Telling the truth in an unguarded moment.
Telling the truth in an unguarded moment.

Bill Clinton’s unplanned candor in dressing down Black Lives Matters should reflect well on him. However, his immediate apology in response to the backlash (in particular one imagines from his pandering, power-hungry missus) reveals no heart of gold genuinely concerned with Black Lives Lost. This is just an unbridled ego that won’t broach criticism, in this case, of his tough-on-crime stance 20 years back. At that time, it played well to everyone, particularly the law abiding Black community. Does this outburst undermine Hillary as most pundits believe? Or is it actually providing her with an unintentional Sister Souljah moment? Sounding like a Conservative in the 90’s got him elected.

Now? However low a pandering Billary or Bernie may stoop, the fact is that only decent Blacks can eradicate their enemies within like BLM. Sadly, most of them will never vote Republican however much in their self-interest it may be. When this blows over, they’ll go back to cowed silence on the issue of Black-on-Black crime and just vote Democrat no matter who. And the domestic terrorists of BLM will have proven they’re running the show.




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Will it help or hinder?”

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