Cleaning up after a Save The Planet march.
[Someone else] cleaning up after a Save The Planet march.

Guilt-free, proud Americans (known in some parts as “conservatives”) gratefully celebrate the myriad benefits that come our way daily: work, money, property, security, comfort, free association, mobility, choices, choices, choices.  Those bitter scolds on the Left feel free to deplore and bash this very same country and its bounty while still taking full advantage of these same blessings. How DO they get away it? Isn’t it the essence of hypocrisy to act in a way or partake of those very things in life that one would deny to others?

Enter “moral license.” Announcing in ostentatious fashion one’s Liberal/Progressive/Leftist/Socialist positions is an entitlement ticket to the bounty of modern, industrialized, capitalist life: driving a car everywhere, traveling in carbon-spewing planes, accumulating property and wealth. All those decadent goodies! Being Liberal Democrats, they deserve them! Those rejecting Marxist collectivism for individualism? Greedy! Selfish! Criminal! Deplorables!!

In LeftoWorld, one needn’t DO anything beyond continuing to display, talisman-like, that Obama car sticker left over from the glory days of Transformation, that phony Hate Has No Home Here sign,  or coming out vocally foursquare around the water cooler for a Green New Deal, Medicare For All! They are the good guys. And those of us viewing the world in realistic terms and doing what we can individually to lead worthy, principled lives, Nazis!

Socialism: brought to you Free, courtesy of capitalism. And rightly so!!!



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