UPDATE 12/29/21: Another Arab in touch with reality declares Israel much preferable to live in over “Palestine,” (whatever amorphous entity that is this week).

UPDATE 12/21/21: Common sense and a strong sense of self-preservation seem to be running rampant among Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem, 93% of whom prefer Israeli over Palestinian rule. 

There is also the perk of living in a culture that provides miraculous medical and other life-saving services to ALL its citizens. Ask a blind Nazareth Arab woman just gifted sight by Israeli surgeons in a first-of-its-kind operation. Like communist dictators perennially seeking the best medical help in those nasty capitalist countries, so do the Palestinian Authority bigwigs go to Israel for their “essentials.”

None of this is lost on Christian Israelis who are more than happy to live in a Jewish society that genuinely upholds universal human rights for all its citizens.

UPDATE 12/21/21: The most cursory look at the so-called “Palestinian” yearning for statehood confirms that the only goal has always been to annihilate Israel, not the autonomy of Arabs living in the region.

UPDATE 11/6/21: The Left and its various power-mad appendages around the world have had a special hatred for Israel since the Balfour Declaration (really a letter written on November 2,  1917) proposing a national home for the Jewish people. The miraculous success of Israel and its will to not only survive but prevail remains a perpetual sharp stick in the collective eye of its detractors. Not the least of these anti-Semitic foes have been the so-called “peace groups,” many of them the tiresome dregs of the American Left allied with Jew haters everywhere. Such social pests exist only to  disparage all progress like the Abraham Accords that might strengthen ties in the Middle East between Israel and neighboring Arab states. Much to their dismay, Israel is not going away.

UPDATE 10/20/21: Hardly news, but negotiating for “peace” is the last thing the “Palestinian” thugocracy wants. Best for Israel to go on as always defending its miraculous little strip of land from the permanent, sworn enemies surrounding them while continuing to change and improve the entire world from within its borders.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Israel is a a truly diverse nation, not the Orwellian variety of “diversity” that makes a show of celebrating all sorts of colors and creeds while allowing One and Only One (Leftist) political ideology.

UPDATE 6/10/18: American Jewry’s blind allegiance to the Religious Leftism over the very existence of Israel continues apace.

If anything good can be said about the Nazi Holocaust, it is that it hardened the resolve of Israeli Jews to survive against all odds. This resolve lives and breathes and thrives before our eyes in 1001 miraculous ways, and all mankind stands to benefit from it.

While highly prosperous (and spoiled) American Jewry seems bent on self-destruction, embracing political leaders like Obama & Clinton who would betray them in a trice to today’s Islamo-Nazis, Israel’s day-to-day struggle against those same forces of extermination has made their lives precious and creative, leading-edge achievement a routine, ongoing miracle.

Meanwhile, the intelligentsia of the West and even within its own borders continues to sniff and pout about Israel’s sin of self-defense and indestructible self-determination. After surviving Hitler and Arafat’s “Freedom Fighters,” what’s a few snotty intellectuals and pampered fools?



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For those Western Progressives intent on its destruction, we direct them to Riyadh and Damascus for their next medical checkup…and glass of clean water.”

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