Obama’s hatred of Israel & Netanyahu high on his list of final travesties

November 4, 2016


It appears that Obama has Israel in his sights as one of his final nihilistic assaults on civilized society. Thankfully, that resilient and brilliant little Jewish country with no taste for martyrdom will view the puny Barack as just one more bit of unpleasantness as they go about their business of surviving and revolutionizing modern life in a thousand and one ways.

Our pathetic Closet-Muslim-In-Chief has proven to be anything but mysterious when it comes to his consistent hatred of all free and rational social orders. Small wonder. Free, competitive, productive societies full of free, competitive, productive individuals have little use or respect for grifting would-be Mafia parasites like Obama and the Clintons. These Master Planners who comprise today’s Dem Party vanguard can only control masses of the ignorant and helpless. America and Israel in their best essentials foster neither ignorance nor helplessness. So they must be transformed via fascistic socialism (the putrified ObamaCare) or, in the case of Israel, undermined & destroyed at the hands of Obama’s beloved Muslim compatriots.

Fittingly, the soon-to-be retired Barack will be remembered in civilized quarters only for his concerted efforts to destroy both America and Israel. And nothing more. Quite the legacy.


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  1. […] This character makes no pretense of “pretending” to be superior. Sanity, competence, patience accumulation of evidence are the exclusive domain of “educated people” like himself celebrating the Obama years and its wonderful results: a country at war with itself via deliberately divisive Identity politics, rampant unemployment, wildly burgeoning government dependency, more accumulated debt than all 43 prior presidencies combined, porous borders, encouraged lawlessness in the Inner Cities, the looming threat of terrorism, the undermining of Israel. […]

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  4. […] The Israelis, like America, offer peace and opportunity. The Palestinian Mafia, largely controlling the narrative on the other side, offer another Holocaust and continue to profit from that. There is no solution until the Muslims rid themselves of this cancer. The PLO/PA godfathers have nothing to gain from peace or a homeland. The people themselves are in permanent waiting mode. So it is with the hopeless inhabitants of our own dismal Inner Cities and their mysteriously wealthy “advocates” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their cronies in the UN, in Congress and, until recently, in the White House. […]

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