How dare any designated “oppressed” voting bloc-black/female/gay/young/immigrant/poor-defy their kindly Leftist masters and think for themselves! If there is any doubt that the Left’s self-proclaimed monopoly on “Compassion” and “Freedom For All” stops cold at the plantation boundaries of Leftist orthodoxy, behold the merciless attacks on anyone who doesn’t toe Massa’s line…and strays.

“The last thing in the world the left wants to see is a black president who does not think more government control is the solution to every problem.  They also do not want a powerful black voice celebrating America rather than proclaiming America to be the greatest source of evil on the planet.  A black leader who loves and stands up for America, individual rights and freedom petrifies the left.”

Read Lloyd Marcus, another black, Conservative, “Proud Unhyphenated American” at American Thinker.

More about Herman Cain.

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