Big Joe, new media star, American folk hero. Like Joe The Plumber. Thank God for the regular Joes of this world.

Note robotic girl trying to drown him out with her noise. The New Totalitarianism, Obama’s true legacy. And Joe is having none of it. Perhaps a visit to the White House is in the cards for this all-American mensch.

An equally gutsy citizen. The optimistic future of Black America, responding to a real chance to Live The Dream. The seductive lies of permanent Government dependence (and permanent residency on the Democratic Party plantation) are now painfully exposed and  worn thin. The dignity of individual self-determination is looking better and better by the minute.

Two more object lessons explaining the Trump phenomenon. Like these two, millions are tired of being silenced by the insults and insinuations of Obama’s DNC, his sinister Divide ‘N Conquer storm troopers from the PC Left. Remember his early call for a “civilian national security force?” Now we see its intended purpose and result. Happily, this is America; and like all aspiring American tyrants, Ozymandias Obama is now headed for history’s dustbin.


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