Pot meet kettle. Another snooty “intellectual” from the New Yorker paints a “1984” nightmare portrait of TrumpWorld.  In so doing, he himself employs Orwellian Doublespeak/ Newspeak, projecting the tyrannical Big Lie of his own Hillary/Barackism onto Donald’s Deplorables.

“His [Trump’s] base loves craziness, incompetence, and contempt for reason because sanity, competence, and the patient accumulation of evidence are things that allow educated people to pretend that they are superior. “

This character makes no pretense of “pretending” to be superior. Sanity, competence, patient accumulation of evidence are the exclusive domain of “educated people” like himself celebrating the Obama years and its wonderful results: a country at war with itself via deliberately divisive Identity politics; rampant unemployment; wildly burgeoning government dependency; more accumulated debt than all 43 prior presidencies combined; porous borders; provoked lawlessness in the Inner Cities; the looming threat of terrorism; the undermining of Israel.

Who’s telling the Big Lie here?

Trump has promised to build a wall (enforcing existing immigration laws) in lieu of Obama’s Soros-funded Open Border/Open Society plan to flood the country with millions of new government dependents (and permanent Democratic votes). Is that a lie? Is that not the real motive of this Democratic policy? Or are Democrats just nicer people and not the Deplorable xenophobes they claim Trump supporters are?

Another aspect of controlling the borders is this little problem of Islamic terrorism which, in ObamaWorld, was never even mentioned by name. ISIS, we’re told, is no big deal, “junior varsity.” Screening and capturing potential terrorists at the border makes a lot more sense than allowing them in. Is that not obvious, or is that just another sinister lie hatched by Donald The Demagogue?

Trump has promised to transform the impoverished pockets of America by the only means possible: jobs emanating naturally from a competitive, business-friendly free market. How is that done? By lowering corporate taxes and removing arbitrary, strangling regulation, encouraging industry to operate here, not abroad where things are currently cheaper. Is not employment the way out of poverty and despair? Is not productive, profitable activity the foundation of every individual’s personal dignity and destiny?  Is this too a lie? Or do individuals even matter? In fascist Alinsky/ObamaWorld, management exists to be shaken down, and labor exists to be controlled by unions, one big Organized Community, one big fat Democratic voting bloc. Sounds strikingly similar to all those millions of illegal immigrants ripe for picking with that Open Border policy, does it not? Can one detect a pattern here? Does the word “control” come to mind?

Trump has promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare, another fascist takeover of virtually every aspect of healthcare, with a health insurance free market offering choice to consumers. ObamaCare has essentially outlawed any competition and choice in health insurance, outlawing millions of perfectly suitable policies and limiting the public’s choices to a handful of ever-more-unaffordable policies in those now bankrupt “exchanges.” Ration goods and services, and business goes broke. But to Progressive Obamatrons, results don’t matter. Regardless of consequences, they see only another opportunity for universal control. What more overriding, universal need is there among the general populous than healthcare? What better area to control? Control, control, control: the mantra of the Left.

Real solutions to real problems are to the hardened Left what garlic, crucifixes and daylight are to vampires. If such an analogy appears unkind, is it unreasonable to call the policies of today’s Democratic Party anything less than deadly? Trump’s success, the fulfillment of his promises to genuinely improve the lives of Americans will be the ultimate reproach to his detractors. Their desperation and rabid need to oppose and destroy him makes perfect sense.

Look in the mirror, O ye frustrated Hillaryites. Your dream of top-down monolithic government for all is on Big Hold. Perhaps it’s time to stop interfering in other people’s lives and try living in your own skin, as terrifying as that might be.

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Yet another intellectual superior looks in the mirror and hallucinates a rabid mob of Deplorables”

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