What if someone threw a big Hen Party supposedly based on the premise that Love Trumps Hate, and the female and feminized male “Lovers” and “anti-fascists” advocated violence and actually trashed whole blocks of the nation’s capital? What if the takeaway message of said Lovefest was to “get in people’s faces,” taking the revolution home, the encouragement of a Stalinist hounding of non-believing, critical friends and relatives nationwide? What if the transparently real liars, bullies and tyrannical dissemblers involved kept trying to portray their critics and opponents of being liars, bullies and tyrants?

Welcome to the recent Ingrate March About Nothing Going Nowhere. Thankfully, a few blocks away, a new alternative administration is busy keeping promises of restoring basic law & order, economic sanity and firm national defense to an Obamanized America. Aside from a little senseless, hate-filled noise from a mindless mass of easily manipulated Useful Idiots, things are looking very good indeed.

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