Watermelons: Green on the outside, Red on the inside. Clever, colorful and thoroughly accurate assessment of “Global Warming” and its real goals. Nothing to do with temperatures or helping people fighting the ages-old dilemma of weather-related disaster.

Recent statements by higher-ups at the UN should put to rest any doubt that the whole “Climate Change” scam is anything but a “fundamental transformation” and redistribution of wealth and resources from the rich nations to the poor ones. Goodbye capitalism, hail Marxism.

The Fruit of Warmism[1]

3 Replies to “Watermelons spill the beans”

  1. The irony is that the communist countries were the greater polluters than capitalist countries. Their stagnant economies and stagnant governmental structures were incapable of responding to the large scale pollution of their countries. Read about Nikel, Murmansk Oblast, Russia where their nickle smelting operation was spewing toxins in grotesque amounts while across the border in Norway, they were instituting environmental safeguards in their nickle operations.

    1. Guess what? It’s not about clean air and water. It’s about total control. Once that’s accomplished, who cares about quality of life?

      So no mystery there about communist countries being the most polluted and unlivable.

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