Giving gullible America the finger for 50 years.
Giving gullible America the finger for 50 years.

UPDATE 1/18/20: Going back to examine LBJ’s Orwellian construct called “The Great Society,” one is brought face-to-face with the corruption of a political party that has shamelessly bribed millions into permanent slavery. With her recently published tome, “Great Society: A New History,” Amity Shlaes matches her excellent take on that other “Great” Dem Party power grab of yore, “The Forgotten Man: A New History Of The Great Depression.”

ORIGNAL POST 8/25/19: Being Conservative has its challenges. Confronted by today’s Prog Leftists with the inevitable “How can you be a Conservative?! How can you support Donald Trump?!”, the question is really a statement of “settled” science: “If you’re not a Prog, you’re a racist/homophobe/xenophobe/sexist cretin.

The simplest response is the rational one: objective reality aka Results. Sadly, the lethal consequences of the Left’s master plan for society are lost amidst the self-pleasuring joys of virtue signaling. From LBJ’s Great Society to Obama’s Transformation, disaster.

The Inner Cities are Exhibit A in the case against the Far Left policies and practices of the Dem Party. That alone should have driven them permanently out of power ages ago. Alas…

During the Obama years, the golden age of¬† Progressive Transformation, we were treated to skyrocketing student loan debt, food stamps, Federal debt (and the inflationary money printing frenzy to handle it), health insurance costs (ObamaCare a total fraud and flop), unemployment, the gap between rich & poor (a dwindling Middle Class); collapsing median income¬† and home ownership. Not a pretty picture, the road to serfdom via federal and individual bankruptcy. Add to that abandonment of controlled immigration, a transparent attempt to flood the voting rolls with new Federal dependents aka New Democrats, the deliberate divide created by Identity Politics, Obama’s most prominent legacy: permanent victimization, permanent resentment, permanent civil war.

The post-Obamaic Democratic Party now exists entirely to glorify “transformation” disaster, promoting not simply subtle continuation but major ratcheting up. Thus we are treated to an overflowing clown car of aspiring 2020 Master Planners ready to carry lead us into a Venezuelan socialist paradise by next week: Green New Deal! Medicare For All! Saving The Planet! Climate Control! Carbon Taxes! Guaranteed This! Guaranteed That! Free This! Free That! Utopia!

The alternative has been the surprise election of Trump, stopping the Obama Transformation and turning it back: controlled immigration, lower taxes leading to an economic boom and skyrocketing employment, the bedrock of prosperity and human dignity. This is bad news for a Donkey Party that exists solely to promote poverty, hopelessness, dependency.

Unfortunately, too many have picked The Big Lie and will never embrace a world view based on freedom and responsibility. Why should the Democratic Party stop peddling socialism to a nation of willing slaves? Enslavement and control are their bottom lines. Take your pick.

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