UPDATE 7/1/21: Anything that can’t be pinned on racism or guns can always be blamed on Climate Change. Even badly constructed apartment buildings in Miami.  Ask Jennifer Granholm, the go-to girl now for All Things Climate Change related.

Bad construction? Bad materials? Bad luck? Nope. It’s Climate Change!!!

ORIGINAL POST 4/9/16: Globaloney, Climate Change (or whatever Al Gore and his profiteering cronies have chosen to call it this week) has always had a religious cast of puritanical, moral absolutism running through it. Without that, what justification could there be for turning “deniers” into criminals? So it is that Big Gov and ManBearPig have now crossed over into that quaint historical realm once occupied by those running the  Inquisition, Moscow’s show trials  and Salem’s witchcraft hysteria.  History will record Al’s Greenshirts as just the latest band of desperate thugs cracking down on those challenging the lies behind their Watermelon orthordoxy. Where great gobs of ill-gotten cash and political power are at stake, anything goes.


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