UPDATE 2/7/21: Among Trump’s worst mistakes have been trusting a number of the wrong people in key positions-the execrable Fauci being just one of the most obvious scoundrels. In counterpoint to these major errors stands the great achievement  of advancing Israel’s interests by turning back the PLO frauds in favor of new alliances with their Arab neighbors. In this case, a standing O for well-chosen advisors-son-in-law Jared Kushner & Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

Pompeo, Kushner

UPDATE 2/23/18: Democratic Party support for Israel reaches new low, a striking comparison to nearly overwhelming Republican Party backing. Most telling: Dem abandonment of the Jewish State began said steep decline in 2008, not coincidentally the beginning of the Obama offensive against Israel. American Jewry, take note & wise up. Or simply continue being a Good Liberal, embracing those who would destroy you.

The ongoing adventures of our outrageously serious POTUS takes us this week to Switzerland where The Donald was the unquestioned star. His unique presence and firm stand on rational principle reassures us that America (and the world) finally has a leader once again. When two equally admirable leaders meet, it’s more than twice as good.

We're in very good hands, 2018.
Bibi and Donald in Davos. The Free World, in very good hands, 2018.

With America and its leaders (Trump and Pence) again in strong alliance, the future of Israel and the entire Middle East looks very bright indeed! At last the Palestinian Mafia has been called out for what it is. We have Trump to thank for this genuine progress. And even former Never Trumpers such as Dennis Prager have awakened from their snit and acknowledged that real history, progress and a potentially great presidency is in the works.

P.S.  Israel vs. the rest of the Middle East

As for touting the superiority (or shall we generously term it “cultural differences”) of Israel to the rest of the Middle East, we offer the latest on Saudi Arabian beauty contests and cosmetic surgery. Just in case you need something to  help lose your lunch. Granted, one must stop short of letting Western Civ off the hook, considering our own totally revolting obsession with cosmetic surgery.

Speaking of which, “What does Jane Fonda have in common with a camel?” For an answer that wouldn’t have to be censored for the kids, check out the latest on Hanoi Jane and her dustup with woebegone Megyn Kelly.

And, not unrelated to Israel and the rest of the Middle East: covering the seamy realm of absurd/disgusting/tragic, Mark Steyn on camel beauty contests and the deadly consequences of Islamic recruitment of the Western young.



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