If there is any upcoming battle to be identified and waged, it is against the intentional divisiveness of Barack Obama’s Presidency. “Divide and conquer” is no outmoded cliché. It is the essence and motto of Obama’s “transformation” and of today’s sinister new Democratic Party. It showed its ugly face most beneficially in Hillary’s now-infamous “Deplorables” speech. It is now on full, shameless display in Obama’s final assaults on those civilized societies he despises, America and Israel in particular; the self-serving, mendacious ravings of various publicity whores among the hypocritical Hollywood Elite; wholesale subversion within the Republican Party imported from Russia with love by the likes of John McCain; the amusing failure to turn “Trump” into a permanently dirty word; the frantic gearing up for Inaugural howling.

Like any obstructive activity, The D ‘n C (Divide and Conquer) platform of the DNC must be permanently relegated to its proper status as just that: obstruction in the way of positive goals.

Much to the dismay of Hillary’s Whiners, the Trump Revolution promises a business-friendly, free market revival with all attendant benefits: jobs, mass renewal of self-confidence and self-determination. Among the  beneficiaries will be millions of Inner City Blacks, now locked into permanent servitude to their D ‘n C masters on the Big City/Big Gov welfare plantations.

Another welcome aspect of that free market revival will be the removal of the ObamaCare cancer from our oxygen-starved medical and insurance industries. Another promise is aggressive protection of all Americans and Israelis from the Islamic foe now well on its way to conquering Europe. Is it any accident that our mercifully outgoing President and the (reputedly) incoming leader of the Democratic Party are, respectively, a doctrinaire Islamophile (maybe even a closet Muslim) and an arrogantly practicing Muslim? Minus dedicated American leadership and resistance(the Obama Vacuum), tyrannies have an uncanny way of sprouting up. What the very real Red Scare was to the 20th century is now the undeniably real Islamic Terror.

Integral to our national security is a return to controlled, legal immigration, not the mass importation by the millions of instant new D ‘n C dependents (aka a permanent voting majority).

Granted, accomplishing all these things will upset Progressive Snowflakes everywhere. One must face the sad fact that the success of Conservative ideas is a Leftist’s worst nightmare, the undoing of their entire world. So no need wasting time explaining ideas to the willfully blind and stupid. Let’s just implement them.

Freedom flag
It’s about this idea and its central role in our lives, not about politicians. Whoever best serves this idea deserves our support.
Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., talk on the phone with a girlfriend of a member of the traveling press as she passed out Valentine's day chocolates aboard her campaign plane as it sat on the tarmac at the Youngstown Airport in Vienna, Ohio, Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
Thank God for what might’ve been and isn’t.

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a long term showdown with the Divide & Conquer (D ‘n C) Party”

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