UPDATE 12/8/21: There’s no reality more real than that of the free marketplace, millions of free souls making choices, buying and selling what they want and need at the best price. But don’t tell that to our self-styled leaders who think they know better. The Alberta Canada energy minster states the obvious when he says Keystone would make us energy independent. Now that the dam is breaking and the public is screaming about gas shortages and soaring prices of what little is available, reality will have to reassert itself in BrandonWorld.

12/4/21: Threats of Armageddon by professional Leftist fearmongers are becoming as routine as the rising sun (for which they also claim credit). Somehow we’re always passing yet another END OF WORLD deadline(s).  

Reporting for duty, #1074!!!!!!! These far-seeing eyes have seen The Glory!!!! 9 years left, only 9 years left!!! Uh, make that 90 years left, only 90 years left! Wait. it’s 9000 years left, only 9000 years left….zzzzzzzzz.

UPDATE 12/4/21: Any questions about the costs and consequences of all the wonderful things in store abandoning plentiful and manageable fossil fuels for “clean,” “renewable” energy sources?

“Answer me this one…” about the folly of where all the juice for this battery-powered world is supposed to come.  Sorry, guys. Wind and sun won’t provide all that battery power, especially when the sun’s not shining and the wind’s not blowing. The Elite Master Planners know this, but they’ll always have special access to whatever they need (like gas for their jets and heating fuel for their many mansions), the plebe public be damned.

UPDATE 11/25/21: Will sanity and actions actually benefiting Americans be restored during the reign of PINO (President In Name Only) Brandon? Maverick Democrat representative of the people (not to be confused with those hundreds of other elected corruptocrats in Congress), Joe Manchin has suggested (gasp!) restoring energy independence to America by restarting the Keystone Pipeline. Is it possible that Executive Order cancellation signed on Day One of the glorious Brandon administration might have anything to do with exploding gas prices and the resultant jump in the cost of EVERYTHING? Ya think?

UPDATE 11/16/21: In pure Orwellian, we are treated this week to more reasons why we are obliged to have green energy. “’The rise in gas prices over the long term makes an even stronger case for doubling down our investment and our focus on clean energy options,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during the daily briefing.”

Having left out the fact that the regime employing her is busy deliberately cutting off our supply of fossil fuels, this is analogous to taking away people’s “dirty” cars and saying it would prove that “clean” bicycles and roller skates are the sensible wave of the future.

This particular wrinkle in the Master Plan is just a retread of Energy Czarina Granholm scolding people who complained about that blocked pipeline last May:  “And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly.”

Ditto the clueless NYTimes editor pointing nary a finger at the disastrous results of mass lockdowns and deliberately cutting off the whole country’s gas/energy supply. Instead, he blames rising prices on people’s erratic spending habits…or something….or to be perfectly clear, on everything except the right thing.

After 50 years of false alarms about the inevitable, approaching Climate Apocalypse that somehow keeps missing its deadline, isn’t it time to go on to some better scam….like perhaps dire warnings about  a deadly disease that requires the whole world to stop cold?

Government of the People, for the People, of the People: you nitwits just don’t have the sense to believe and trust your BigGov Masters, do you?

UPDATE 10/20/21: But I repeat myself (echoing Larry Kudlow lambasting the drunken sailor Congress this week) : wind and solar power is unreliable and expensive because it’s totally dependent upon…guess what?…if the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. Ergo, whatever “green” energy is available, it has to be backed up by…are you ready?…fossil fuel or nuclear energy. But Greta and her Greenie flock might sulk and refuse to eat their broccoli and kale if we go there…

UPDATE 10/18/21: What is the Green/Net Zero Carbon movement but just more of the Left’s psychotic mania for totalitarian control, in this case, the weather? That’s what happens when human beings think they can discard God and be Him themselves.

UPDATE 10/14/21: Warning: Green energy as preached (but decidedly not practiced) by  the our superior  ChiCom role models is filthy and lethal.  And useless. Other than that, it’s the way to go if you’re one of those prone to following anything suicidal the Left promotes.

UPDATE 10/8/21: Environmentally Woke Europe and all those Third World countries going Green should provide a warning to those Americans who helped install a regime that has already deprived us of fossil fuel energy independence. Don’t like fracking and oil pipelines? Love the high prices that come with scarcity? Remember those silently frozen wind towers and solar panels inoperative under overcast skies and mounds of snow that had all those Texans shivering last winter? Enjoy!

Useless solar panels. And who besides a daredevil gymnast (if you can find one) is going up there to shovel it off for you?

UPDATE 9/25/21: It has been inevitable that the fake “science” surrounding the Covid power grab would carry over to the equally specious Global Warming/Climate Change/Existential Crisis scam.

UPDATE 9/23/21: The myopia of socialist/altruist types thinking they are “doing the most good for the most people” is a self-imposed curse now visited upon on wealthy, beautiful and very foolish Norway. Eco-Leftists are back in control in Oslo, thanks to sympathetic Greenies who swoon at the feet of unpleasant Swedish teenagers who look like Pippi Longstocking and DARE the world not to listen to them.

UPDATE 8/14/21: Like the repeated “good” reasons for lockdowns, we are implored to panic at equally high shriek decibel level at “Global Warming” and its claimed villainous source, fossil fuels. So, no more oil and gas produced in the U.S! “Renewables” by yesterday or we all die! Then our stalwart hologram-in-chief begs OPEC to produce more oil, so we don’t go dark.

Admittedly, it’s pointless to expect anything beneficial this administration does, but perhaps the idiocy at work might convince a few million Biden voters suddenly infused with their true best interests in mind to think again.

UPDATE 8/7/21: The total insanity of the Green Energy movement is on full display with this illegal administration’s push to replace manageable, working fossil fuel energy sources with electricity powered by fossil fuels (like coal, diesel) and hideous, non-biodegradable windmills & solar panels taking up areas larger than several of our largest states. How about one in your backyard…or maybe out by Barack’s pool or on Barbra’s beachfront or at Pelosi’s front door?

Makes perfect sense to those saints who walk amongst us creating that perfectly pristine, “green” “zero carbon” Mother Earth.

UPDATE 7/27/21: Armageddon (and the prerequisite public panic) as promoted by the mass media has come and gone too many times to count over the last 50 years. The insanity among the gullible, malleable masses would be entertaining to witness if it wasn’t so pitiful and tragic. NY Times readers proudly write in how proud they are that they’ve terrified  their children into NOT having children of their own. All those “existential threat” gasps about “Climate Change” formerly known as Global Warming formerly known as hot weather has worked! The Global Warming Chicken Littles should be grateful that their end-of-world narrative has managed to solve that earlier Population Bomb baloney by eliminating future populations! Problem solved!

UPDATE 7/1/21: Anything that can’t be pinned on racism or guns can always be blamed on Climate Change. Even badly constructed apartment buildings in Miami.  Ask Jennifer Granholm, the go-to girl now for All Things Climate Change related.

Bad construction? Bad materials? Bad luck? Nope. It’s Climate Change!!!

ORIGINAL POST 4/9/16: Globaloney, Climate Change (or whatever Al Gore and his profiteering cronies have chosen to call it this week) has always had a religious cast of puritanical, moral absolutism running through it. Without that, what justification could there be for turning “deniers” into criminals? So it is that Big Gov and ManBearPig have now crossed over into that quaint historical realm once occupied by those running the  Inquisition, Moscow’s show trials  and Salem’s witchcraft hysteria.  History will record Al’s Greenshirts as just the latest band of desperate thugs cracking down on those challenging the lies behind their Watermelon orthordoxy. Where great gobs of ill-gotten cash and political power are at stake, anything goes.


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