UPDATE 6/18/21: Israel is a a truly diverse nation, not the Orwellian variety of “diversity” that makes a show of celebrating all sorts of colors and creeds while allowing One and Only One (Leftist) political ideology.

UPDATE 6/10/18: American Jewry’s blind allegiance to the Religious Leftism over the very existence of Israel continues apace.

If anything good can be said about the Nazi Holocaust, it is that it hardened the resolve of Israeli Jews to survive against all odds. This resolve lives and breathes and thrives before our eyes in 1001 miraculous ways, and all mankind stands to benefit from it.

While highly prosperous (and spoiled) American Jewry seems bent on self-destruction, embracing political leaders like Obama & Clinton who would betray them in a trice to today’s Islamo-Nazis, Israel’s day-to-day struggle against those same forces of extermination has made their lives precious and creative, leading-edge achievement a routine, ongoing miracle.

Meanwhile, the intelligentsia of the West and even within its own borders continues to sniff and pout about Israel’s sin of self-defense and indestructible self-determination. After surviving Hitler and Arafat’s “Freedom Fighters,” what’s a few snotty intellectuals and pampered fools?



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For those Western Progressives intent on its destruction, we direct them to Riyadh and Damascus for their next medical checkup…and glass of clean water.”

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