval Office is, “ChiComs are a threat, not the weather.”

The chart suggests that a majority of Americans (61%) are sensibly less concerned about “Climate Change” than 73% of Chinese people completely in thrall to a totalitarian government that could care less about clean air and water. Unfortunately, that still leaves 39% of our fellow citizens who have drunk the Climate Kool-Aid.

UPDATE 3/7/23: A genuine environmental disaster, a poor town, and does the Party of The Little Guy rally to aid the suffering? Anything but. Democrat concern for the common man is available only at the steep price of exclusive ownership of the common folk. Those who choose to vote for religious and personal liberty, not lifetimes on the dole, find themselves of little or no interest to the Party of The People. Why would BrandonWorld be even minimally interested in some little conservative podunk with poisoned air and water?

UPDATE 3/4/23: Is the time far off when those EV owners so proud of “doing their part” to “save the planet” finally make the connection between their “clean” batteries and the vast amounts of burning fossils fuels and strip-mined minerals necessary to make them? Did any of the tree-huggers ever hear of over-taxed electrical power grids and power blackouts? 




UPDATE 2/18/23: Trump announces he’s visiting the Ohio disaster site, and FEMA suddenly reverses and promises to help out. Are Americans listening and getting which political philosophy sides with them?

UPDATE 2/17/23: Everything’s fine! Everybody go home!  Everybody resume normal life and drink the water! All good! Bad cough you got there! And no, you’re not getting any help from your environmentally-conscious government!  

UPDATE 2/17/23: It’s positively edifying that a real environmental disaster has taken place right in Middle America, not the totally made-up, projected sort like “Climate Change” designed to scare people into surrendering all their personal rights to centralized, dictatorial government. And yet…and yet, nary a peep for a good ten days from those big-hearted Green Generals of Climate War far, far away from all the stink, stench and very real human suffering. One could get into personalities, but a picture is indeed worth all the pointless words one can summon in response to startling indifference that really amounts to heartless evil.


Always good in a crisis, Transportation Secretary “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg somehow didn’t so much as make mention of this little problem for 10 days. He did strike a blow instead for social justice, lamenting that construction workers in certain locales were just too damn White. Any shred of genuine concern wedded to actual action taken on behalf of East Palestine, Ohio by BrandonWorld has yet to materialize.

Mayor Pete’s last telling display of solid leadership mettle was his response to seriously disrupted supply chains a year or so back…and…and…and…an announcement he was taking two months paternity leave to coo and chortle with his newly adopted babies.

And there’s that laughably fake bike ride staged to emphasize a finely-tuned sensitivity to the environment, a sensitivity somehow absent when there’s something seriously amiss with real people’s air and water. 

One has every confidence he will be serving the American public with equal competence and compassion on this one. Can it be this silly creature has been and remains a leading Dem contender for the White House? Is half of America really that brain-dead?

UPDATE 2/16/23: To rational minds, it comes as no surprise that the real world continues to spin. Amazingly, the air, water and other natural resources are in no danger of burning/freezing despite the tiresome shrieks from the Henny Penny profiteers of Climate Change, Inc. The most hysterically vocal of that pack take issue with any positive outlook on global climate with the exception of East Palestine, Ohio where they assure us that everything is indeed perfectly fine and as it has been for millennia.

Mercedes Electric Car


UPDATES 2/7/23: The push to abolish gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric ones goes hand-in-hand with more planned lockdowns by the totalitarian Left in the name of saving us from the all-purpose fantasy threat called “Climate Change.”

UPDATE 2/3/23: For the Zero-carbon crowd, a reminder of just what they have to give up. Not explicitly included below: most electrical power itself. Other than that, who needs oil? Feh. Dirty stuff.

UPDATE 1/30/23: There are enough religious Green zealots all over the world to allow a HUGE lie like Global Warming to force all the rest of us “deniers” to starve, freeze and generally live like serfs at the pleasure of a few evil master planners (who will neither starve, freeze nor deprive themselves of any of the privileges of modern life.)

UPDATE 1/24/23: When will the politically prominent Greenies and assorted delusionists swallowing this suicidal narrative wake up to the absurdity of their dreamy electric/”Zero Carbon” future?

UPDATE 1/24/23: Thanks to the pandering of clueless, groveling titans of industry, they’re coming for your motorcycle. And your stove. Oh, and even your coffee. All to Save The Planet, of course.


UPDATE 1/20/23: Given the stage at the WEF jamboree in Davos, Al Gore’s shrieking has reached record decibel levels as this human totem pole desperately demands the relevance and attention due a messianic prophet. According to “The Goracle,” every day the equivalence of 600,000 Hiroshima explosions are taking place in our atmosphere thanks to you cooking soup on your propane stove and driving to the store in your gas guzzler to obtain the contents of the boiling pot. I mean hot really hot this AGW (man-made global warming) stuff. In modern parlance, our response is rolled eyes and “Oooooh-kay.”



UPDATE 1/16/23: The myth of recycling to “Save The Planet.” Just “a false sacrament of the Green religion.”

UPDATE 1/17/23: Climate Change hysteria is an empty luxury for  the Woke bored, affluent and guilt-ridden and of NO CONCERN to those in the world who would simply like the chance to earn a living and provide at least some basics for themselves. The totalitarian consequences of the radical Green Globalist/Great Reset agenda will provide none of that. In reality, it promises only misery and death.



UPDATE 1/14/23: They really are coming for your gas stove and other wonders of the modern kitchen as surely as they’re coming for your internal combustion car and tools. Like every other control the Progs propose, rest assured this one too is for your own good.

UPDATE 1/12/23: The delusional passion the Greenies have for an all-electric vehicle future is hitting a hard wall called reality. In their madness, they are upset by a world powered by what is cheap, plentiful energy (like oil & natural gas) that already works well. On their own time and their own dime, they are free to develop workable alternative energy sources, but don’t ask the world to stop in the interim.


UPDATE 1/7/23: Suspicious yet? Suddenly Biden is admitting there’s a little problem at the border and dropping by for a visit. And with equal suddenness a government report is released about the massive toll taken by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline. Lost jobs; energy shortage; dependence upon Russia/OPEC; wildly inflated prices. It is a certainty this puppet and the whole infestation of his handlers behind the curtain aren’t motivated to do the right thing. The most positive explanation is that doing the right thing (or at least simulating it) is becoming a political necessity. 


UPDATE 12/19/22: The proliferating polar bear population has to come as a disappointment to those using those big, cute, fluffy things as the tragic image of climate “emergency.” Admittedly, they’re much more appealing than a scowling Greta. But, sorry to tell the Greenies, it’s all just the weather anyhow, and the polar bears are thriving.

UPDATE 12/15/22: Belgium is joining the Green Kool-Aid brigade determined to turn energy-deprived Europe into one big Jonestown landscape of starved, frozen bodies. Some Americans look upon Europe’s headlong rush into Climate Change perdition with awe and envy. Let’s hope the majority are awake enough to see it as a dire warning. 

Now the average European can freeze and starve in style just like all those illegal immigrants. 

UPDATE 12/8/22: Must we wait until that inevitable day when all those batteries just don’t work (or explode), and life simply screeches to a halt? Or will commonsense prevail and combustible fossil fuels continue to power a vibrantly alive world while provably better technology gradually develops?

UPDATE 12/5/22: The late scientist Michael Crichton reiterated Chesterton’s truth that no one, even rabid atheists, are godless. “When Man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships everything.” Everyone fills the void with something. Or anything.  In the case of Greenies, it’s Environmental Theology, yet one variation of that most deadly opiate of the masses called Marxism. For good reason, worshipers of Mother Gaia are now commonly known as Watermelons: Green on the outside, dark Red inside.


UPDATE 12/3/22: It’ll be cozy this winter for the Green-minded Swiss: no heat, no travel, no electricity wasted on reading at night. Luckily, America hasn’t forced this wise response to the “Climate Change emergency” on its citizens…yet. We were stupid enough to hunker down obediently in our houses and off the streets for two years for even less, so anything is possible.


UPDATE 12/2/22:  Green Tyranny, in the Netherlands and its kindred globalist regimes, is reaching an especially absurd peak where destroying food production is deemed necessary to save the planet. Apparently, millions of starving, dead people ON the planet are to be considered inconvenient collateral damage.

UPDATE 11/23/22: In real, unpoliticized life, a large percentage of uncompromised scientists aren’t promoting the Green goo in exchange for fat financial grants.

11/22/22: If your dwindling bank account doesn’t let you know something’s wrong with the Green Future drivel, starving and freezing to death in the very near future might get you to focus. O, ye Greenies and professed lovers of Mother Gaia: there are a few problems with your plan to antiseptically cleanse the planet with your battery-operated cars, solar and wind power, starting with the physical, logistical impossibility of such a dream. Come the moment when you have nothing to eat, nowhere to go and nothing to take you there as you shiver or fry to a bitter end, you may begin to doubt the wisdom of such a vision. It might even upset you to know that those politicos pushing all this have absolutely no intention of giving up any of those blessings of modern life for themselves. But you are supposed to. Got a problem with that?


UPDATE 11/16/22: If freezing/starving/killing billions of people is necessary, so be it say our Green saviors pushing “renewables” that are neither usable or even necessary to an oil/gas rich world.  Kill people to “Save The Planet” pretty much sums up this madness. The only happy outcome can be a lot of cold, starving people finally rising up against this BS.  That hopeful response to a grim scenario now well underway looks rather unlikely at the moment.


UPDATE 11/5/22: About those batteries. 178 miles in 15 hours. Just saying.

UPDATE 11/4/22: Answering the simple question about where the battery power for electric vehicles originates should make the Greenies an extinct species overnight. But that would be asking too much of those easily entwined in Green Gospel.

UPDATE 10/29/22: Good news for the panicked sad sacks huddled in their basements waiting for the Climate Apocalypse: the NY Times has just announced that the whole thing is a wee bit exaggerated. and it’s safe to come out now.

UPDATE 10/28/22: When Mother Earth-loving Joe/Jane Schmoe sees the price of replacing an EV taillight or dead battery, the good ol’ filling station/repair shop servicing their discarded gas-guzzling buggy will start looking like Paradise Lost.

UPDATE 10/27/22: Old World jackboot tyranny is alive and well and coming down like a sledge on Dutch agriculture. The Climate Nazis, determined to control the food supply, are in the process of seizing 600 private farms at gunpoint for the purported crime of contributing to Gaia’s demise via too much nitrogen in the soil.  Holland has ceased to be a charming land of windmills, tulips and wooden shoes.

UPDATE `10/23/22: Thanks to beyond-stupid Green policies, Europe is about to spend the upcoming winter shivering like Neanderthals huddled around the cave fire. Progressive New York, equally entranced by cave living, also thinks “renewables” are the way to go! 


UPDATE 10/21/22: At what point do loyal Dems stop pretending they didn’t vote in gas shortages and all the costly inconveniences that go with Joe’s cancellation of oil/gas production? Don’t they realize they look as demented and corrupt as the Big Guy creep they call their leader?

UPDATE 10/20/22: Green Energy. The Gender Spectrum. The long and short of this destructive re-engineering of society is MONEY. Follow it, and suddenly all the claimed benefits to society burst like the gassy bubbles they are. That doesn’t guarantee that the public has the nerve to admit the lie and to act on sending it to the garbage heap. The real crisis and cause for serious worry is the intentional suppression of gas/oil production based on the whole phony Armgageddon scenario painted about “Climate Change!”

UPDATE 10/15/22: Leave it to California to lead the way down the wind-powered path to perdition. All those useless offshore windmills will only prove to be a visual blight on the Pacific coast and one big clean-up project for decades to come.


UPDATE 10/8/22: Surely all those exploding wet batteries post-Ian and the very real possibility of highway escape routes littered with charred EVs mustn’t dampen those pristine Green dreams.

UPDATE 10/4/22: In those long ago days when common sense and doing what worked was the approach to problems and making progress, new-fangled things like Edison’s proposal to electrify NY was tested out on a few city blocks. Once proven to work well for that circumscribed test area, it expanded gradually and naturally to become a worldwide norm.

Today’s oxygen-starved Green brains are somehow convinced that forcing windmills and solar panels and electrified cars on the whole world as of yesterday is the way to go. It is, indeed, the fast track to hell, and the maniacs and their idiot followers pushing it will persist in calling it heaven regardless of the obvious devastation they’ve created. 

UPDATE 10/4/22: Attention all you Clean Greenies, worshippers of the sun and wind gods: WHAT IF there was no more oil?


UPDATE 9/30/22: Quote of the week, referring to California’s Greenie Watermelon plan to banish all natural gas appliances like stoves and heaters: “Leftists may not like natural gas.  They may not like gas lighting.  But they sure love gaslighting the rest of us.”

This move from the Communists now in control of the the Golden State would effectively destroy millions of gas-powered and heated homes, upending the human lives dwelling within. No matter to the usual suspects pushing this fraud. One rational person’s idea of criminal activity against real people is a Communist’s idea of salvation. Remember the Reds’ Orwellian credo, “Crime is a construct.”

UPDATE 9/29/22: In case you’ve just heard the terms “global warming” and “Green Energy” for the first time, it’s ALL about money and political power. Destroy the thriving market that works (oil and gas) and forcibly replace it with the one where YOUR money is. Ask Green Energy “Investment” Czar and Clinton relic John Podesta. And, for that matter, pioneer Green Energy propagandist and profiteer Al Gore.

UPDATE 9/28/22: The Pitiful Puppet’s treasonous destruction of oil and gas production in favor of “renewables” will be, in a happy time not far off, the final straw. Any alternative outcome is too terrible to contemplate. 

UPDATE 9/25/22: One of the cornerstones of the totalitarian Green New Deal is the mining of such elements essential to batteries as lithium and cobalt. To complete the puzzle (no longer a mystery even to the NY Times), the Biden family’s (spelled H-U-N-T-E-R) illicitly acquired financial interests in those markets explains the determination from Day One of BrandonWorld to eliminate fossil fuels as THE energy source that runs the world.

Thumbs up to lots & lots of big battery bucks all along the Hunter B. money trail.

UPDATE 9/22/22: Even a cursory history of China’s foray into totally centralized agriculture and industry should be a warning about the like-minded (globalist) Greenies. That particular chapter of Mao’s Great Leap Forward resulted in the mass starvation of 30-40 million. Then as now, such grand scale social engineering can only end in disaster.

UPDATE 9/21/22: One thousand respected scientists, rational skeptics of the whole “climate change” boondoggle, have banded together to warn that the “renewables” cure will be immeasurably worse than the imagined disease. Beware the unfounded promises of a “cleaner” energy future. Most significantly, all this seemingly altruistic advice is handed out on the false assumption that the hysteria is really about concern for the planet and not politically motivated, totalitarian control of the entire human race by the self-selected few.


UPDATE 9/14/22: The Big Lie about “clean” electric power is that producing it is as dirty (and then some) as what it’s supposedly replacing. Like all silent killers, the totalitarianism underlying the whole Green movement must sneak in quietly, cleanly, on tiptoe.

Follow the money…and the political power to be amassed.

UPDATE 9/13/22: Like most of Europe and now Brandon’s America catching up, the panicked French have resorted to shutting off the lights on the Eiffel Tower because…well, they haven’t gotten the message that they need to produce their own energy, not rely on Russia, the Arabs or whomever.

UPDATE 9/11/22: California’s Zero energy policy is a dystopian nightmare in the making for most of its citizens, so what’s not to like for the rest of us stupid plebes?!!! Gavin will remain all plastic smiles as he continues to travel and eat out in style; Nancy will inhale her designer ice cream and get her hair done whenever and however she pleases; and the rest of us be damned.


UPDATE 9/10/22: How pleasant to read the lines, “How pleasant is it to watch a [bad] idea fall apart.” In this case, it’s the Green lunacy turning Germany into a cave culture that SHOULD be a warning to the rest of what purports to be the modern, civilized world. What will it take when such concretely negative results back a Greenpeace founder recanting the whole global warming narrative?

UPDATE 9/8/22: It’s a promising start for the new British PM, lifting the ban on fracking as a solution to NO ENERGY.

UPDATE 9/8/22: The only Green revolution that will happen will be American gone completely Red. Green is the new Red.

UPDATE 8/31/22: Looking forward to that knock on the door from the Weatherization Nazis demanding this, that and the other to “improve” your property and to make it more “climate-friendly?” Refuse, and pay the price in social disgrace, fines and jail.

UPDATE 8/30/22: Like everything else put forward by this administration in thrall to the Left, there is no concern for the consequences. Whether it be Loan Forgiveness, pulling out of Afghanistan, abandoning fossil fuels for electricity, the results spell disaster. Promise them anything, but don’t feel obliged to deliver on any of it.

UPDATE 8/28/22: For those deeply immersed in the Green religion, the news of no “Climate Crisis” from 1000+ real scientists has to be devastating. 

UPDATE 8/25/22: The next time Henny Penny or Prince Charles announces the sky is falling, one can very easily refer back to all those dire predictions of the past that continue to disappoint all these Chicken Littles. 

UPDATE 8/21/22: At last, some serious pushback from a judge against Brandon’s freeze on gas/oil development. 13 states can now drill, baby, drill. Maybe we’re on the road back to energy independence and the beginning of the end of this intentionally suicidal course the Dems have set.

UPDATE 8/20/22: Posterity’s vote is still out on whether Covid Madness or Global Warming will prove to be the biggest fraud with the most impact on us.

UPDATE 8/18/22: No, all you Green Gretas, hysterical Henny Pennys and profiteering  hypocrites: the sky is not falling, there is no crisis, and it’s time to junk your polluting Green energy suggestions in favor of the surprisingly cleaner fossil fuels and nuclear power. Or are you determined to be Foxy Loxy’s lunch?

UPDATE 8/9/22: The founder of the Weather Channel has the nerve to state, “It’s the weather, stupid.”

UPDATE 8/9/22: On the sage advice of “experts” in WatermelonWorld, reputedly modern societies like Germany will be huddling together for warmth in small rooms like cavemen this winter. The Green Sri Lanka disaster is just the first of many such societal suicides until common sense returns when the “experts” (read “Leftists Master Planners”) are sent packing from society to celebrate themselves in their own caves.

UPDATE 8/4/22: Again, that definition of madness: keep doing what doesn’t work. So it is with the Green crowd, demanding yet more billion$ to develop those purported “renewables.”

UPDATE 8/1/22: What?!! Oil is a RENEWABLE natural resource?!! Read all about it. This is indeed news to a world conditioned to look upon the black gold as a rapidly depleting, “dirty” energy source.

UPDATE 7/27/22: Manchin seemed poised to do another right thing with the attractively named Inflation Reduction Act,  supposedly freeing the market to produce the energy we need from ALL sources including, to BrandonWorld’s great dismay, fossil fuels. Alas, he’s caved because he’s really just another craven Dem hack, and like most everything put forth by the Dems, it’s gasoline on the fire. Inflation will continue to deflate the dollar’s value, prices for everything (including gas) will go higher yet, the Green New Deal is The Way. Of course.

The issue remains front and center, and we’ll see what people’s suffering produces in November. If/when reality prevails over these political poseurs, those dismal Green renewables will have to take the seat farthest back in what the market and real people need. And what we need are fossil fuels.

UPDATE 7/26/22: Count on that lovely Green future to be starvation and poverty. The globalist commissars have reassured us that “You will own nothing and like it.” On the other hand, they will continue to enjoy their own fully stocked private groceries, fancy cars, country estates and private jets. And the satisfaction of controlling the lives of billions, the old Marxist dream. Those “free” renewables will come at a terrible cost. Who said the fall of the Iron Curtain was the end of history and the advent  of Arcadia?

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Oz any more.

UPDATE 7/22/22: Literal darkness is falling over Europe thanks to measures of virtuous austerity being forced upon them (and us) by those averse to energy independence provided by abundantly available fossil fuels. How comforting that a German Green Party hack has shared that he has greatly reduced his own showering time. Beware of that nice-sounding message about “we’re all in this together.”

UPDATE 7/22/22: That 99% of the world doesn’t laugh out loud at the Demented Delaware Dunce Declaration of “CLIMATE EMERGENCY!” is THE problem. Imagine: hot weather in July.

UPDATE 7/20/22: Will the fools believing in a threatened Mother Gaia respond with equal concern about the quiet, little EVs and their gloriously exploding batteries. Fourth of July every day! Perhaps a few real experiences of such Local Warming might put the Global Warming nonsense in its well-deserved grave.

UPDATE 7/19/22: Blame America first and last is always the light guiding the Left, and Greenies in particular have overlooked that our coal production and use remain a diminishing fraction of what the rest of the world like China and India use. Foreign carbon emissions, particularly communist ones, are not the ones to worry about, so let’s make America go back to the Stone Age. But what about all that coal needed to generate the power for those magic EV batteries? The Central Committee will somehow make up their own facts, and if they have their way, coal will be King right here in carbon-free America! It all makes sense!

UPDATE 7/18/22: Those naive souls cheering on the the Green/Zero Carbon fantasy have not stopped to think what they might be missing when they are no longer allowed to own a car.


UPDATE 7/15/22: The Green Lie is exacting a lethal toll on whole nations of people accustomed to eating every day. Sri Lanka is now starving: and farmers in The Netherlands are being driven out of business, their crops and livestock deliberately destroyed to accommodate the Sacred Rules of Green Orthodoxy. Germany is heading for its own cliff thanks to Merkel’s watermelon (green outside, red inside) ways. These are not fools at work; they are murderous tyrants.

UPDATE 7/16/22: Global warming aka Climate Change? Where there are billion$ to be made and limitless political power to be seized, the academic herd of professional scientists have flocked. And truth itself is the dead canary warning in the coal mine of a dying society.

UPDATE 7/8/22: The bad news first: Green insanity rages on in the form of indestructible plastic rooting systems that are engineered to reproduce crops automatically with the little side effect of permanently destroying any possibility of natural plant growth where such “roots” have spread. Sound good? Read about the whole wonderful process our Master Planners have in store.

The good news: by necessity, fossils are now being recategorized by the EU as “green energy.” Funny how the former curse of oil & gas has suddenly become the answer to real people’s real life needs for driving, flying, eating, staying warm/cold. What a difference reality makes. So very Orwellian but in this case, a ray of sanity.

UPDATE 7/5/22: The unicorn fantasy of a pristine Green Revolution is one big foul nest of lovely lies. heavily seasoned with psychosis.  Among the hard facts putting all those “inconvenient truths” to flight are slave labor used to produce those magical batteries and solar panels. This is all of no concern to those crazies who pull such annoying and pointless stunts as gluing their hands to famous artworks in museums. Totally awesome and inspiring are these eco-warriors.

The ironic bottom line is that without fossil fuels we are dooming ourselves to the extinction the Greenies insist is upon us. And even after decades of R & D to develop the sainted renewables, they will never account for more than a small fraction of the energy needed to sustain the world. The good news, unthinkable to the Climate Change Cassandras, is that there is plenty of oil and gas to last for centuries, and that’s not even considering all the sources yet to be tapped. By the way, the planet and its polar bears will all continue to thrive.

UPDATE 7/1/22: The farsighted geniuses of Green Energy, starting with our own Empty-Cranium-In-Chief and his administration, are taking a cue from their German counterparts, determined to see us freeze and/or starve to death, whichever comes first. 

UPDATE 6/24/22: The call for Zero Carbon by those forcing a Green Revolution on us is the same mad, totalitarian call for Robespierre’s and Pol Pot’s Year Zero destruction of the past, absolute “purity.” And it’s no accident the “purity” business is particularly reminiscent of Hitler’s messy stab at cleaning up the world, considering the Reich’s identification with deep, dark Green.

UPDATE 6/24/22: Like life under the Soviet commissars,  it is now a long-running, bitter joke here in the “free” West  that those who would rule us see no need to observe those rules they are imposing on us. For instance, holy Green austerity at the gas pump, the airport, not to mention life in general. They are not to be denied the benefits of modern life, but we Little Folk are expected to sacrifice and “love Mother Earth.”


UPDATE 6/21/22: The so-called “transition” to an electric/non-hydrocarbon world being forced down our throats like every Leftist “dream” is a step back into a new Dark Ages. We welcome and demand all of those pushing for such a world personally give up all things fossil fueled (starting with cars, planes & plastics) while the rest of us continue to  lead the good life.

UPDATE 6/17/22: To be kind, we’ll call Brandon’s “great transitioning” from fossil fuels to electricity just a delusional myth, not the bold-faced lie that the whole Green future is. Those Greenies in government and their cronies in industry stand to reap $billions and unlimited political power from crippling our fossil fueled way of life and aren’t about to tell the truth. Listen to a few facts and continue to enjoy your modern conveniences before the frauds take it all away in the outrageous name of “saving the planet.”

UPDATE 6/12/22: Do the fools (known in some circles now as “climate primitives”) jumping on the Green Energy Edsel realize that electric cars are powered by batteries charged from burning coal? Do they know that they will spend more time charging their “clean” cars on the average road trip than they do sleeping? Earth to Greenies: battery power comes from “somewhere” that’s a bit hot and messy.


UPDATE 6/5/22: Fossil fuels are working just fine. The planet is not dying. People at all economic levels are thriving, inflation is minimal and things are affordable because the competitive free market is operating minus excessive government interference. Or so it was before Election 2020 was stolen, and the Dark Ages of Brandon roared into being on January 21, 2021.

UPDATE 6/2/22: Green lunacy is really Green Evil, not just a big case of bad judgment. This suicidal “transition” from well-functioning, plentiful fossil fuels to pure, pristine, perfect, limitless “renewables” (that are none of the above) is one more attempt to establish centralized, totalitarian control by a few very bad apples.

UPDATE 5/3/22: “Clean energy” has a dirty little secret. Like everything fanatically forced on us by the Left, it’s always the truth turned on its head aka, a lie; and the Green movement leads a crowded, competitive pack.

UPDATE 5/2/22: The termites of BrandonWorld are chewing away at American energy independence from every approachable angle, insisting to a gullible public that “green energy” is the way to a prosperous, secure future while reality is diametrically the opposite. “Green Energy” is a hoax promoting useless “renewables” over plentiful,  safely utilized fossil fuels in order to gain complete control over the essentials of human survival. Meanwhile, the Al Gore cabal of “green” investors are becoming multi-billionaires from this corrupt boondoggle. These crony capitalists and their friends high up in government scold us for wanting gas for our cars and routinely  order us to “Get a Testla!” (starting at the high 5 figures wildly out of range for most Americans). Simultaneously, farmers are now advised that “green energy” is their only option to avoid personal ruin and mass starvation.  Big Lies, from Big Liars. Regrettably, in response to these environmentalist fairy tales, millions of well-fed people doing zero harm and content with their cars are being browbeaten into compliance with these suicidal policies.

UPDATE 4/15/22: Like most Leftist solutions, the cure is always worse than the disease. So it is with the useless and hideously ugly windmill blight on landscapes worldwide that also slaughters thousands of birds. Killing wildlife to save the planet is perfectly rational in the delusional Greenie mindset.

UPDATE 4/6/22: Now why would Russian gangsters be funding the Green Energy scam in the West? For the same reasons, oxygen-starved, ultra-polluted China is laughing at the energy-starved West’s insistence on a Green revolution. So no surprise that communism’s two major epicenter’s are joining forces on behalf of “saving” mother earth, in the same spirit as Putin’s “saving” the Ukraine.

UPDATES 3/29/22: Angst-ridden hysterics of all loony ages, from teener Greta to old hag Hanoi Jane, have found  in “Climate Change” a permanent outlet for their uncontrolled urge to make pests of themselves. Even visiting the local pub these days, it’s hard to avoid possessed Linda Blairs vomiting up all shades of Woke pea GREEN soup.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Politicians always have altruistic motives for whatever they are forcing us to do. They care. Green energy to “save the planet.” Covid lockdowns, mask/vax mandates to “save lives.” Is it of interest that their personal wealth and political power both stand to expand exponentially in the process? Ask Nancy Pelosi and her hubby just this week snatching up more $millions of Tesla shares as she and her cronies push to eliminate fossil fuels and force the public to buy…ta-da…Teslas. Ditto Jolly Green Giant Al Gore. Because they care.

And another $2 million this week. Nothing to see here…


UPDATE 3/24/22: The Green agenda, replacing our existing cars with the magical EVs, is now a front line attack on individual liberty. 

UPDATE 3/17/22: For a world in need of energy 24/7, it’s time to give up the pipe dream of solar/wind power providing such on calm, clear nights when the sun inconveniently doesn’t shine, and the wind more often than not doesn’t blow. For those still religiously hysterical about the phony “existential threat” of fossil fuels, there is always nuclear energy which is plentiful, reasonably clean and controllable. Unfortunately, real solutions  to providing cheap energy takes all the fun out of turning the world’s population into one big desperate, dependent baby. Like all “good causes,” it’s not about the good cause but about control of the special few over the many.

UPDATE 3/12/22: Climate Armageddon is the new Covid. It was predictable that the success of virus fear in centralizing and expanding control over the masses would seamlessly morph into a stepped-up Green panic of “existential urgency.” Climate Change! Global Warming! Fossil fuels are killing us!!! Ergo, kill the oil/gas industry, make us dependent upon foreign pals like Russia and Iran, thereby forcing a premature, totally impractical transition to so-called “clean” electric energy. Can’t afford gas? Perfect solution: everyone go out & buy a $60K Tesla! Create a whole new pariah class of Enemies of Mother Earth to replace the evil Anti-Vaxxers. In service to that strategy, Kamala has already condemned the Truckers Convoy as planet destroyers with all that exhaust from those pesky 18 wheelers surrounding DC.

One little problem is that most of us are still driving internal combustion cars, heating and cooking with gas, living the good life utilizing energy that is potentially plentiful and cheap. That no one has developed anything usable or affordable in the production of alternative energy sources matters not. Still, the evil, uncaring fools push on, and no universal upheaval of society or loss of life will give them pause. Completely at odds with reality or what people actually need, the Master Planners have it all figured out for you, whether it works or not. And whether you like it or not.

As other commentators have noted years ago, Stalin/Mao/Hitler and their kindred spirits down in hell are kicking themselves for not thinking of this sooner.

UPDATE 3/10/22: Perhaps idealistic Americans voting for Green & Pristine will wake up to the wisdom of providing our own oil & gas rather than depending upon Russia or Iran. Because virtually no Brandon policy has a thing to do with enhancing American prosperity or freedom, we can’t expect the administration to stop trying to force Americans into the insanity of EVs, windmills and solar panels. Rich, arrogant celebs like Stephen Colbert are welcome to spend any amount of money and display their moral superiority by wasting money on Teslas. The privilege of having our effective, comfortable, clear gas-powered rattletraps makes the rest of us plebes happy which is precisely what displeases the likes of elite multimillionaire Colbert and his set.

UPDATE 3/9/22: It’s long been obvious that mass acceptance of the Green Hoax is the best shot the bad guys have of totalitarian control. They managed to scare billions into compliance with The Virus, so why not go all the way and terrify the folks with an exploding planet on fire with no air to breathe?

Meanwhile, the realists interested in living free and productive lives are looking ahead to energy independence thanks to oil reserves right within our borders that would last us for millennia. Naturally, this realistic and promising scenario is the last thing the globalists and average Chicken Littles want to see.


UPDATE 3/4/22: Progs in control always have “a good reason” to destroy freedom of people’s movements and the markets that keep us all alive and prosperous. For The Virus, it was “safety.”  Without the “good reason” of “saving the planet” provided by the Marxist Green movement, there would be no cancellation of our own gas and oil production and sudden, renewed dependence upon Russia and the Middle East. What’s the word from those Lefties decrying Putin’s war on the Ukraine while calling for the shutdown of American energy production?

UPDATE 3/2/22: It’s not happenstance that killing American energy independence in favor of a Green makeover for the country was among the first of Biden’s assaults on us. Obama paved the way with his Green agenda’s seizure of power over the EPA. Will the folly of desperate dependence upon Russia for gas and oil going to open Lefty eyes to reason?

UPDATE 2/12/22: Pretty boy Brad Pitt turns out to be one more clueless Hollywood geek pushing the imagined glories of a Green Homes community that he championed a decade ago in New Orleans, now an abandoned ghost town of non-functioning junk piles. The homeless people he was supposedly helping are out of luck and out of their useless houses while Mr. Pitt has moved on without a look back.

UPDATE 1/30/22: The war on fossil fuels, making us dependent again on foreign oil, is nothing but force-feeding useless and wildly expensive green technology onto us. To the clueless Pollyannas of the world: Going Green is not about making life better with clean, plentiful energy but is making life an endless trial for a general public totally dependent upon whatever scarce energy is provided by Big Brother. Think life in Soviet Russia, and you get the picture. Remember in that so-called “egalitarian” paradise there was a tiny ruling class with all the luxuries of the West while the average Ivan and Ivana scrambled for whatever crumbs might be tossed their way.

UPDATE 1/22/22: Looking forward to pushing your dead car when the battery conks out and no charge station in sight? And paying practically the amount of a new car for a new one that works? And that traffic jam in a storm where you and thousands of others make up one long automotive graveyard? Best to stay dry & cozy in your all-electric, “carbon free” house…until they cut off your rationed amount of electricity in that same storm. Or Mother Nature decides the sun isn’t going to shine or the wind to blow. 

And then again, there’s this industry called “oil & gas” that can provide all the fuel humanity will need for centuries if you drive, cook, want to stay warm, want to stay alive and not go bankrupt in the process. Take a minute. Think about it.

UPDATE 12/8/21: There’s no reality more real than that of the free marketplace, millions of free souls making choices, buying and selling what they want and need at the best price. But don’t tell that to our self-styled leaders who think they know better. The Alberta Canada energy minster states the obvious when he says Keystone would make us energy independent. Now that the dam is breaking and the public is screaming about gas shortages and soaring prices of what little is available, reality will have to reassert itself in BrandonWorld.

12/4/21: Threats of Armageddon by professional Leftist fearmongers are becoming as routine as the rising sun (for which they also claim credit). Somehow we’re always passing yet another END OF WORLD deadline(s).  

Reporting for duty, #1074!!!!!!! These far-seeing eyes have seen The Glory!!!! 9 years left, only 9 years left!!! Uh, make that 90 years left, only 90 years left! Wait. it’s 9000 years left, only 9000 years left….zzzzzzzzz.

UPDATE 12/4/21: Any questions about the costs and consequences of all the wonderful things in store abandoning plentiful and manageable fossil fuels for “clean,” “renewable” energy sources?

“Answer me this one…” about the folly of where all the juice for this battery-powered world is supposed to come.  Sorry, guys. Wind and sun won’t provide all that battery power, especially when the sun’s not shining and the wind’s not blowing. The Elite Master Planners know this, but they’ll always have special access to whatever they need (like gas for their jets and heating fuel for their many mansions), the plebe public be damned.

UPDATE 11/25/21: Will sanity and actions actually benefiting Americans be restored during the reign of PINO (President In Name Only) Brandon? Maverick Democrat representative of the people (not to be confused with those hundreds of other elected corruptocrats in Congress), Joe Manchin has suggested (gasp!) restoring energy independence to America by restarting the Keystone Pipeline. Is it possible that Executive Order cancellation signed on Day One of the glorious Brandon administration might have anything to do with exploding gas prices and the resultant jump in the cost of EVERYTHING? Ya think?

UPDATE 11/16/21: In pure Orwellian, we are treated this week to more reasons why we are obliged to have green energy. “’The rise in gas prices over the long term makes an even stronger case for doubling down our investment and our focus on clean energy options,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during the daily briefing.”

Having left out the fact that the regime employing her is busy deliberately cutting off our supply of fossil fuels, this is analogous to taking away people’s “dirty” cars and saying it would prove that “clean” bicycles and roller skates are the sensible wave of the future.

This particular wrinkle in the Master Plan is just a retread of Energy Czarina Granholm scolding people who complained about that blocked pipeline last May:  “And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly.”

Ditto the clueless NYTimes editor pointing nary a finger at the disastrous results of mass lockdowns and deliberately cutting off the whole country’s gas/energy supply. Instead, he blames rising prices on people’s erratic spending habits…or something….or to be perfectly clear, on everything except the right thing.

After 50 years of false alarms about the inevitable, approaching Climate Apocalypse that somehow keeps missing its deadline, isn’t it time to go on to some better scam….like perhaps dire warnings about  a deadly disease that requires the whole world to stop cold?

Government of the People, for the People, of the People: you nitwits just don’t have the sense to believe and trust your BigGov Masters, do you?

UPDATE 10/20/21: But I repeat myself (echoing Larry Kudlow lambasting the drunken sailor Congress this week) : wind and solar power is unreliable and expensive because it’s totally dependent upon…guess what?…if the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. Ergo, whatever “green” energy is available, it has to be backed up by…are you ready?…fossil fuel or nuclear energy. But Greta and her Greenie flock might sulk and refuse to eat their broccoli and kale if we go there…

UPDATE 10/18/21: What is the Green/Net Zero Carbon movement but just more of the Left’s psychotic mania for totalitarian control, in this case, the weather? That’s what happens when human beings think they can discard God and be Him themselves.

UPDATE 10/14/21: Warning: Green energy as preached (but decidedly not practiced) by  the our superior  ChiCom role models is filthy and lethal.  And useless. Other than that, it’s the way to go if you’re one of those prone to following anything suicidal the Left promotes.

UPDATE 10/8/21: Environmentally Woke Europe and all those Third World countries going Green should provide a warning to those Americans who helped install a regime that has already deprived us of fossil fuel energy independence. Don’t like fracking and oil pipelines? Love the high prices that come with scarcity? Remember those silently frozen wind towers and solar panels inoperative under overcast skies and mounds of snow that had all those Texans shivering last winter? Enjoy!

Useless solar panels. And who besides a daredevil gymnast (if you can find one) is going up there to shovel it off for you?

UPDATE 9/25/21: It has been inevitable that the fake “science” surrounding the Covid power grab would carry over to the equally specious Global Warming/Climate Change/Existential Crisis scam.

UPDATE 9/23/21: The myopia of socialist/altruist types thinking they are “doing the most good for the most people” is a self-imposed curse now visited upon on wealthy, beautiful and very foolish Norway. Eco-Leftists are back in control in Oslo, thanks to sympathetic Greenies who swoon at the feet of unpleasant Swedish teenagers who look like Pippi Longstocking and DARE the world not to listen to them.

UPDATE 8/14/21: Like the repeated “good” reasons for lockdowns, we are implored to panic at equally high shriek decibel level at “Global Warming” and its claimed villainous source, fossil fuels. So, no more oil and gas produced in the U.S! “Renewables” by yesterday or we all die! Then our stalwart hologram-in-chief begs OPEC to produce more oil, so we don’t go dark.

Admittedly, it’s pointless to expect anything beneficial this administration does, but perhaps the idiocy at work might convince a few million Biden voters suddenly infused with their true best interests in mind to think again.

UPDATE 8/7/21: The total insanity of the Green Energy movement is on full display with this illegal administration’s push to replace manageable, working fossil fuel energy sources with electricity powered by fossil fuels (like coal, diesel) and hideous, non-biodegradable windmills & solar panels taking up areas larger than several of our largest states. How about one in your backyard…or maybe out by Barack’s pool or on Barbra’s beachfront or at Pelosi’s front door?

Makes perfect sense to those saints who walk amongst us creating that perfectly pristine, “green” “zero carbon” Mother Earth.

UPDATE 7/27/21: Armageddon (and the prerequisite public panic) as promoted by the mass media has come and gone too many times to count over the last 50 years. The insanity among the gullible, malleable masses would be entertaining to witness if it wasn’t so pitiful and tragic. NY Times readers proudly write in how proud they are that they’ve terrified  their children into NOT having children of their own. All those “existential threat” gasps about “Climate Change” formerly known as Global Warming formerly known as hot weather has worked! The Global Warming Chicken Littles should be grateful that their end-of-world narrative has managed to solve that earlier Population Bomb baloney by eliminating future populations! Problem solved!

UPDATE 7/1/21: Anything that can’t be pinned on racism or guns can always be blamed on Climate Change. Even badly constructed apartment buildings in Miami.  Ask Jennifer Granholm, the go-to girl now for All Things Climate Change related.

Bad construction? Bad materials? Bad luck? Nope. It’s Climate Change!!!

ORIGINAL POST 4/9/16: Globaloney, Climate Change (or whatever Al Gore and his profiteering cronies have chosen to call it this week) has always had a religious cast of puritanical, moral absolutism running through it. Without that, what justification could there be for turning “deniers” into criminals? So it is that Big Gov and ManBearPig have now crossed over into that quaint historical realm once occupied by those running the  Inquisition, Moscow’s show trials  and Salem’s witchcraft hysteria.  History will record Al’s Greenshirts as just the latest band of desperate thugs cracking down on those challenging the lies behind their Watermelon orthordoxy. Where great gobs of ill-gotten cash and political power are at stake, anything goes.


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