UPDATE 9/15/23: For those of us in our teens during the 1960s, every other required reading selection was by John Steinbeck: “Grapes Of Wrath,” “Of Mice & Men,” “The Pearl,” “The Red Pony,” “East Of Eden”….

Now we read that his support of the Vietnam War suddenly canceled him off the cultural radar. It follows that his unqualified support of Israel against her Arab enemies, distancing him yet further from the Leftists controlling the arts world, has a very personal, fascinating story behind it. 

John Steinbeck, (1902-1968), American anti-communist & champion of Israel.

UPDATE 9/12/23: One of the genuinely great actresses of our time has gifted us with a critically acclaimed portrait of the steely Golda Meir. 

UPDATE 9/10/23: Capitulating to the world’s most accomplished Jew killer since Hitler has not produced the “peace” the world leaders involved promised. The Oslo Accords opened wide the gates of Jericho, Gaza and portions of Judea and Samaria to Arafat’s terror network courtesy of gatekeepers Clinton and Rabin, and the results have been unsurprisingly catastrophic.

Heartwarming comity among two useful idiots and a monster.


UPDATE 7/15/23: A team of Israeli doctors this week miraculously saved the life of a decapitated “Palestinian” boy whose skull actually was separated from his spine in a bike accident. Perhaps those claiming moral equivalency between Israel and the “Palestine” hoax should ask themselves how often a team of “Palestinian” doctors have saved the life of any Israeli or, more to the point, if they would even save an Israeli life, given the same circumstances.

UPDATE 6/13/23: For those FULLY behind Israel’s right to independent statehood, Henry Kissinger has always been the equivalent of a RINO on the international level. Time is showing his touted eminence is a bit tarnished on multiple fronts, specifically in regard to being a sincere champion of the Jewish State. Making big showy deals and coming off historically as the Great Peacemaker is all that mattered for him. Those going along with this fable are confronted with the hard, cold fact that the only real peace is full preparation for war and keeping the unrepentant enemy permanently aware of that.

The man quoted as saying, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” 

UPDATE 4/27/23: Not like any other nation on earth, Israel is 75 and stands proudly alone with America. Both have thrived on freedom protected by law, not government controls and “democratic socialism.” Recognizing the clear difference between her enemies and friends, the Jewish homeland’s inevitable move from Left to Right over its lifespan has proven to be a matter of common sense and survival, not political whim. Despite a ceaselessly hostile world, Israel is THE miracle of modern times.


UPDATE 2/17/23: One of the code words robotically spit out by garden variety Israel bashers in empty protest is “Settlements!” This is just one more expression of the popular lie “Israeli occupation of Palestine.” This libel will be put to permanent flight on the day the entire Palestine lie is exposed and the criminals behind it are deprived of their unwarranted credibility.

UPDATE 1/3/23: Bibi now provides his own take on what the (good & bad) fuss has been about. His detractors will continue to seek to destroy him and the principles of a sane, civilized society he has helped advance and preserve in Israel and, by example, everywhere.

UPDATE 12/29/22: A headline reading “Benjamin Netanyahu Sworn In As Next Israeli Prime Minister” is a welcome heart stimulant in this depressing era of Bidens, Pelosis, Putins and Zelenskys.

UPDATE 12/4/22: Is there anything done since January, 2020 by BrandonWorld that doesn’t have the specific purpose of destroying every positive move made toward peace, prosperity and freedom, both here and abroad? Anything? Biden/Blinken’s disappointment in Bibi’s return is palpable as their goal for the Middle East is dismantling every positive move made by Trump in the region.

UPDATE 11/30/22: What could be a more reassuring headline for Israel than to see: “Bibi’s back?” Translated to its plainest meaning: Israel has wisely reverted back to strong leadership that recognizes its enemies and will governs to ensure the country’s survival and enable the astonishing productivity of its people. Shamefully among those enemies is the dim-witted American imposter POTUS, his evil handlers and media lapdogs, propping up and even rewarding the “Palestinian” frauds.


UPDATE 11/15/22: For how long must we listen to those lamenting in robotic , meaningless fashion about “settlements” and Israeli “occupation” of “Palestinian” land? That even includes Israeli Leftists who have helped turn “settlements” into a dirty word. For “Palestinians” and their useful idiot supporters, Israel is just one big “settlement” that should be razed. 

UPDATE 11/8/22: Bibi’s return has prompted the now-familiar hysterical shrieks from predictable places about “the end of democracy!” while those well disposed toward stability, prosperity and security in their daily lives cry “Right On!” (in all senses).

Lest one forget, good leadership exists to protect a teeny tiny Mediterranean country which continues to benefit BIGLY the world in virtually every field of human endeavor. The internet is bursting with sites listing Israel’s incredible, miles-long list of achievements, one of the latest being non-invasive heart surgery. And (lest we forget again), all recent Democratic administration’s betrayal and shameful hostility toward this second greatest land on earth stand in stark contrast to one recent President’s admirable, steadfast alliance with the Jews. 


UPDATE 11/3/22: Israel has come to its senses and re-chosen the leader committed to their nation’s survival and not annihilation at the hands of those who’d love nothing more than wiping them out. Hooray! Bibi is back, and the Middle East appears to be back on track to move ahead from where Trump and his Abraham Accords were paused. May this week’s midterms provide an equally welcome blast of sunshine and optimism on these shores.

UPDATE 10/30/22: Bibi appears poised to return to the Israeli helm. Dare we hope that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (dosed with universally common sense) is sweeping the earth?


UPDATE 10/14/22: Like Trump before her, Truss has proven her allegiance to Israel and not to the “Palestinian” frauds by proposing a move of the Brit embassy to Jerusalem. 

UPDATE 8/24/22: Israel an “apartheid” state? Not according to one Black South African.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

UPDATE 8/9/22: It’s hardly news that “Palestinian victimhood” has always been about money and power for a few PLO fat cats. Just like in all those Dem-controlled American cities. And like denizens of our Inner Cities, nothing but permanent impoverishment for the “Palestinian” pawns used as magnets for all those billion$.

UPDATE 7/19/22: The fate of the Middle East will take a decidedly positive turn when the world admits that “Palestine” is a totally fake entity created for the purpose of extorting billions for a newly-hatched “oppressed people.” And good, old-fashioned anti-Semitism provides the scapegoat to blame for all the suffering. America’s nightmare Inner Cities run by Democrats vacuuming in billions from the Fed for the permanently poor originated and still operates on the same principle.

UPDATE 7/14/22: The loyalty of most Israeli Arabs to their country and the free way of life they enjoy is THE object lesson in who the good guys are in the Middle East. Given the choice ruthlessly denied them by “Palestinian” leadership, any sane Arab would be wise to choose Israeli citizenship over any other country in the region.

UPDATE 7/3/22: Some of us are wise enough to distinguish our enemies from our friends and count that as one of the main reasons we are still around to discuss it. So it is for Israel and their sensible rejection of that oh-so-reasonable Palestinian ‘Two State Solution.” 

This MRI shows a big, invasive cancer growing.

UPDATE 6/17/22: Hating the Jews is as old as history itself. And in this case, history not only repeats itself periodically but is an endless continuum of attempted annihilation. 

UPDATE 5/14/22: Will Jordan’s existence ever knock the jambs out from under the Big Lie firing the massive “Palestinian State” scam? 

UPDATE 4/17/22: When the reality of “Palestinian” violence against Israelis finally goes mainstream, the phony narrative of “settler violence” will finally fade into well-deserved obsolescence.

UPDATE 3/27/22:  We will just have to gut it out for the next 3 years until the Democratic Party comes to its senses and puts up candidates that aren’t intent on destroying America and Israel. That depends upon Democrat voters themselves, and we wish them well in their recovery from the psychotic breakdown that inflicted anti-Semites Carter, the Clintons, Obama and now Biden on us.

UPDATE 3/12/22: Israel adds to the murky narrative of the Russia/Ukraine situation by joining in the reflexive condemnation of Russia while discounting the false propaganda put out by the Ukrainians about Babi Yar being bombed (it wasn’t), a notorious site of WWII Jewish genocide now a shrine. There are no purely good guys in this drama although the reality of millions of displaced Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invaders tilts things unquestionably in their favor. What the government leaders are up to will hopefully come clear before there is any more suffering of innocents.

UPDATE 2/17/22: Old but pertinent news as “Palestinian” leadership continues to use all those grifted billions to annihilate Israel rather than provide anything that might improve the quality of lives for the Arabs that make up their constituency.  Despite this permanent war on her existence, Israel is defiantly making strides toward peaceful co-existence with its other Arab/Islamic neighbors.

UPDATE 2/14/22: The preference of a majority of Arabs to enjoy the proven benefits of being Israeli citizens rather than “Palestinians” is studiously drowned out by those pushing the Hate Israel/Apartheid/Genocide narrative.

UPDATE 2/13/22: Good News From Israel:  fascinating scientific research to enhance the senses, hearing sights, feeling shapes, is of particular benefit to the blind & deaf.

UPDATE 2/8/22: Just one more reality from this Orwellian upside-down world: major violators of human rights are none other than the Left’s “Palestinian” darlings.

UPDATE 2/7/22: The highly selective humanitarians of Amnesty International and its supportive enabler the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have, after “careful study” by “researchers” determined that Israel has no right to exist. And after taking about a minute to read a summary of this august organization’s assessment of Israel, it has been determined by no less an authority than myself that Amnesty International (and the ADL), a woefully mislabeled “human rights organization,” has no right to call itself anything except a shameless propaganda organ for the Woke Left.

UPDATE 1/22/22: No one is more deserving of admiration than Israel, but its fanatic lockdowns and mandates reveal the same fatal flaw killing economies, spirits and lives throughout the formerly free world.  

Maybe they’ll relax and take a different tack in the face of registering the world’s highest per capita infection rates despite their manic 100% vaccination/Zero Covid goals. Could it be those vaccinations are playing havoc with people’s immune systems rather than reinforcing them?

UPDATE 1/20/22: Once more for those insisting Israel is illegally, immorally “occupied land.” It IS occupied land, occupied legally and historically by the Jewish people whose history there dates back millennia. That’s thousands of years before Mohammed ever breathed or a single one of his Muslim followers ever dreamed of slaughtering Infidels.


UPDATE 12/29/21: Another Arab in touch with reality declares Israel much preferable to live in over “Palestine,” (whatever amorphous entity that is this week).

UPDATE 12/21/21: Common sense and a strong sense of self-preservation seem to be running rampant among Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem, 93% of whom prefer Israeli over Palestinian rule. 

There is also the perk of living in a culture that provides miraculous medical and other life-saving services to ALL its citizens. Ask a blind Nazareth Arab woman just gifted sight by Israeli surgeons in a first-of-its-kind operation. Like communist dictators perennially seeking the best medical help in those nasty capitalist countries, so do the Palestinian Authority bigwigs go to Israel for their “essentials.”

None of this is lost on Christian Israelis who are more than happy to live in a Jewish society that genuinely upholds universal human rights for all its citizens.

UPDATE 12/21/21: The most cursory look at the so-called “Palestinian” yearning for statehood confirms that the only goal has always been to annihilate Israel, not the autonomy of Arabs living in the region.

UPDATE 11/6/21: The Left and its various power-mad appendages around the world have had a special hatred for Israel since the Balfour Declaration (really a letter written on November 2,  1917) proposing a national home for the Jewish people. The miraculous success of Israel and its will to not only survive but prevail remains a perpetual sharp stick in the collective eye of its detractors. Not the least of these anti-Semitic foes have been the so-called “peace groups,” many of them the tiresome dregs of the American Left allied with Jew haters everywhere. Such social pests exist only to  disparage all progress like the Abraham Accords that might strengthen ties in the Middle East between Israel and neighboring Arab states. Much to their dismay, Israel is not going away.

UPDATE 10/20/21: Hardly news, but negotiating for “peace” is the last thing the “Palestinian” thugocracy wants. Best for Israel to go on as always defending its miraculous little strip of land from the permanent, sworn enemies surrounding them while continuing to change and improve the entire world from within its borders.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Israel is a a truly diverse nation, not the Orwellian variety of “diversity” that makes a show of celebrating all sorts of colors and creeds while allowing One and Only One (Leftist) political ideology.

UPDATE 6/10/18: American Jewry’s blind allegiance to the Religious Leftism over the very existence of Israel continues apace.

If anything good can be said about the Nazi Holocaust, it is that it hardened the resolve of Israeli Jews to survive against all odds. This resolve lives and breathes and thrives before our eyes in 1001 miraculous ways, and all mankind stands to benefit from it.

While highly prosperous (and spoiled) American Jewry seems bent on self-destruction, embracing political leaders like Obama & Clinton who would betray them in a trice to today’s Islamo-Nazis, Israel’s day-to-day struggle against those same forces of extermination has made their lives precious and creative, leading-edge achievement a routine, ongoing miracle.

Meanwhile, the intelligentsia of the West and even within its own borders continues to sniff and pout about Israel’s sin of self-defense and indestructible self-determination. After surviving Hitler and Arafat’s “Freedom Fighters,” what’s a few snotty intellectuals and pampered fools?



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For those Western Progressives intent on its destruction, we direct them to Riyadh and Damascus for their next medical checkup…and glass of clean water.”

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