The Liberal/Progressive’s desperate longing for enslavement and control by Big Brother approaches new heights of madness in vilifying CO2, that which we exhale following every breath we take. Talk about Original Sin! Breathing! According to the “Science” of Global Warming, we are all destroying the planet with our sinful, self-indulgent “carbon footprints,” breathing included. Even other animals (like the environmental terrorist pink-footed goose) have to shoulder the blame!

This is a joke, right? Wrong. It's one of tenets of Climate Change theology.
This is a joke, right? Wrong. It’s one of the central tenets of Climate Change theology.

What a gift for the ever-present aspiring tyrants of this world! What better guilt-trip and crisis is there than making people feel responsible for bad weather and natural disasters?  Living! Breathing! Driving cars! Fossil fuels! Using modern appliances! Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer! All that black, black carbon! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Al has grown rich off of the myth of Global Warming.
Al has grown rich off of the myth of Global Warming.

A simple refresher course in how plant & animal life thrive on earth is in order. The truth is that humankind is just not that important or powerful when it comes to making or breaking the planet, but don’t tell that to those who live only to please Big Brother. For our Progressive brethren, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as modern industrial life generously permits us must be eradicated, at least for us Little People. Naturally, 0ur Big Brothers & Sisters in political power and their Fat Cat corporate cronies are entitled to all the luxuries of high consumption because they know best. So as not to sound and appear too much like the typical, luxury-loving Leftwing  totalitarians they are, they call themselves avatars of enlightenment & progress…aka Progressives.



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